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The True Value Of Customer Service
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The True Value Of Customer Service


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The Customer Is King. With this in mind, we provide an overview of the value of customer service in terms of real-world business benefits. It outlines an approach to improving customer service through …

The Customer Is King. With this in mind, we provide an overview of the value of customer service in terms of real-world business benefits. It outlines an approach to improving customer service through IP call / contact centre technology, which offers distinct advantages.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. THE TRUE VALUE OFCUSTOMER SERVICE All-In-One Call / Contact Centre
  • 2. Who Are We? OTHER CORE BUSINESSES10 years in call / contact centre solutions  Solutions Integrationbusiness.  Hospital information systems Developed EzyTouch suite of full-function IP  Dental management systemscall / contact centre software.
  • 3. Group Structure ICT Solutions Integration Hospital Information Systems & Electronic Medical Record Systems IP Telephony Software-Based: Dental Management SystemCustomer Management & Call / Contact Centre Solutions
  • 4. Our Mission“To deliver a feature-rich call / contact systems and solutions at affordable pricing.”
  • 5. Over 100 enterprise customers served…Since 2000 across Malaysia, Asia & Europe
  • 6. So, WHY are we here?
  • 7. Because theCUSTOMER is KING
  • 8. Some quick statistics
  • 9. Top Goals for Customer Service / Call Centres (2011, Worldwide) Improve customer experience Improve efficiency and productivity Reduce costs Retain customersSource: DMG Consulting via Customerthink(
  • 10. The High Cost Of Poor Customer Service 63% 37% switched to USD338.5 just stopped competitors buying billion lost annuallyFor every 10 customers you lose, You give away 6 customers to your competitors, that you may never get back. Source: “The Cost of Poor Customer Service: The Economic Impact of the Customer Experience” by Datamonitor / Ovum & Greenfield Online
  • 11. The High Value Of GoodCustomer Service60% of customers will pay more for abetter customer experienceSource: Harris Interactive, “Customer Experience ImpactReport”81% of companies who deliversuperior service outperform thecompetition in market shareSource: Peppers & Rogers Group,“2009 CustomerExperience Maturity Monitor”
  • 12. The High Value Of Good Customer ServiceAcquiring new customers is 5x more costly thanKeeping existing customers = Customer retention is 5x more profitable
  • 13. You ALREADY run a CALL CENTRE! (or more) Purchasing – HR – receives contacts current calls from / prospective employees / vendors candidates Finance – talks Any enterprise to payees / past function / department that due customers receives or initiates contact frequently. Informal Call Centres
  • 14. Customer care is EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY Your "informal" call centres may consist of only a handful of people. But everyone is a critical touch-point to the public.
  • 15. FORMAL or INFORMAL Call Centres? CUSTOMER SERVICEcan still be IMPROVED!
  • 16. Factors In The Most Satisfying Customer ExperiencesSource: “The Cost of Poor Customer Service: The Economic Impact of the Customer Experience” by Datamonitor / Ovum & Greenfield Online
  • 18. Investing in a Call Centre System Opportunities Challenges Customer satisfaction High CostsEfficiency & productivity Complicated & Slow gains Implementation Overhead reductions Hard to Operate & Maintain Profit Management Approval
  • 19. Customer Satisfaction YOUR CUSTOMERSSelf-Service 24/7 Service No Missed Calls
  • 20. Efficiency & Productivity Gains YOUR EMPLOYEESAble to Focus on Core Answer & Process Handle More Calls Tasks (Non-Frontline) Calls Quicker
  • 21. Overhead Reductions YOUR COSTSSave on receptionist Save on utilities costs
  • 22. Profit Through Proactive Marketing YOUR BOTTOM-LINE Outbound Telemarketing Inbound Telemarketing(proactive telesales / marketing) (order-taking, information requests)
  • 23. But money’s tight and your boss is pressuring you to deliver on ROI.
  • 24. Business Drivers for IP Call Centre Technology COST: Lower total cost of ownership than traditional SPEED: Easier / faster to deploy than traditional INTEROPERABILITY: Platform-independent ability to integrate with any legacy / non-proprietary infrastructure
  • 25. This is where we come in.
  • 26. Open Source, Asterisk-Based• Open-Source IP PBX used globally• Runs on Linux OS• Runs on standard server hardware• Uses inexpensive cards to connect to PSTN, T1/E1, ISDN• Uses standard protocols (SIP, IAX)• Freedom of hardware & infrastructure choices• Internet telephony (IP)-based (operates with both traditional telephony and Voice-over-IP systems)
  • 27. Features At-A-GlanceSupervisor & Agent DesktopGraphical User Interface (GUI) for supervisorsand agents Reporting Real-time & historical statistics on skills, productivity and contactsInbound FunctionsSkills-Based Routing (SBR) / Auto-Attendant Voice Logging Recording of agents’ calls and activities.Outbound Campaign ManagerCampaign work & goal management / call &database list management
  • 28. Let’s take aCLOSER LOOK.
  • 29. CostsTraditional Call Centre High upfront pricing, Low upfront pricing / rental average RM70-80k @ 5 seats options with basic features High Capital expenditure *Low capital expenditure (hardware & infrastructure)
  • 30. Implementation & RequirementsTraditional Call Centre Average 2 - 3 months Average 1-month Hardware, software & Platform-independent & infrastructure must be works with any type of system proprietary / vendor lock-in / no vendor lock-in
  • 31. Operations & MaintenanceTraditional Call Centre Complex system involves mix-and-match multiple All-in-One system (all components for functionality components integrated) (IVR, ACD etc.) Hardware-based Software-based
  • 32. In SUMMARY
  • 33. Our Value Proposition Traditional Call Centre Lower Initial Costs High Initial CostsEasy & Fast Implementation Complicated & Slow Implementation Simplified Operations Hard to Operate & Maintain Shorter ROI Longer ROI
  • 34. THE ENDThank You!
  • 35. Contact Us Call: +603-7722 1001E-mail: