All famous company profile v7.0 agency - sep 2, 2013


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All famous company profile v7.0 agency - sep 2, 2013

  1. 1. We should partner. Last Updated: 2 September 2013
  2. 2. Our Services ROI is here!
  3. 3. become more awesome. No more cheating. We help you deserve your traffic, ranking and conversions, by making everything you do online - awesome. our services include: ü  Social/Web/Mobile Makeover ü  Keyword Management ü  Blog Management ü  Social Content Marketing ü  Social Community Engagement ü  Paid Advertising Google killed SEO. 42% of all product/service searches result in a purchase, 72% of which are made online. “now, there is no way to trick the system” the solution. in 2012 the problem. Before, companies were able to trick Google by using blackhat techniques like keyword stuffing, poor quality backlinking etc What is Social SEO?
  4. 4. Feature Starter Business Pro Project Management Yes Yes Yes Report Activity Report ROI Report ROI Report Social Engagement 20 interactions/day 50 interactions/day 100 interactions/day Blogs 1 blog/week 3 blogs/week 7 blogs/week Email Marketing - 2 emails/month 1 email/week Guest Blogs - 1 guest blog/week 3 guest blogs/week Social Page Management Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora Social Posts 2-3 per day (x3 pages) 2-3 per day (x4 pages) 10 Tweets/day 2-3 per day (x4 pages) 20 Tweets/day Link Building (High Quality) 8 links/day 15 links/day 50 links/day Keywords 5 Focused Keywords + 20 Longtail 10 Focused Keywords + 50 Longtail 20 Focused Keywords + 100 Longtail Paid Advertising Variable Variable Variable $2,450 /month $4,950 /month $9,850 /month Social SEO Pricing
  5. 5. build. listen. nurture. Maintain intimate social ties with your fans through sales and service on social media. Our services include: ü  Social Customer Service ü  Community management ü  Crisis management ü  Campaign management ü  Lead generation & nurturing ü  Conversion tracking 42% of all product/service searches result in a purchase, 72% of which are made online. the solution. social makes it complicated to have a relationship with a customer the problem. What is Social CRM?
  6. 6. Feature Starter Business Pro Social Page Setup Included Included Included Social Page management 3 social media pages (Facebook, Google+ Twitter) 4 social media pages (Facebook, Google+, Twitter/LinkedIn) 5 social media pages (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram/Pinterest) Report Activity Report Activity Report + Social Listening Report Activity Report + Social Listening Report + Competitor Report Social Engagement 20 proactive interactions/ day (Twitter) 50 proactive interactions/day (LinkedIn and Twitter) 100 proactive interactions/day (LinkedIn & Twitter) Social Customer Service Same day response 4 hour response 2 hour response Social Posts 2-3 per day (x3 pages) 2-3 per day (x3 pages) 10 Tweets/day 2-3 per day (x5 pages) 20 Tweets/day Paid Advertising Variable Variable Variable $995 /month $1,950 /month $3,950 /month Social CRM Pricing?
  7. 7. 1.  Maximize your profit Because our cost to operate is lower, by outsourcing your services to us you will reduce your overhead and maximize your profit margin. Philippines has a literacy rate of 92%. Filipinos are relational, creative and hardworking by nature. Why Outsource to the Philippines? 2. Highly Skilled Workforce
  8. 8. 3. Cultural Compatibility Philippines has been colonized by US for so many years that they have adapted to a very westernized culture and lifestyle. English is the primary language for business and education. The Philippines has the fastest growing economy among Asian countries for the first quarter of 2013. The country’s GDP grew by 7.8% faster than China 7.7%. 4. Strong and Stable Economy Why Outsource to the Philippines?
  9. 9. Case Study 1 OVERVIEW: •  Business: Online Content Provider for Moms •  Revenue: Advertising •  Audience: Moms •  Team: 8 Dedicated Staff •  Scope: SEO/Content for MY, SG and PH •  Traffic: 4,087/month •  Fans: 97k •  Duration: 1 year
  10. 10. Case Study 2 OVERVIEW: •  Business: London Serviced Apartments •  Revenue: Online Bookings •  Audience: Business Travellers •  Team: 5 Dedicated Staff •  Scope: Content/SEO/Ads •  Traffic: 20,279/month •  Fans: 1k •  Duration: 6 months
  11. 11. Case Study 3 OVERVIEW: •  Business: Social Recruitment Application •  Revenue: Licenses (B2B) •  Audience: Potential Recruits •  Team: 6 Dedicated Staff •  Scope: Content/SEO/Ads •  Traffic: 24,175/month •  Fans: 64,819 •  Duration: 6 months
  12. 12. Sean Stone Partner Pauline Pangan Founder Nationality: Australian Responsibilities: Captaining the ship Strengths: 15 years of solid digital marketing background Nationality: Filipina Responsibilities: Sales and Marketing & PR Strengths: Sales, marketing, PR and singing. Nationality: New Zealander Responsibilities: Solutions Strengths: Technology architecture, org design, social strategy and solution design. In love with social media (business brains) (the networker) (solutions guy) Robin Leonard Partner Paul Malicki Swedish (seo wizard) Nationality: Polish Responsibilities: Delivery, Project Management, Results Strengths: Google adwords certified, digital marketing expert Our Leadership Team
  13. 13. {website + social media} {social media marketing} {content marketing} {social SEO} {integrated marketing + social CRM} {social media marketing} {content marketing} {social SEO} check out our online portfolio: {social SEO} {social listening & analytics} {social listening & analytics} Our Clients
  14. 14. Leading mobile apps firm specializing in mobile financial services and mCommerce Cloud platform for Software as a Service (SaaS), key services are CRM, recruitment, ERP Big Data Microsoft practice Offshore business incubation and Recruitment Process Outsourcing Online training and BPO recruitment portal we belong to a family of multinational companies that enable us to deliver technology integrated solutions. Social recruitment portal, recruitment management workflow and social sharing applications Our Sister Companies
  15. 15. Ready to partner? Pauline Pangan FOUNDER, AllFamous Digital paulinepangan pau_allfamous +639199926870 Call me.. Let’s talk