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  • 1. Dear Dumb Diary!!
    By Bonni Farnham
  • 2. Dear Dumb Diary
    I read chapter 1, 2 and 3
    I love Jamie because she is like me she has a best friend like me and she has 1 dog but I have 2.
    I would like to be Jamie because she has a dog to look after her self and I have always wanted to do that!!
  • 3. I have read other books by this author (Jim Benton)I would recommend this book for Hasti , Georgia , and Stephanie!!
    This is a great book and has some great pictures!!
  • 4. Dear Dumb Diary!!
    Jamie wants to change her hair colour she wants it to be like Angeline’s hair colour. But instead it goes a sort of greyish and frizzy and then she dies it back just in time because her mum was coming up to her room to tell her that Isabella was here to show her project to Jamie “I completely forgot about that!!!” said Jamie!!
  • 5. Dear dumb dairy!!
    Today Angeline got one of her dangly things off her bag stuck in her hair, she had to go to the school nurse and she got half of her hair cut off!! She looks really funny
  • 6. Good job Cadel!
    Dear Cadel,
    How did you do it?
    How long was it and how did you know where to go?
    From Bonni Farnham
    Grade 4W Mandama Primary School!!
  • 7. Cadel Evans!
    Cadel Evans is the first Australian winner of the tour de France. Heaps of fans were watching it on T.V and even more were actually there. “it’s been 20 years since I watched my last tour de France” he said! He loved wearing his great yellow jersey. He said “I can’t believe it”
  • 8. Dear dumb diary
    Today I saw Hudson starring at me (8th cutest boy in the school.)It was scary! Then Isabella came up with this great idea, we walked past his house in discuses and then see if he still notices me. I think he did but Isabella didn’t think so. He came walking out of his house starring at me, Isabella pushed me over and she ran, after running 6 blocks I finally caught up to her!
  • 9. Dear dumb dairy
    This story reminds me of Lizzie Mcguire the movie because Lizzie falls in love with someone and so does Jamie! i am really enjoying this book and it is very interesting!
  • 10. EJ12 girl hero drama queen!
  • 11. Ej12 girl herodrama queen!
    Today I am reading a new book called EJ12 drama queen as you can see! It is about a schoolgirl, gymnasium and secret agent her code name is EJ12 and her real name is Emma Jacks. At the moment her brother Bob has stolen Emma's secret diary well that’s what Emma thinks anyway. I am really enjoying this book alreadyEJ12!!!!
  • 12. Ej12 girl hero drama queen!!
    I would love to read more books by this author
    and I have already read a couple books by this author they are really good! EJ12 (Emma) and her mum watched a movie about spy's because her mum use to be a spy to, her code name was SJ45R the r was for retired because it was to much to handle with family and work! Her mum said “lets look for spy mistakes!” This reminds me of the time I watched a movie with my mum and she said “lets look for mistakes to help you for school!”
  • 13. Ej12 girl heroDrama queen!
    Today we got to read to a partner I read with Lavenia it was extravaganza!!! After that we got to decide what way we would
    do our reading log! We decided that we are going to do some interesting words from our book and these are some of the ones found: disturbing, discovery, explanation, Radisson and newsreader.
  • 14. EJ12 girl hero drama queen!
    I would like to be Emma because she is a secret agent and her mum use to be a secret agent too so she knows what to do.
    But I would like to change how she is always lying to her mum and dad! The funniest part is probably when Emma's phone started ringing and her brother Bob started dancing!
  • 15. EJ12 girl hero! Drama queen!
    Today we read with a partner again but today I read with Hasti!
    Then we had to come up with a activity we were going to do and we are going to do WOW words: commencing, despatch, locations, underneath, ordinary~looking, urgent!
  • 16. EJ12 girl herodrama queen
    Today EJ had to figure out a code. It was the hardest code she had ever had to do and this is what it was: first ball drop complete move to second location! I am up to chapter 6!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 17. EJ12 girl heroDrama queen
    Today I read with Georgia! Now I am going to tell what activity I am going to do. We are going to say if we like the story! Georgia is going to say what she liked about my book! I like how ej12 is a spy and I would really like to read this book!
  • 18. EJ12 girl heroDRAMA QUEEN
    EJ12 walked into the shine change rooms to get her shine agent clothes witch was a perfect fit as always. The shine gear is a black t-shirt, black shorts, socks and trainers. Emma changed into her clothes as quick as she could and then she went back to A1. wen she got back she saw 4 new charms on her bench: a star, a heart, something that looked like a book and lipstick. And wen EJ saw the lipstick she said “you want me to were that????????????”
  • 19. EJ12 girl heroDRAMA QUEEN!!!
    Today I read chapter 10. She got to the scene and just in time they were just about to film the movie. Sydney Rassion did her bit (witch was only 1 line) and then another girl dressed-up as her came and jumped of the building for her because she was a big scaredy-cat well that’s what EJ thought.
  • 20. EJ12 girl heroDRAMA QUEEN
    Today I read to Stephanie she is reading Doughnuts, dreams and drama queens.
    EJ gets into the caravan and finds the cupboard that the bottles are in but it is locked with a special key so her universal lock would not work!!!!
    I think that EJ is going to get it open, get one of the balls out and then they will all explode
  • 21.
  • 22. EJ12 girl hero DRAMA QUEEN:::::!
    Today EJ found the cat sitting on the coffee table and saw this thing hanging down from her neck. She read it, this is what it said: Skygge which was Danish for shadow. It was very heavy, she looked again no wonder it was heavy it was a lock it had a card that locked and unlocked the cupboard she unlocked it and then her star started to flash “oh-no Skygge, your owner is coming” Skygge just meowed. She was about to text A1 but it was to late there was foot-steps Sydney's foot-steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 23. EJ12 girl hero DRAMA QUEEN!!!
    A few months later Emma and her best friends Hannah, Isi and Ellie were at the movies watching Spy movie 2. I have now finished the book and I would recommended it for anyone who likes adventure I am now going to be reading The Twins at St Clare’s!
  • 24. The Twins at St Clare’s Enid Blyton
  • 25. The Twins at St Clare's!
    Today I have just started The Twins at St Clare’s. So far I have read about 4 girls at a tennis court drinking lemonade. I read to Lavenia. They use to go to the same school but it only takes girls up to 14 so they are now to old and they are now going to different schools. 2 of them are twins and the others were just sisters it is a great book already and I have only read 5 pages.
  • 26. The Twins at St Clare’s!
    *I did not get much read today because I was with Miss Withers doing Voice Thread, witch is to record me.
    Today I read chapter 1 of The Twins at St Clare’s and the girls are still sitting at the tennis court complaining that they are going to different schools sorry that is all I read