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Dvd audience feedback

  1. 1. Audience Feedback: The following slides show commentsand view points from individuals from a variety of places around the Uk...
  2. 2. Facebook comment feedback: Getting a range of comments on a socialising website helped me to improve my model in many ways. When uploading my own DVD cover onto Facebook I gathered both good and negative comments in which I could improve upon. This made meFor apart of my audience feedback I used an understand what my audience wants to see included within the DVD covereffective way of including and taking advantage of itself.the new digital media platform and advertised my The feedback given were both from a skating targeted audience but alsoDVD cover on a socialising website known as from individuals of different types of genre’s. This helped me see theFacebook. similarities and differences ( if any at all) between different people. WhenBy doing this it gave me an opportunity to get a reading through the comments there were no disagreements and they allvariety of opinions from individuals both locally seemed to agree on the same things.and globally. This expanded my audience feedbackso I had a range of comments that could eithermake my model more professional in some casesand to improve it overall.The above is what my final DVD cover looked like.
  3. 3. The feedback in which I got back from the advertising on Facebook was both positive and negative. The other things in which I got was improvements for my DVD cover. This came in useful when looking back at my DVD back and front and looking for ways to improve my model in any way possible. For this I asked specific individuals for a detailed feedback on my DVD cover in which only one of them got back to me. I was deeply grateful for this. The common feedback was the text that was included within the DVD cover and the random capital letters in the middle of words. Whereas I thought this added to the DVD cover others thought this did not match at all and suggested me to get rid of this and to just keep it to lower case letters. After thinking about this I too thought this was right as the randomness did make it look different but also made it look unprofessional in some aspects and so I decided to get rid of this. Another comment that I took on board was that Ffion the skater on the front cover looked Fatter then she usually did. This was not a problem as I thought it looked fine but a person I got feedback off mentioned this and so I changed it to please my target audience. This was simply done by Photoshop and the stretch tool.Another comment I got back from the feedback was thetext and the font. Individuals wanted me to change the fontaltogether which wasn’t generally a problem at all it was All of the audience feedback from Facebook was helpful in manyjust that I had to do other tasks such as finish my music ways and in some aspects they helped me to improve myvideo for the deadline so that was my main focus. secondary task of producing my DVD cover in many ways.Yet again another problem or improvement was thecolours. When adding the layers on top of each other someof the colour was lost in the process. In order for me to getit right I had to do the effect again but this time make acertain layer brighter but going to the effect toolbar.
  4. 4. Actual Audience Comments and Views:“ I think it’s Brilliant, I like howyou incorporated the skating “ It’s different...” – Heather James, Small Heath,concept of the video into the BirminghamCD/DVD as it shows consistency ”– Khalid Daley Birmingham “ Awesome” – Jeremy Francis, America, Florida “I like the use of effects and colours used within the DVD cover” – Annette James, Small Heath, Birmingham“ Right... It generally looks really nice, the “ Love the pic of Ffion, thats awesome.composition is really well thought through. You Only part I don’t like personally is theshould seriously consider changing the font... Or font and random capitals “ – Kirstyat least stop using capitals in random places, that Pullen, North Birminghamlooks really unprofessional.Also I know I just put loads of things down butthose are minor things I really like your work! Itlooks amazing, it’s just those little things thatcould ( in my personal opinion) improve it a littlebit.” – Bartosz Platak, Suffolk, Ipswich