Calling for Change: Controlling Our Smartphone Use


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  • Calling for Change: Controlling Our Smartphone Use

    1. 1. Image  by  Johan  Larsson    By Diana Pedersen !CALLING FOR!CHANGE!
    2. 2. “In the past 50years we havemoved from"mainframe"computers thatneeded theirown rooms toones that fit ina p ocke t ...”-Charles ArthurImage  by  StarAlex1  
    3. 3. Thesehand-helddevices havebecome an integralpart of oureverydaylives.Image  by  Romain  Toornier  
    4. 4. 99.8% of college studentsand 78% of teens own aMOBILE PHONE.Nearly half of those areT O D A YImage  by  Joris  Louwes  SMARTPHONES.
    5. 5. They allow usto connect withfar away friends…Image  by  Jason  Comely    
    6. 6. To capture photos…Image  by  Steven  Polunsky  and share our experiences…
    7. 7. …toplaygames…Image  by  Johan  Larsson      
    8. 8. To ask questions…Photo  by:  LGEPR  And get immediate answers…Image  by  Johan  Larsson    
    9. 9. O r t o l o o k u pON-THE-SPOTd i r e c t i o n sA N Y T I M E ,A N Y P L A C E .Image  by  momentcaptured1  
    10. 10. Technology-enabled, we are able to be with oneanother, and also elsewhere, connected towherever we want to be. -Sherry TurkleImage  by  Tatsuo  Yamashita  
    11. 11. With so much to offer, people arebecoming DEPENDENT on theirmobile devices…Image  by  Phil  Campbell  
    12. 12. …Using them as their primary source ofcommunication, and spending less timeinteracting with the ones they are with.Image  by  D.  Sharon  PruiH    
    13. 13. Young adults spend up to 7hours a day interacting withcommunication technology,sending an average of 109.5text messages each day…Image  by  zoutedrop  
    14. 14. 50% of smartphone owners sleep nextto their phone to make sure they don’tmiss any calls, text messages, or otherupdates during the night…Image  by  Edwin  van  Buuringen    
    15. 15. And 62 percent of mobile phoneusers aged 18-24 immediately grabt h e i r p h o n e a f t e r w a k i n g u p .Image  by  Mislav  Marohnić    
    16. 16. "I really need to havethat connection andthat attachment tomy phone all thetime.” -Michael Weller, ahigh school seniorImage  by  TheArches  
    17. 17. "Weve sort of hit a tipping point. Theconversation has shifted from wow,isnt all this technology cool to wow,how do we control it?” – Aisha SultanImage  by  Phil  Campbell  
    18. 18. We moved fromconversation toconnection andstopped realizingthat there is adifference.Image  by  Eve  
    19. 19. HOW CAN WECONTROL IT?Image  by  Pete  
    20. 20. The solution is inour hands. We mustlearn to balance ourtime. To live in themoment, and stoprelying on ourhand-held devicesto give us purpose.Image  by  thebarrowboy  
    21. 21. "Dont take a zillion pictures and videos.There is no need to document everything.Live your experiences. They will be stored inyour memory for eternity.” –Janell B. Hofmann,parent of 13 year old mobile user!Image  by  Mike  Monaghan    
    22. 22. Image  by  Zdenko  Zivkovic  "Keep your eyes up. See theworld happening around you. Stareout a window. Listen tothe birds. Take a walk. Talk to astranger. Wonderwithout Googling.”–Janell B. Hofmann
    23. 23. hHp://­‐glass-­‐threat-­‐to-­‐our-­‐privacy  hHp://­‐youth-­‐use-­‐smartphones-­‐to-­‐log-­‐online-­‐u-­‐s-­‐report-­‐1.1193559#ixzz2Qnxqu5cd  hHp://­‐third-­‐of-­‐canadian-­‐wireless-­‐users-­‐have-­‐a-­‐smartphone/  hHp://­‐flight-­‐from-­‐conversaZon.html?pagewanted=all  hHp://­‐media/study-­‐gauges-­‐our-­‐facebook-­‐mobile-­‐addicZon-­‐and-­‐its-­‐through-­‐the-­‐roof/  hHp://­‐Worst-­‐Mobile/Part-­‐IV/Your-­‐cell-­‐phone-­‐and-­‐you.aspx  hHp://­‐phone-­‐addicZon-­‐ruining-­‐relaZonships.html  hHp://www.Zmes-­‐­‐goes-­‐viral-­‐with-­‐son-­‐s-­‐phone-­‐code-­‐of-­‐conduct  All  images  licensed  under  the  Crea2ve  Commons  A5ribu2on  2.0  Generic,  and  sourced  from  flickr.    Sources  Image  by  Phil  Roeder  
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