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  • 1. Moiza Butt Candidate Number: 3124OCR G324 Advanced Production – Soap opera
  • 2. EVALUATION In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realQ1 media products? How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?Q2Q3 What have you learnt from audience feedback?Q4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  • 3. Final Product – TV Listings Q1
  • 4. Q1Final Product – Billboard
  • 5. Final Product Q1Trailer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BSzKMpEMBk
  • 6. Q1 Realism Make up and Costume Camerawork Sound – Diegetic or non Mise en scene diegetic. Major or minor.Narrative – either SOAP CONVENTIONS. Enigma – addsLINEAR which follow mystery to charactersone narrative or parallel and leaves us wantingwhich follow more than to know more.one point of view andcreates one narrative. Lighting Editing Use of genre
  • 7. Q1 Media Soap Conventions• Sound – Diegetic or Non diegetic. Major or Minor.• Mise En Scene – Lighting, Costume and Make up, Location.• Camerawork – All footage has a camera angle or camera shot. We mainly used Medium Close ups and Over the shoulder shots.• Editing – Fast paced and slow paced.
  • 8. Q1In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?
  • 9. Colour code Q1Anytime I have used, developed or challenged media conventions I willuse the following colour code to show which of the three I have used: USE DEVELOP CHALLENGE
  • 14. How soap conventions were implemented Q1• RealisticLighting – greylighting toshow region asBritain isknown for itsbad weather•Enigma – wantto know whothe charactersare and whatthe developingstorylines areabout.
  • 15. •Editing Q1•Fast paced editing towards the end to build Slow paced along with fade outs towardsup tension. the beginning to show sad characters.
  • 16. •Parallel Narrative – follows one •Realism – costume and make up Q1main story and lots of other littlestories Point of view shot(P.O.V SHOT)•Camerawork – lots of close upsto show facial expression •Sound •Non diegetic sound which is something the audience would listen to. •Diegetic sound creates tension
  • 17. •Mise en scene – we selected a few locations that we’re where teenagers spend most of Q1their time:- park, house and college.
  • 18. Products that are similar to my trailer show the basic conventions of a trailer. Q1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85EEdnfG-z4 DIFFERENCE: NO ESTABLISHING SHOT USED.
  • 19. Q1Similarities •Camerawork: Close ups (CU’s) to show facial expression •Storylines
  • 20. Q1SimilaritiesEditing and Mise en scene: Variety of shotsused to show location used as its a big part ofthe soap. 90210 is a drama based on thelocation and how this effects the characters,where as Borderline is based in a college inthe UK, and is based on drama in theteenagers lives.
  • 21. SIMLIARTIES Q1 Style and performance: Characters spoilt personalities shown through red heels, perfect hair, red lipstick and props. Show characters stereotype through red lipstick, full side fringe, skinny jeans and converse Expensive alcohol.Lying on top of a expensive car.
  • 22. Q1SIMLIARTIES•Same E4 logo•Sound: Music tells the story, and there isn’t much dialogue in both trailers.DIFFERENCE•The last shot shows us the drama will settle as we have a nice shot of thesea and sunset. In my soap we have a title card.
  • 23. Products that are similar to my trailer show the basic conventions: of a trailer. Q1http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q57wGjXbEIM&feature=player_embedded SIMLIARITIES: The sequence opens with three closes up shots of Clay getting ready into a suit, with non diegetic sound of minor music in the background, making the audience feel sad, so we know problems will be occurring with the characters. My sequence is similar as it opens with a few shots of the characters looking unhappy or being bullied followed with non diegetic sound in minor key.
  • 24. SIMLARTIES Q1ENIGMA CREATED:In the one tree hill trailer, We then get ‘What’s sogood’ come across the screen leaving the audiencewanting more. In my trailer, we have an enigma ofthe characters as its a new soap.SUSPENSE CREATED:Both trailers are building up to the final dilemma.Both trailers end with the time and date the episodewill be aired.
  • 25. DIFFERENCES: Q1AUDIENCE is olderfor one tree hill asthe characters areolder, where asBorderline is aimedat teenagers,because thecharacters areteenagers.
  • 26. Another product similar to my trailer – 90210 TRAILER. Q1http://www.e4.com/video/Uz2EgEibA2vz1QM5t1Z7DM/play.e4 SIMLARITIES •Music is used to tell the story in both trailers. •Audience is the same. DIFFERENCES: •Lifestyles are different for USA teenagers and UK teenagers. 90210 is based on wealth and spoilt teenagers where as Borderline focuses on the sorrows of teenagers. •Mise en scene
  • 27. Q1 Challenge of media conventionsWe challenged the media conventions by aiming the soap at different demographic-age group: we opted for a younger audience so we could pick realistic issues that connectwith the demographic.- likes and hobbies – using things like Facebook, converse and showing friendships andjealously evolving, we tried to pick things they would enjoy and feel.-Education: most shots take place in a college showing the audience would still be ineducation.
