Album Cover Analysis


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Album Cover Analysis

  1. 1. The black and white image of Adele shows a The image for the back cover is quite similar to the image on the front cover , although thesimple structure of her natural beauty, as her image seems to be a little bit darker. The image also shows Adele, looking directly into thehair is loose and she hardly has any make-up camera, in which it her cheekbone (right) is blended in with the backgroundonThe word „Adele‟ is „21‟is the age Adele started the recording of her secondthe name of the album, in which she has used it as the title for herartists, in which her album. The layout for songs on the album, is veryname is in the same (She had previously done this with her first album which simple for the buyer to see, as the number of thefont as the number was called „19‟) track is a lot smaller than the titles of the tracks„21‟, however it‟s in itself. This makes the titles of the tracks standthe colour of white out to the audience
  2. 2. The album cover for Adele‟s „21‟ is amazingly simple, in which this simplicity links into the outlet of the album as there is no auto-tune used for the songs on the album, because she is more of a soul artist. The black and white image of Adele, shows her looking down in which she is hardly wearing any make-up and she has her hair completely loose. This signifies the true beauty of Adele, as you are able to clearly see her main features in her face. The black and white image also shows Adele in a slimming effect, as there is a fading effect on Adele‟s right cheekbone which gives her a slimmer face. This is also seen in the showing of Adele‟s arm. With there being an effect on Adele‟s clothing (which is originally black) it draws the main focus to her face, as it‟s a lot clearer to see because there are no alerting distractions in the image.The text saying „Adele‟ is in capitals in which with it being white it follows the black and white concept on the album cover. However the text „21‟ is inthe colour of lime green. This shows clearly that „21‟ is the name of the album. The reason for the album being called „21‟ is because Adele gives thetitle of albums from the when she started recording it (in which she gives the age of when she recorded the album), as previously done with Adeledebut album „19‟.Now coming onto the album, Adele‟s sophomore album „21‟ has become the fastest digital download album of all time, the best selling album of thecentury in the UK and also the biggest selling album of 2011 (worldwide). The success of this is due to Adele‟s commitment to write an incrediblerecord, the continuous style throughout the album and also the fact that the songs that are featured on the album have become the best selling songsof 2011. These songs include „Rolling in the Deep‟ and „Someone Like You‟ . To date, the album has thirteen million copies worldwide, in less that ayear.Due to the massive success in the music industry this year, Adele was nominated for six Grammy Awards in November 2011 which included Album ofthe Year (21), Song of the Year (Rolling in the Deep), Record of the Year (Rolling in the Deep), Best Pop Vocal Album (21), Best Solo Performance(Someone Like You) and Best Short Form Video (Rolling in the Deep)
  3. 3. The layout of the track list is presented on the right hand side (so that it doesn‟t collide with the image), in this case some songs are next to each other, due to some song titles being smallThe word „Ne-Yo‟is a different sizeand style font to theword „Year of theGentleman‟. So inthis case it showswho the artist is andit makes it stand outon the shelvesThe word „Year of the Gentlemanis in a fancy font, which it quite effective as it The image of Ne-Yo on the back cover image shows ashows the difference between the artists difference from the front cover image but yet a similarity, asname and title of the album both images include Ne-Yo wearing a hat. However the back The image of Ne-Yo shows him putting his hat on, in which cover image shows Ne-Yo in black (even though he has a pale the suit he‟s wearing, mainly matches the colours on the grey shirt) in which he‟s hat is also black. This can represent background of the front cover image which shows that different things as it can show that this album may have soft there‟s already a colour palette going on in the image and dark sides to it, when seen from different approaches
  4. 4. For the album cover of Ne-Yo‟s „Year of the Gentlemen‟ you are able to identify that there is a colour palette being portrayed in the image. The image of Ne-Yo, shows him looking downwards from the camera in which he has a beige hat covering his face ( which also shows the parallel stance between both his arms). In the image Ne-Yo is also wearing a suit that features the colours of beige, cream, brown and light brown. The setting behind Ne-Yo also features the colour of brown, light cream. There is also a bar that masks Ne-Yo‟s left arm which seems to be in the colour of caramel brown in which the bar next to it, seems to be in the colour of dark cream. With the text also being in black, it matches the colour of the black band that circulates round Ne-Yo‟s hat. This easily generates a colour palette for the album cover, in which this is continued at the back of the album cover (also known as the back cover).The text „Ne-Yo‟ are in big bold capitals which shows clear identification of who the artist in which the artist of the album is Ne-Yo. However the text„Year of the Gentlemen‟ is in a fancy italic font and shows powerful dominance from the bolder text „Ne-Yo‟ as the text size for „Year of the Gentlemen‟is a lot smaller. This shows the clear differentiation between the artists name and the name of the album.Now coming onto the album, Ne-Yo‟s „Year of the Gentlemen‟ became one his most successful album‟s to date, as it reached number 2 in the US andUK and went to become one of the most anticipated album‟s of 2008. The hit singles included „Closer‟ (which went number one in the UK), „MissIndependent‟ and „Mad‟. Making all three songs go Platinum (selling over one million copies) in the U.S.In 2009, Ne-Yo was nominated for five Grammy Awards for his album. He won two awards which were Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and BestR&B Song (both for Miss Independent). All together Ne-Yo has been nominated for nine Grammy Awards and has gotten three awards in total.Ne-Yo is one of the most successful male R&B artists today, as well as being an ultimately talented songwriter and producer.
