Geometry In The Real World Project
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Geometry In The Real World Project






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    Geometry In The Real World Project Geometry In The Real World Project Presentation Transcript

    • Geometry in theReal World Project!!Theme: The Outdoors
      Brittany Fielding
      Block 05
    • Point
      Has no length or width, it just specifies a exact location.
    • Line (Segment)
      Line that does not extend forever, but has two distinct end points.
    • Plane
      A surface generated be a straight line moving at a constant velocity with respect to a fixed point.
    • Angle
      The space within two lines or three or more planes diverging from a common point, or within two planes diverging from a common line.
    • Perpendicular Lines
      Two intersecting lines that form right angles
      Slope is -1
    • Parallel Lines
      Lines that are always the same distance apart and will never meet.
    • Triangle
      A polygon with three vertices and three edges.
    • Right Triangle
      A triangle with one right angle
    • Pentagon
      Polygon with five sides
    • Hexagon
      A polygon with six sides
    • Square
      A rectangle having all four sides of equal length.
    • Rectangle
      A parallelogram with four right angles.
    • Trapezoid
      A quadrilateral plane figure having two parallel and two non parallel sides.
    • Parallelogram
      A quadrilateral having both pairs of opposite sides parallel to each other.
    • Circle
      A closed plane curve consisting of all points at a given distance from a point within it called the center.
    • Cylinder
      A surface or solid bounded by two parallel planes and generated by a straight line moving parallel to the given planes and tracing a curve bounded by the planes and lying in a plane perpendicular or oblique to the given planes.
    • Sphere
      A solid geometric figure generated by the revolution of a semicircle about its diameter
      a round body whose surface is at all points equidistant form the center.
    • Ray
      Also called half-line
      Originates at a point and extends in one direction from that point.
    • Cone
      A solid whose surface is generated by a line passing through a fixed point and a fixed plane curve not containing the point, consisting of two equal sections joined at a vertex.
    • Acute Triangle
      A triangle whose interior angles are all acute.