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Location Information

  1. 1. Location Information Pre Production Planning Tasks
  2. 2. Location One – The Grafton Center Car Park, Cambridge Overview: Any problems: • Multi story Car Park • Time of day • Weather Reasons for location: • Easy access • Panoramic views of Cambridge • High angle opportunity
  3. 3. Location Two – Magdalene Street, Cambridge Overview: Reasons for location: Magdalene Street used to be the north-western part of Bridge Street. • Easy access It developed as the northern approach to the river crossing for entering Cambridge. • City center atmosphere The first crossing was as a ford and this was built up as causeways by the Romans. Eventually a bridge was built across the Cam, giving Cambridge its name. The hilltop on the northwest bank helped protect the crossing point and ensured that Cambridge became a major inland port. The area around the river area became the site for coaching inns, factories, merchants' houses, and warehouses, making use of the river’s resources and the trade at the crossing point. • Historic Any Problems: • Weather • Time of day
  4. 4. Location Three – Silver Street Bridge, Cambridge Overview: Reasons for location: Silver Street is located in the southwest of central Cambridge, England. It links Queen's Road to the west with Trumpington Street to the east. The road continues west out of central Cambridge as Sidgwick Avenue. • Beautiful setting At the south western end to the south is Darwin College. Halfway along to the north where the street straddles the River Cam on the Silver Street Bridge (built in 1958) is Queens' College. At the eastern end to the north fronting onto Trumpington Street is St Catharine's College. • Easy Access • Heart of the city • Historic Any Problems: • Time of day • Weather
  5. 5. Location Four – Coe Fen, Cambridge Overview: Coe Fen is a semi-rural meadowland area to the east of the River Cam in the south of the city of Cambridge, England. It lies at the back of Peterhouse (one of the University of Cambridge colleges) to the north, the Fitzwilliam Museum, and The Leys School to the south. The fen is straddled by the Fen Causeway (A1134 road) across the Cam. There is also a footbridge at the back of The Leys School to the south and Crusoe Bridge is just north of the Fen Causeway Bridge. Reasons for Location: • Rural • Easy access • Quiet • Contrast with urban locations Any Problems: • Time of day • Weather
  6. 6. Location Five – Lammas Land, Cambridge Overview: Any Problems: Located on the outskirts of Cambridge city centre, this scenic park offers lush green grass, swimming pools, tennis courts and a children's playground • Time of day • Weather • Too crowded in playground Reasons for location: • Easy access • Playground – stereotype - teenagers ‘hanging out’ • Open space
  7. 7. Location Six – Wimpole Folly, Wimpole Overview: Wimpole's Folly is a folly ruin located on the grounds of Wimpole Hall, in the parish of Wimpole, in Cambridgeshire, England. The folly is designed to resemble the ruins of a medieval castle. It was built on the grounds of Wimpole Hall in the mid-1770s at the order of Philip York, 1st Earl of Hardwicke, the then owner of Wimpole Hall. The Earl of Hardwicke commissioned Sanderson Miller (the noted follies architect of the day) to design the folly in 1751, to then have it later built by Capability Brown in 1769. Reasons for location: • Wooded are nearby • Historic • Castle – Princess and Prince theme • Atmospheric Any problems: • Weather • Time of day
  8. 8. Location Information Pre Production Planning Tasks