  5. 5. The title of the album „I Dreamed A Dream‟ represents the inspirational aspect of Susan making it into the music industry, in which she is living adream she dreamed. The title „I Dreamed A Dream‟ is in white (which goes with the black and white image) while the words „Susan Boyle‟ matches thecolour of the line (round the outside of the front cover). The size in the word „Susan Boyle is quite big as it clearly states who the artist is The black and white glamorous photo of Susan Boyle, reflects how her image has changed (since she was first seen on The layout for the songs on the album, is Britain‟s Got Talent) structured on the left side of the back cover, in which the colour of the text is white There is another black and white image of Susan sitting next to a piano. This image shows the continuous approach of black and white images being used as the art work for the album
  6. 6. For the album cover of Susan Boyle‟s „I Dreamed A Dream‟ you are able to see that there is a simple colour palette going on. The image of Susan Boyle, shows her looking straight into the camera with a smile, while both her hands press against her cheeks on both sides, in which they are shown in a parallel stance. With the image being black and white, it adds a 1920‟s glamour theme to the album cover, as Susan is wearing a shimmering black dress and a ring to accessorise with it. With the back drop behind Susan being out of focus, it draws the main attention on her when looking at the album cover. Also with the image being in black and white, it makes Susan look a lot younger, as the shimmering black dress also makes her looks slimmer. A slim-looking appeal, is usually the look in the music industry today, as artists want to look flawless in there professional shots and album covers, since they are mainly being advertised worldwide.The text on the album cover is simple but quite effective. As you can see the text „Susan Boyle‟ is in gold, in which there is a line splitting thedifference in Susan‟s first and last name and with it being in bold capital letters, it relates to the boldness of Susan Boyle as an artist. With the text „IDreamed A Dreamed‟ in small text and in the colour of white, it follows the black and white theme from the image, in which it shows a relation to itNow coming to the album itself, Susan Boyle‟s debut album „I Dreamed A Dream‟ became the biggest selling album worldwide in 2009. In it‟s firstthree weeks of release, it sold three point five million copies worldwide. It became the fastest selling debut album in UK chart history and went straightto number one in over fifteen countries (including the UK and US). To date the album has sold nine million copies worldwide.In 2010 the album was nominated for „Best Pop Vocal Album‟ at the Grammy Awards. Susan has now released three albums „I Dreamed A Dream‟,„The Gift‟ (which has earned a 2011 Grammy nomination for „Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album‟) and „Someone To Watch Over‟ in which all albumshave had commercial success and they have all also been number one in the UK.
