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Bandwidth Mini Project

  1. 1. Get Ready To Be Educated ! By: Sanea & Keerthana
  2. 2. The bandwidth of a transmitted communications signal is a measure of the range of frequencies. The signal bandwidth is directly proportional to the amount of data transmitted or received per unit time. In a qualitative sense, bandwidth is proportional to the complexity of the data for a given level of system performance. For example, it takes more bandwidth to download a photograph in one second than it takes to download a page of text in one second. Large sound files, computer programs, and animated videos require still more bandwidth for acceptable system performance occupies. In digital systems, bandwidth is data speed in bits per second (bps). To simplify it, Bandwidth is mainly the amount of data that can be transmitted in a certain amount of time. Its measured in bits per second or bytes per second (bps).
  3. 3. The internet , is a group of millions of computers which are connected by networks. The connection within the internet are able to either be large or small ( depending on the cable & equipment used at a “particular internet location”.) So according to the size of these connections determines how much bandwidth is available. Example: By connecting to the internet you have a DSL connection and have therefore ‘dedicated’ bandwidth between your computer and your internet provider. Now your internet provider obviously has a number of DSL connections to their particular location and so all these connections then amount to a whole at that internet provider who then have either their own or (multiple) connections which is larger than your 1 single connection. That particular internet provider must have enough bandwidth to service your needs as well as others. So say that you have 1.54 MB of bandwidth but the internet provider will have like 255MB , this is so it can share MB among yourself as well as other users to cater for computing needs associated with the internet.
  4. 4. Bandwidth To furthermore understand bandwidth and ‘traffic' ( basically number is like the of bits that are transferred on network connections)think of highways size and and cars. Bandwidth is the number of lanes on the highway and traffic is the quality of number of cars on the highway. Being the only car on the highway you roads. can travel quickly, nothing is there to slow you do down. But say you are stuck in a traffic jam , you are going to be travelling much more slowly as all the lanes are taken up. More Example: Downloading an MP3 file from a website, you can create 4MB vehicles, m traffic between the website and your computer. The transfer of this file ore may occur quickly or slowly , this depends on network connection. Now bandwidth say that website has a 10MB bandwidth connection to the internet and used. 3 other people are downloading a file from that website at the very same time, it is going to be 4×3=12MB traffic and therefore that is 2 MB more than the website connection and so one person will have to wait. So a Bigger and small proportion goes to each downloader until they have got the whole better road 4MB and this can take quite a long time. more There is a solution- The host(website) could increase their bandwidth traffic it of their internet connection. can * Imagine if 50 people were downloading. Sooooooooos slowwww! handle.
  5. 5. There are no specific types of bandwidth but it is commonly referred to as: -Digital -Analogy -Network Digital For digital signals , the bandwidth is either the data speed or rate, which is measured in bits per second (bps) Analogy For analogy signals, it is the difference between the highest and lowest frequency components. Extra Information -Bandwidth Cap -Bandwidth extension -Bandwidth test -Bandwidth theft -Bandwidth management -Bandwidth throttling - Bandwidth allocation ( Bandwidth allocation protocol, and dynamic bandwidth allocation)
  6. 6. Bandwidth is commonly used in computers and is usually found in TCP/IP( Which is a protocol for communications between computers it is also used for transmitting data over a network and is ‘the basis for standard internet protocols.’ As mentioned before Bandwidth is associated with the internet and it is needed download a photograph, Large sound files, computer programs, and animated videos . Anything you want to download will require an amount of bandwidth!
  7. 7. Different Bandwidth Tests and Extra Information
  8. 8. For more Information on Bandwidth visit these websites Bandwidth Facts Test The Speed Of Your Bandwidth
  9. 9.
  10. 10. WORKSHEET 1. FIND-A-WORD (Website): l 2. CLOSED PASSAGE: Complete this closed passage, using the words provided. 1. It takes _______ bandwidth to download a __________ in one second than it takes to download a ___________ in one second. 2. ___________ is mainly the __________ of data that can be _____________ in a certain amount of time. 3. Its measured in ______________ or ______________ (bps). 4. The ___________ , is a group of _________of computers which are connected by ____________. 5. ____________of connections determines how much ___________is available. 6. By ____________ to the internet you have a _______ connection and have therefore ‘dedicated’ bandwidth between your _________ and your ____________. 7. To furthermore understand bandwidth and ‘traffic' think of __________ and ______. 8. Downloading an ___________ file from a website, you can create _______ between the website and your __________. 9. A _______is able to ___________ their bandwidth of their internet connection. 10. The two types of bandwidth are:________________and ______________. WORD BOX Photograph Internet Provider Network Page of text Millions Computer Highways Increase Transmitted Networks Bandwidth MP3 Traffic Bytes per second Bits per second Cars Computer Size DSL Digital More Bandwidth Connecting Host Amount Internet