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Advertising stunts and ideas  Q3 2008
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Advertising stunts and ideas Q3 2008






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Advertising stunts and ideas  Q3 2008 Advertising stunts and ideas Q3 2008 Presentation Transcript

  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com | advertiser-in-arabia.blogspot.com ayman.sarhan@gmail.com © All Rights Reserved.
  • Mr. Clean Dumbbell Packaging Tommaso Ceschi designed this lovely innovative packaging which can act as a cleaning detergent container and a dumbbell! ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Newton Running Packaging Molded paperboard packaging from Newton Running not only reduces ayman.sarhan@gmail.com waste by eliminating the need for interior tissue paper and other material commonly used in shoe packaging, it also provides a shell that is easy to stack and transport. Silhouette Optimized Grip Bottle Innovative bottle design that offers ideal gripping geometry, unique shape and strong presence at the store.
  • Milk Packaging Incredible milk packaging concept designed by Julien De Repentigny and Gabriel Lefebvre. ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Reebok Exta Grip Packaging Creative packaging idea for Reebok climbing shoes
  • Tequila Gun Packaging This liquor Gun looks very similar to .45 but instead of bullets it’s loaded with 200 ml of genuine Mexican tequila ayman.sarhan@gmail.com ayman.sarhan@gmail.com 360 Paper Bottle World’s first totally recyclable paper container made from 100% renewable resources. Versatile in its range of consumer applications and made from food-safe and fully recyclable materials, it decreases energy consumed throughout the product life cycle without sacrificing functionality
  • Via Daily Icon, new work from Arnell, the same folks who brought you the new Pepsi and the new (now discontinued) Tropicana packaging: quot;Elegant packaging for 1000 Acres premium Vodka. Glass vessels designed for display beyond the liquor cabinet. 1000 Acres Vodka, by Manufacturerquot;
  • Coca-Cola Ornaments Holiday packaging by Coca-Cola, bottles that look like ornaments. ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Nike Stadium Packaging Limited number of Nike shoeboxes were transformed to house a stadium within by inserting a printed sheet of the stadium interior with embedded sound chips. So you could hear the crowd go wild when the box was opened. ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • http://www.romantics.es/ a Spanish fruit juice company, recently got their bottles redesigned and promoted by Smäll
  • Resealable Soda Can Creative packaging concept that allows for a soda can to be resealed called Soda-Seal ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Banana Guard Packaging A robust case that ensures your banana survives your travels in perfect condition
  • Gloji Light Bulb Bottle In originally designed light bulb shaped bottle, Gloji drink is all about energy, antioxidants and balanced health. Interesting package makes this product different from other drinks on the market. ayman.sarhan@gmail.com ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Dumbbell Sports Drink Packaging Sports drink bottle design by Jin Le. Each bottle weights 0.5 kg. ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Chocolate Pills Packaging A scrumptious little pill in case of emergency, no need to take with water, as your mouth will be salivating to take this pick me up.
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • Toyota Venza Takeover Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto Click here to view the ad.
  • Gillette: Fenomen Blogger Project Proximity İstanbul, Turkey
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • Ideal Zanussi | Tissue box Advertising Agency: Strategies, Cairo, Egypt
  • Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design: How far does your creativity go, Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Advertising Agency: BBDO / OMD Puerto Rico Mitsubishi: Scratch n' sniff
  • Olay: Curious case “A curious case no more. Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, Australia
  • Burn: Crossword “Are you Bad enough? Advertising Agency: Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Burn: Horoscope
  • Arag: In case of theft Advertising Agency: Butter, Germany
  • Dask Compulsary Earthquake Insurance: Earthquake “Be aware, take action. Advertising Agency: Grey Istanbul, Turkey
  • “Had enough bad news? STIHL can change that. From home to professional use, STIHL blowers and shredder vacs give you increased performance and value with decreased noise, emissions and fuel costs. Want more good news? STIHL’s national network of 8,000 independent dealers provide the know-how and service you need. For the power to do more, with a tool that’s made to last, look to STIHL and our way of clearing things up. Agency: Winsper, Boston, USA
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com IKEA PAX wardrobe: Sliding Wardrobe IKEA provides storage solutions for everyone. 303 Perth demonstrates how IKEA does this within the newspaper medium.
  • Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Venezuela Heinz Spicy Sauce: Hole ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • If you’re a fan of the ABC television series Lost and you love simple creative ideas that get the job done without a whole of adsturbation then you might like this Land Rover poster and DVD campaign touting the vehicles GPS capabilities. Using Lost imagery and typeface, the word “Lost” was replaced with the word “Found” along with the Land Rover logo and a simple line of copy declaring the Land Rover’s GPS feature. It’s not brain surgery but great ideas shouldn’t have to be. Sadly, ABC wasn’t willing to offer permission to Land Rover and its agency Young & Rubicam Brussels.
  • DHL: Tunnel box Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea Viagra: Holes ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • “Credit Card of those who cannot sit still... Fortis Bank Turkey: 18+ mug Advertising Agency: Gram Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com AMI is a NGO that sends doctors and nurses to areas hit by natural disasters or wars. To do so it always asks for the public's contributions. This Y&R Portugal poster that is made of quot;your turnquot; tickets. The whole of the poster shows a picture of the destructed Shichuan town but when you take off a ticket you both eliminate the image and get a thank you message and the account number to where you should send your contribution. The poster appeared at pharmacies and drugstores .
  • Galle Literary Festival: Books are back Advertising Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy, Sri Lanka ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • Iodex| Christmas tree “Bless your back this Christmas. Advertising Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy, Sri Lanka ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • “Get them off your dog” wonderful idea playing with the “user experience” of mall visitors. one of the few “ambient” ads where you genuinely believe the photos of people reacting to it aren’t agency employees. Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Jakarta, Indonesia ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • Bubbles Hair Salon: Comb crossing Advertising Agency: Orchard Advertising, Chennai, India ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • “Thank you for caring, we hope there are more people like you. Be a mom for a moment. Advertising Agency: Taivas, Helsinki, Finland ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • Solo: Bib Advertising Agency: Lifelounge, Melbourne, Australia
  • Armor All Wax & Polish: White flag ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Your car is defenseless against the elements without it. Advertising Agency: Sparkfury Creative Consultants, Singapore
  • Car wash| Wash me Advertising Agency: Adventa Lowe, Kiev, Ukraine
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • Le Cactus: Monday night hot wings Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec City, Canada
  • Ponto de Fuga Illustration Studio: Graffiti ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Every sketch dreams to be one of our illustrations. Advertising Agency: Exclam, Curitiba, Brazil
  • SBS: Tree Huggers To show their support for Earth Hour, SBS, via US Sydney, scattered Sydney parks with life-sized tree-huggers. Using 100% recycled cardboard (of course), the life-like figures encourage people to Vote Earth this Saturday and show Mother Nature a little ayman.sarhan@gmail.com love.
  • Posigraf printers|Trees Our paper* is to preserve the environment. (*A Brazilian expression meaning quot;jobquot;) Advertising Agency: MarketData Direct & Digital, Curitiba, Brazil
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • As part of the 'Vote Earth' campaign for this year's Earth Hour, a tree in Sydney's Centennial Park is wearing a giant T-shirt to help support the cause. Created by Leo Burnett Sydney. ayman.sarhan@gmail.com ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • Aquariomania: Bring life anywhere ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Advertising Agency: Bolero Comunicação, Brazil
  • Jägermeister - Shivering underwear model / Serve ice cold - print, Denmark Agency: Bark Copenhagen
  • BMW: Power Less fuel. More power. Advertising Agency: U5OpportunityKnocks, Thailand
  • The Million Penny Project: Make change ayman.sarhan@gmail.com Advertising Agency: Pumped
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
  • ayman.sarhan@gmail.com
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