  7. 7. The bold black text that says „Tony Bennett‟ evidently shows that he The background image shows the continuity of theme palette of blue,is the artist of the album as you are able to see a studio microphones in front of blue velvet curtains The text „Duets ll‟ is in a blue italic font, in which it shows the difference between the name of the artists and the name of the album, as the size of the text is a lot smallerThis text, shows the artists that Tony did acollaboration with on the album, in which the The track list shows the duet with the artist that Tony hasaudience are quite aware what collaborated with, in which the artists‟ name is in a The amazing picture of Tony Bennett is different font and colour and the title of the track is in built up from small individual photos, that different font and colour. This shows the difference have been structured in order to produce a between the song and the artist, as with the text of the big image of himself (which is incredibly artists‟ name being in bold, it makes them seem more creative) powerful
  8. 8. For the album cover of Tony Bennett‟s „Duets ll‟ you are able to see that the cover itself is amazingly unique. As you can easily identify from the image of Tony, the whole image is made up of tiny images but together, that makes one whole image of Tony himself. This is incredibly unique, as not a lot of artists do this on their album covers, as they like to show off their facial features, or their body and flawless appearance. In this case it‟s a lot different, each tiny image features Tony by himself, with someone or doing something. To make the whole image look like Tony, each tiny individual image has been edited, in which the original colour of it has changed. This has been done so that the edited colour of the image, makes up Tony‟s facial features through the different tones of shade of his face, making a lot of the colours darker and lighter than others.For the text of the album cover, it is very different and well organised. As you can see from looking above, the text saying „Tony Bennett‟ is in big, boldletters in which the font of it is in black. This shows a differ between the album cover and the features on the album, as the album cover name is„Duets ll‟ it looks like the word „Duets‟ is in which light blue italics. This definitely identifies a difference between the name of the artist and the name ofthe album. Also seen on the album that‟s not usually seen, are the featured artists who are doing a duet with Bennett, in which the list is shown on theleft hand side. The font seems to be a similar font to the one used for the artists‟ name, however the sizes of the text is a lot smaller, so that it‟s notdrawing attention away from the bold text and unique image.Now coming onto the album itself, Tony Bennett‟s album “Duets ll” went straight to number one in the U.S charts, in which it has made him the oldestartist to have a number one album.The album has been nominated for two Grammy Awards, in which they are for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album (for Duets ll) and Best PopDuo/Group Performance (for „Body and Soul‟ which is performed by Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse).
  9. 9. The text saying „Carrie Underwood‟ is in a fancy font ( showing in The back cover is a lot different to the front cover, as it seems that it hasitalics), in which it is in the colour of black, plus it is also next to the been drawn or created through technology. However, the back cover stillimage, which shows an obvious viewing of who the artist is continues with the colour palette of pale golden yellow and burgundy The text saying „Some Hearts‟ is in the same fancy font (showing in italics) that is used for the artists‟ name; however, to show diversity, the text is smaller which it is in the colour of burgundy The songs are listed in an ordinary fashion, in The white stem leaves that have been The image of Carrie shows her looking into the which you are able to identify that there are no evidently drawn or created through camera and smiling, while she‟s holding a numbers next to them, which shows the simplicity technology, presents the feminine daisy. This image shows Carrie turning around of the album and artist. character that is seen in Carrie to look at the camera, in which there is the Underwood setting of a field of wheat behind her. With the sun glistening the left side of her hair, it makes the shot look elegant, stunning and feminine
  10. 10. For the album cover of Carrie Underwood‟s „Some Hearts‟ you are able to identify a feminine approach to the cover. The image of Carrie, is extremely elegant, stunning and feminine in which she shows the characteristic of being „the girl next door‟ in her debut album. As you can see, it shows Carrie looking quite glamorous, as she is wearing a black dress, in which her hair has also been done to look quite curly. To go with this, Carrie is wearing a subtle amount of make-up which makes her naturally beauty. With Carrie‟s head in front of the sun (as it makes her hair glisten on the left side of her face) her smile brings positivity to the image and the album, in which this sort of positivity can help the album succeed in sales. This image can be classed as an „idolised‟ image, as by seeing the image girls/women may want to look like Carrie (e.g. The may want to have the same make-up and hair as her, plus the same dress/style as her), while boys/men may find Carrie as an incredibly attractive girl, as she has a nice figure, smile and face.For the text of the album cover, it is very simple as the text saying „Carrie Underwood‟ is in a fancy font ( showing in italics), in which it is in the colourof black, while the text saying „Some Hearts‟ is in the same fancy font (showing in italics), however the text is smaller in which it is in the colour ofburgundy. This shows the difference between the name of the artist and the name of the album, as the artists‟ name is a lot bigger and bolder whichshows power.Now coming onto the album itself, Carrie Underwood‟s „Some Hearts‟ was her debut album after winning the fourth series of „American Idol‟. Althoughthe album did not go to number one in the U.S it became the biggest /fastest selling debut album from a country artist and from an American Idolwinner, in which it sold over seven million copies. This earned Carrie her first Grammy Award for Best New Artist. The album icluded her biggestselling single to date which is „Before He Cheats‟ (in which the song also earned her two Grammy Awards for „Country Song of the Year‟ and „BestFemale Country Vocal Performance‟.Since then, Carrie has become one of the biggest stars in country music as she has had two one albums „Carnival Ride‟ and „Play On‟ and with thesuccess of those albums it has made her the most successful American Idol contestant in the U.S. in terms of album sales.