  • 29. •Brand Q2Colour, Fonts, LogoFreestyle script used on all other Colours:products creating brand identity. Black and white which is also displayed on the Billboard. Recognized over all three media products Borderline branding is recognizable due to the audience, the dress and appearance of characters, facial expressions and the time its aired. Similar product as we have the same region as Corination street.
  • 30. •Scripting/Narrative– the line ‘why don’t you loveme?’ is recognizable in the frontcover. The narrative iscontinuous from the trailer, andso the audience recognizes thecharacters.-The scene where the line is said,is on the billboard, so audiencesremember why they wanted towatch the soap. The narrative iscontinuing here again, as we havethe main story portrayed,engaging with the audience.
  • 31. •Branding of Characters: - Character profiles Characters make the brand through dress and appearance: - HAIR, MAKE UP, CLOTHES Same main two characters seen throughout all three products, with continuous narrative
  • 32. Why the audience would engage with my media products?-TRAILER:Fast paced editing costume and make up issuessoundCliffhangerThe time its airedCan empathize with charactersAncillaries :Suggest dramaAge group of charactersPrice of TV ListingsLocations
  • 33. Q2•Was the same audience being addressed throughout all products? Audience Feedback Q3This can be seen through:-TRAILER:Fast paced editing Costume and make up IssuesSoundCliffhangerThe time its airedCan empathize with charactersAncillaries :Suggest dramaAge group of charactersPrice of TV ListingsLocations
  • 34. •How are the institutions (E4) identified throughout your products? Q2 I read the E4 style guide to help me make my ancillaries. http://www.channel4.com/about_c4/styleguide/e4styleguide/e4-brand-guidelines.pdf•E4 logo in corner•Positioned in bottom right hand corner•E4 logo should always be surrounded•by a minimum 10mm area of space•Colours used – purple and white•Spelling of E4 Billboard•Typography Final shot of trailer
  • 35. Q2•Do they have the same brand identity? BRAND IDENTITY • Dress and appearance • Facial expressions •Character •Performance•Is the same genre recognizable throughout all products?Our soap looks as a soap, due to the timing its aired and dramatic Q1storylines. Having the same institution throughout the productsshows the type of genre to the audience as our show wouldnt beadvertised on BBC ONE.
  • 36. Q3What have you learntfrom audiencefeedback?
  • 37. Q3AUDEINCE QUESTIONARE-sample of 100 people (35 male, 65 female),
  • 38. a. Planning Q3How did you find your audience?•Similar Products Q1•Audience research (next slide)How did your audience research and response influence the construction of your products?After the feedback I decided to:•Add in title cards to bring the narrative together•Make some shots shorter to make editing faster Start watching soaps - FEMALE•Rearranged some footage so it viewer under 7% 4%•Cut down soundtrack 10% Beofre 12 24% 13-20 21-42b. How did you use audience responses to define your 42+ 55%target audience? NeverI noticed that over half of females started watchingsoaps between 13-20 and decided to aim my soap atthat category.c. Post Production: - Did your intended audience find your final products accessible?After asking some of my intended audience, they agreed that they would most likelywatch it, after considering the time it’d be aired, the trailer, billboard and TV listings.
  • 39. AUDIENCE RESEARCH Q3From a sample of 100 people (35 male, 65 female), we found the following results regarding soap and television viewing habits; Start watching soaps - MALE Do you watch soaps? 18% 11% 17% 48% 14% Yes Female Before 12 20% No Female 13-20 20% Yes Male 21-42 No Male 42+ 52%# Soap and TV Viewing - MALE Soap and TV Viewing - 12% FEMALE Coronation street Coronation Street 33% Eastenders 14% 18% Eastenders Emmerdale 24% Emmerdale Doctor Who 18% Holby City Glee 15% Neighbours None 2% Waterloo Road 5% Other 6% 2% 4% Doctor Who 22% 12% 7% 2% 4% Glee
  • 40. What influences the type of TV What influences the type of TV soaps Q3 soaps you watch? - MALE you watch? - FEMALE 14% Region Genre 14% Genre Time sceduled 100% 72% Start watching soaps - FEMALE How do you watch soaps? - MALE 7% 4% Beofre 12 10% 24% 13-20 21-42 42+ 55% Never Live tvHow do you watch soaps? - FEMALE 100% How do you follow your soaps? Live TV Continuously - 29% Male Continuously - 71% 100% Female
  • 41. What newspapers do Employment status? MALE Q3 you read? - MALE Daily Mail Student 16-23 50% 50% 50% 50% Local paper In full time workWhat newspapers do you read? Employment status? FEMALE - FEMALE 13% 12% Sun 20% 12% Express Student 16-23 Daily Mail 38% 25% Part time work Local paper Guardian 80%Do you think soaps can be improved? Do you agree with the suggestion that soap opera is still mostly aimed at female 28% 43% Yes MALE audiences? No FEMALE Yes FEMALE 29% Yes MALE 29% 71% Yes FEMALE
  • 42. Intended audience Q3“I thought the trailer was “The last shot of thedark and unexpected and it trailer really persuadedgot my attention. ” me to watch this soap.”Hannah Walsh -Louisa Butt
  • 43. •Locations were picked because we felt the characters age group main three Q3 locations where they spend most of their time would be : - college, park and their home. Q1The characters personalities were picked due to their age group as we felt most of theage group we were representing would dress and act like Emily and Sasha. The name of the soap, was based on rebelling and how far you should go, and what is acceptable and what isnt as a teenager.
