Birds animals are our friends


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Birds animals are our friends

  1. 1. Animals are our friends/wikinut /shvoongIf we look around us, we can find many examples of man using animals. The milk that wedrink comes from cows. In many parts of the country, bullock is still used to plough the landand thus we get our rice and the grain. Dogs are known to be mans best friend consideringits loyalty and love. The sheep gives us wool and many other animals are killed so that mancan feast on their flesh. But what do we do in return for these bountiful gifts that theseanimals give us?We often find children hitting a stray dog with stones and many such wounds have crippledseveral dogs on the street. Sometimes we do find lit crackers tied to the tails of cows ordonkey and when they run here and there in a frightened manner. It is sort of entertainmentfor the kinds or the persons who did the act.Once a cow ceases to give milk it is sent to the slaughterhouse by its owners. If a racehorsefalls and breaks its legs, it is `put to sleep’ by its owner. There have been occasions whenbullocks have been severely whipped by their masters only because they were too weak tocarry the load. Do you know that there are very few Bengal tigers or African elephantsalive on this planet earth? This has happened because of indiscreet hunting by mankindfor the tusk or skin. We can really go on and but let up pause here for a while.If man realizes that animals are an integral part of the overall environment and ecology, thenhis attitude towards animals might be a lot different. Nature has beautifully programmed theflora and fauna in such a manner that it is all well balanced. If man hunts down the predatorsin an excessive manner, men the number of grazing animals will increase. So, more sheepand goats and deer will try to graze over the limited grass area. They might even impinge onthe cultivated land thus less food will be available for the human beings.It was not like this all the time. In fact, tales abound about our ancient rulers who showed anextraordinary love for the birds and the animals. There was this famous ruler Sibi who gavea part of his flesh to protect a bird and another ruler who rode a chariot over his own sonbecause his son had killed a calf by running his cart over it. There is a king who covered ashivering peacock with his own shawl. You would see many illustrations of a lamb overJesus Christ’s shoulders.As the future citizens of the world, you display concern and affection towards animals at alltimes and by doing so you would inspiring many others to follow your example. There areinstitutions like SPCA (society for prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which are dedicated forthe cause of animals and their welfare.