Key features of a Music Video


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Key features of a Music Video

  1. 1. Key Features of Music Video Andrew Goodwin’s Analysis
  2. 2. Andrew Goodwin After spending years analyzing music videos and the music industry, Andrew Goodwin put together a set of key features which apply to all music videos. Of course not all of the features are featured in each video, however at least one feature is complimentary, contradicting or amplified. These key features were illustrated in his book ‘Dancing in the Distraction Factory’ (1992).
  3. 3. Lyrics and Visuals The first feature of a music video, Goodwin, claimed was that there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals on screen. This can either be: -Illustrating -Amplifying -Contradicting For example in the music video ‘America’s Suite hearts’ by Fall Out Boy the concept of the video doesn't really match up with what they are trying to portray in their lyrics.
  4. 4. Music and Visuals The second key feature of a music video he identified was that there is also a relationship between the music and the visuals. This could be either of the following: -Illustrating -Amplifying -Contradicting -Cutting visuals in time to music For example in the music video ‘Walks like Rhianna’ by The Wanted, at one point the beat of the song coordinates with the flashing of the strobe lighting on screen.
  5. 5. Genres Exists The next key feature of a music video which Goodwin discovered was that music videos demonstrate genre characteristics. Genres include: -Stadium Performance -Studio Performance -Location -Narrative based -Concept based For example in the music video ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ by Bon Jovi follows the generic characteristics of a performance style music video as the visuals are of the band/artist performing in a stadium.
  6. 6. Artist Close-ups Goodwin expressed that a key feature of music videos is several close ups of the artist. This is due to the record companies requirement that the artist is strongly featured within the music video. This is includes: -Artistic Branding -Celebrity Culture -Artistic Portrayal -Implications on looking good. For example in the music video ‘Home Run’ by Misha B there are several close up shots of her face.
  7. 7. Star Iconography Following on from Artist Close ups, a feature linked to this is star iconography which each artist will develop in their music videos. This could be through either of the following: -Branding -Style -Brand values/unique selling points For example in the music videos by Michael Jackson there are repeated dance moves that have become his signature look and part of his branding as an artist.
  8. 8. Voyeurism Goodwin also identified that within music videos that there is the concept of voyeurism. This basically means the audience see’s something that they would or should not usually see. This could be in the form of: -Nudity/near nudity/revealing clothes -Exhibitionism -An intimate location e.g. bedroom -Frame within a frame For example in the music video ‘Stay’ by Rihanna, the artist is featured naked in a bathtub. Not only an intimate location but voyeuristic in term of the nudity.
  9. 9. Intertextuality Lastly Andrew Goodwin noticed when studying music videos that there are often intertextual references to: -Other music videos -Films -TV Programs For example in the music video ‘It’s Raining Men’ by Geri Halliwell there is intertextual references to the film ‘Fame’ such as the clothing and the Performative style.
  10. 10. Key Features of Music Video Andrew Goodwin’s Analysis