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Reflection safety and awareness
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Reflection safety and awareness


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. ReflectionThe Safety Awareness assignment allowed me to gain unlimited knowledgeand awareness about playground safety and security.Play is a very essential part of childhood especially outdoor play area can helpchildren develop their physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills. A welldesigned playground allows children to explore and get new ideas and it also helpsthem with gross motor and physical development. ECEs and other staffs inchildcares can develop a positive development by observing, supervising,facilitating and complimenting children. As an attentive caregiver in infant/toddler and preschool playgrounds, I collected data and observed children whichare covered in this assignment.Through this assignment, I have learned many new things such as, all playgroundsequipments and toys should be age-appropriate and in good condition to supportthe children needs and wants. The sand area and the surface should be hazards freeso children can sit on the ground and play with small sand toys.The playground large equipments should be safe for the children and should bewell designed for their gross motor and physical development. It should be dailyinspected by ECE supervisor and documented in daily playground inspection
  • 2. checklist. The hazardous materials should be removed by ECE supervisor andhelper teacher every morning which could prevent major injuries and contribute tothe safety of the children. The observer noticed the ECEs should recheck safetychecks before entering children to playground. They should check steps, surface,toys, picnic tables, chairs, playhouse, sand area, slides and watch for doors. Theobserver should help children to dress up according to the weather and head countchildren.Constant supervision should be provided by ECE/ECA and other staffs and studentto prevent accidental situation, serious injuries or falls and maintain standard safetycode of conducts.However, the playgrounds are also a place where children can get hurt.Most children get injured when they fall from the equipment. To maintain safe andsecure playground it should be always inspected by a qualified playgroundinspector. It is recommended to address any hazards we find, fix and remove life-threatening or serious hazards immediately and make sure the equipment hasstrong handrails so it helps prevent falls. The surface should be upgraded tomaintain the safety of children. Garbage, glass, or animal faces should be removeddaily from playground surface.
  • 3. Overall, completing this assignment was a challenging task; I spent plenty oftime researching and observing playground criteria. I hope that it meets therequirements and provides enough data in the area.References