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  • 1. MINNESOTA Chiemi
  • 2. My host family There are 4 people, 2 cats and 2 little pigs. They are very kind to me. They think me true family. I went out anywhere with them. My host mother is good at cooking. All dishes were delicious. And she cooked rice for me. I cooked Japanese dishes for them. I cooked an omelet containing fried rice, rice balls, gyoza. They liked them. Also I gave some Japanese dishes recipe.
  • 3. sightseeing 1 Walker Art Center This is an art museum. There are many pictures and This is a very famous work. carvings. Oliver Kelley Farm There are many animals. Cows, sheep, houses and so on.
  • 4. sightseeing 2 Capitol This is the capitol in MN. We saw many special rooms. Inside is very beautiful. Outside is so nice. Still Water There are many antique shops and old buildings. We can get some fashionable things. But...they are a little expensive.
  • 5. sightseeing 3 MALL OF AMERICA This is the most biggest shopping mall in America. There are more than 500 shops, amusement park and aquarium. We bought many things here. Japanese likes shopping!!! We had a good time here. After 3 years, Mall Of America will enlarge. I think we need more time to go around this shopping mall. I want to visit here again.
  • 6. sightseeing 4 Minnesota Zoo There are many animals in this zoo. I saw tiger, wolf, Japanese monkey and so on. And we watched dolphin show. Dolphins were so cute!!! and their performance were so excellent!!!
  • 7. experience 1 Mississippi River Cruise We cruised in the Mississippi river. We can see many wonderful views. And I reminded one movie, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Canoe We did canoe trip. We canoed for about 3 hours. I was so tired. But view was so nice and I enjoyed very much. There were many mosquitoes.
  • 8. experience 2 visit a church I visited a church 3 times on ever Sunday. And I met many kind people. In church Christian pray for God and sing songs loudly with big gestures. I was surprised on my first day but I moved and feel happy gradually. eat a big hamburger I ate so big hamburger in America. There are many hamburger shops. Of course, McDonald’s is. I think American hamburger is 1.5 times bigger than Japanese one.
  • 9. teachers Joel & Linda They are our supporter. They helped us everyday. They are so kind. Thanks to them we could enjoy for a month in America. Anita She is our ESL class’s teacher. She spoke English slowly for us. So we could study English happily. I like her. Taylor & Peggy Taylor is our van’s driver. He drove us every morning. His character is so lovely and very kind. Peggy is his future wife and another ESL class’s teacher. They engaged during our course.
  • 10. sentiment In America I had a special experience. I think that for a month is a little short. At first speaking English and listening English was very hard for me. But after 1 or 2 weeks, I could enjoy conversation In English. In addition to I could learn American culture. This is different from Japanese. Sometimes it makes us confuse. But learning and understanding another culture is very important. Someday I want to visit America without my dictionary.