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  1. 1. Section 3.00 Keyboarding & Document Processing Part I-Sentence Completion Complete the following questions using the word list provided. Personal Business Letter QWERTY Keyboarding Block Body Five Memorandum Ergonomics Repetitive Stress Injuries Double Spacing 1. The ability to enter text by using the correct fingers without looking at the keys is known as __keyboarding___. 2. The most common keyboard arrangement is the QWERTY. 3. ____Ergonomics____ is the science of designing equipment and workspace for a comfortable and safe working environment. 4. _____Repetitive Stress Injuries_____ can occur when someone performs a task repeatedly. 5. The message of the letter or memo is the Body___. 6. The type of spacing where you manually press the enter key two times is ____Double Spacing______. 7. ___Five__________ characters equals a standard word in keyboarding. 8. If an individual wanted to request information from a company, he/she would send a __Personal Buisness Letter_____. 9. A ____ Memorandum_______ is written correspondence used within the same company or organization. 10. A letter style with all parts aligned with the left margin is known as ___Block_____________. Part II-Discussion Questions Answer each of the following in paragraph form. 1. Explain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, what causes it, and the symptoms of this injury. Keyboarding and Document Processing—85 Business Computer Technology—BE 6400 Summer 2003
  2. 2. ____________It’s the chronic compression of the median nerve and is caused by improper __ergonomics._Tingling pain and numbness in the thumb, index, and middle finger are __symptoms. If hands and wrists feel weak and are swelling too, then you probably have __a high chance of having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 2. List the four parts of a memorandum heading and how each should be keyed. ____________TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECT. They need to be bold, all caps and have a colon (:) after the word. 3. Explain two similarities and two differences between a memorandum and a letter. ____________Similarities: SS in paragraphs and DS in between; they have a body. ____________Differences: Memo has smaller margins at the top; Memo has no inside ___address.__________________________________________________________________ 4. Explain the importance of proper workstation setup and at least four essential ergonomic rules. 1. __________Take breaks from time to time. 2. _________ Sit as least 24” away from the computer. 3. __________Sit in a straight but relaxed position. 4. __________Feet should be supported. _________Proper ergonomics makes working/playing on the computer more comfortable and safe.______________________________________________________________ Part III-Proofreading Identify the errors in the following sentences. Use appropriate proofreader marks. 1. mr. Johnson caled said and he wuold be late for the meeting at 2: 00. ^l ~ Keyboarding and Document Processing—86 Business Computer Technology—BE 6400 Summer 2003
  3. 3. 2. Mrs. Burns explained to the kindergartners, no runing the in the hall children”. ^n 3. Is the articcle ready for publicatoin in tomorows newspaper ? ~ ^r ^’ 4. The littel boy asked his momy if he could have a lollipop ~ ^m 5. Pleae let me now if you have any qeustions.Thank you four your time. ^s ~ # Part IV-Formatting a Memorandum • Using the information below; compose, key, and format a memorandum. • Use the current date. • Use appropriate technique. • Save and print as instructed by your teacher. You are the administrative assistant to Mr. Jones at Raleigh Enterprises. He has asked you to send out a memo to all employees regarding the upcoming blood drive that will be held on March 10. Be sure to explain that all employees are encouraged to participate. The Red Cross is in need of all blood types and by donating it would help the shortages in the hospitals and military. This is a short and painless process. Employees may report to Conference Room B at any convenient time during the work day. TO: Employees FROM: Mr. Jones DATE: March 10 SUBJECT: Blood Donation There will be a blood drive on March 10 and all employees are encouraged to participate. The Red Cross is in need of all blood types and donations would help the blood shortages in hospitals and the military. The process is short and painless. Employees may report to Conference Room B at any convenient time during the work day to donate. yc Keyboarding and Document Processing—87 Business Computer Technology—BE 6400 Summer 2003
  4. 4. Attachment Keyboarding and Document Processing—88 Business Computer Technology—BE 6400 Summer 2003