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Comenius meeting in turky
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Comenius meeting in turky


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business

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  • 1. Our Comeniusmeeting in TurkeyBy Sergi and Tony
  • 2. Flying to TurkeyAt 9.55 we took our planeand went to Paris where wetook another flight toIstanbul. There we had towait for 4 hours, buy ourVisa and eat a bk.Finally, we took a plane toANTALYA.When we arrived, ourpartners were waiting for usand took us home.
  • 3. First day( Monday)We went to the classrooms withour partners. Then, eachcountry presented thepowerpoints, but because ofelectricity failure, ourpresentation had to bepostponed until Friday.After lunch, we went to a localyogurt factory where a guideexplained us how it was madeand we could taste differentkinds of yogurts and ice-creamstoo.Finally, everyone went homewith her/ his partner. Forexample, Tony and I me wentto a mall to spend the afternoon.
  • 4. Second DayWe took the bus in ahotel, we went to visit anatural park, after touringthe park, we took the busand went to see theharbour. We saw moremonuments ( a mosque, achurch, etc)and later wewent on a boat ride. Itwas fun .We went to buy souvenirswith our partners.
  • 5. WednesdayWe went to visitancient ruins, Turkishbaths, a smallamphitheater, later wehad lunch on thebeach. After lunch, wewent to see somegraves and anamphitheater, the sitewas named Myra. Wealso saw theCathedral ofSt.Nicholas. It was afantastic day
  • 6. WednesdayOn Thursday wewent to visit Perge.We saw a largeamphitheater and anagora. Later, wevisited amphitheaterof Aspendos whichis the largest wehave seen inAntalya. Finally,wewent to see awaterfall. It was anexcellent day , butvery tiring.
  • 7. FridayOn Friday we finishedour oral presentationand then, we went to afarewell partyorganized by the school.After school, ourpartners took us to aamusement park, and inthe evening they tookus to have dinner at arestaurant in a mall. Itwas a fantastic day
  • 8. SaturdaySaturday was avery hard and sadday because we hadto say goodbye tothe family andfriends. In theafternoon, we tookour flight toBarcelona. I can saythat that week hasbeen one of the bestof my life
  • 9. Thanks to this meeting we could know anotherculture, school system, visit a beautifulcountry, with a rich cultural heritage, meetingwonderful people, know how they live becausewe stayed with families and taste the deliciousTurkish cuisine ( soups, fish, grilledkebabs, vegetables, salads and the sweetdesserts), practise our English and MAKEFRIENDS.Now we are looking forward to seeing them inSpain.