  • 44. Q4How did you use mediatechnologies in theconstruction andresearch, planning andevaluation stages?
  • 45. •Adobe Premier Elements:- Media you have uploaded onto Adobe.Video Trailer sequence asScene a whole thing. Thisline can be changed by clicking on Sceneline insteadTime of timeline whichline shows you the scenes you’veAudio uploaded. Narration Move red line back and forth to Soundtrack watch parts of your trailer
  • 46. Get Media PC File and folders Q4 Insert Soundtrack selectedHow I inserted music and footage: music•Click on Get Media•Click on Pc Files and Folders•Choose file and drag inserted music Insertedand add to soundtrack Music
  • 47. HOW TO EDIT ON ADOBE ELEMENTS 8 Q4 Click on Edit and a list of edits will come up. Type of edits
  • 48. •Edit sound Q4 I right clicked on the soundtrack Can crop soundtrack and chose itCan delete and close gaps in to fade out atsoundtrack , audio, video and the end of thenarration trailer
  • 49. Q4 Upload to Online Share YoutubeHow I uploaded to YouTube:-•I clicked on share then online•Clicked on share on YouTube and waited for it to upload
  • 50. Construction Q4• Video camera :– – I used a video camera to film the footage used in my trailer. We did preliminary tasks – Snow ( comic strip) and a preliminary soap trailer, to get used to how to work the camera, and used the camera footage to load the footage from the camera onto computer. We used two different cameras to get different reactions and shots from different sides.• Still camera: – I used the camera (Cannon DSLR) to take pictures for my ancillaries – TV Listings and Billboard. We took lots of different pictures with different backgrounds, locations and facial expressions.
  • 51. Q4•Microsoft Office: Publisher Insert text box Insert table Decide on a Insert word art background colour Insert clipart Decide on a fontInsert shapes Apply a templateAdd bookmarkDesign gallery Change the pageFind from sizecontent library
  • 52. Insert Q4 picture from Format scanner Line/border picture or MoreInsert Less styles Compress copier brightnessimage contrast image More Colour contrast Less Crop brightness Reset Picture Text wrapping Set transparent colour
  • 53. Research Q4YouTube helped me to research existing similar products. It also made suggestions toother previous existing similar products that also helped me develop my research. Preliminary task: comic strip trailer Q1 Research – Similar Products Q3 Audience research
  • 54. Q4•Blog I also used my blog to insert PowerPoints and pdfs (via www.slideshare.net)
  • 55. Planning Q4Blog:I used my blog to post in similar products that would help me produce my own trailer. Italso helped my teacher keep in track of what I was producing. Here I could talk about what I liked and disliked about the trailer share it on social networking sites.How I used existing products Q1
  • 56. I also used blogger to embed in my final products. Q4 My trailer in YouTube. I clicked on share, and a list of social network sites came up where I can also share my trailer
  • 57. How I used www.slidehsare.net Q4Slide share converts files such as PowerPoints into another file which is easier to share viathe internet. Upload file Select file to upload
  • 58. Q4 Uploaded!Use blogger toshare file.
  • 59. Evaluation – How I used PowerPoint Q4 Changing font, size and colourInserting a Inserting shapesnew slide Inserting the following
  • 60. Q4 Inserting background colours,fonts and setting up your slide Inserting effects to your PowerPointHow your slide will look, and how to set up your slides
  • 61. Q4How to improve your PowerPoint with use of thesaurus, spellcheck, and translate.Improving how your PowerPoint looks
  • 62. Evaluation Q4•Prezzi Save page Exit prezziWhat HOMEyou PAGEwant todo onpage Zoom in and out
  • 63. Q4Here is where you can decide what you want to do on your page and is the main thing inproducing your Prezzi. When using Prezzi , you have to link on idea to another which is how you use Path:- Adding links from one idea to another Deleting To see links made in Path all paths made
  • 64. Inserting pictures Q4 Inserting YouTube clips What your prezzi looks like in full screenInserting shapes Choosing the type of frame you want to link your ideas
  • 65. Q4 Biggest circle is too rotate idea. First circle is to move around written idea. Middle circle is to make idea bigger or smaller.Theme wizard lets you create your own ideas in colour and fonts. Choose the type of background and don’t you want.