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  • Heat magazine is aimed at woman aged 16-35 who are obsessed with celebrity gossip. Typical heat readers are in their mid twenties – social butterflies with a career that’s on the up. It was firstly made to be a general interest entertainment magazine, but went under revamp and changed in to a woman’s entertainment magazine.
  • A German company called Bauer Media Group publishes ‘Heat’ magazine weekly as of February 1999. They also publish a range of other magazines, such as woman’s and men’s entertainment, men's lifestyle, gardening, transport, football, golf, pets and motorcycling.
  • Bauer media iseuropes largest privately owned publishing group, it is sister company of H Bauer publishing, which publishes the UK’s biggest TV listings such as ‘take a break’ and ‘Bella’.The worldwide circulation of Bauer media groups magazine titles amounts to around 38 Million magazines per week. Bauer started in the UK with the launch of ‘Bella’ in 1987, and expanded in the UK with the purchase of Emap consumer media and Emap radio in 2008, which helped it become the biggest publishing group in the UK.Has offices in 16 countries, including the UK, Mexico, Hungary, USA, Germany and France.
  • Have many different categories in which they create magazines. The biggest categories are outdoor, motoring, motorcycling, Angling (fishing) and Woman’s.The first magazine published by ‘Bauer Media’ was angling times – but the first magazine published in the UK was Bella.
  • Bauer media was privately owned, so does not have a parent company. This means that they are independent. Expanded horizontally and joined the Bauer Media Group in January 2008There are Two main divisions within the bauer media group and these are Magazines and Radio. This means Bauer is targetting different groups of people.
  • The magazine has expanded diagonally in many different ways. Firstly, merchandise was launched in 2003 due to the magazines success, current items that carry the ‘heat’ name is an exercise DVD, called ‘get that celeb look’ and also a set of mini books called ‘say what’ were released which contained quotes said by a celebrity popular at that time, most known is Gareth gates. In 2007, an Annual was launched, closely followed by the opening of heatworld – and heat video – on 22nd may 2007 and then heat radio on 25th September 2007.
  • Heat was launched on 22nd may 2007, and was edited by julianlinley, who had been deputy editor of heat magazine for 5 years.The site is an online interpretation of the magazine, a mix of celebrity news, gossip and fashion. Heatworld does not replicate magazine content, and bases itself on video footage (the heat video page) and audio content, and also any breaking news goes up on there too.The site is advertising funded.
  • Launched on 25thseptember 2007.Can be listened to online or on freeviewtv.
  • Heat video comes along with It consists of mostly news articles in video, and this is what the website bases itself around.
  • Promotes radio within the radio section, and also during the TV schedule, talks about heat radio on the page and gets people to listen to it. Promotes the website on the games page, saying you must go to the web page to check the answer – this gets more people onto the website. Promotes jobs within Bauer company – talks about other magazines owned by the company.
  • The front cover of heat promotes the brand of lifestyle and image that people should live,Through the radio, there is a heat style of music, branding what you should listen to The exercise DVD promotes the heat style of body, branding you to say what you should look likeThe means reading heat can be a daily event, with instant access and breaking news.
  • The front cover of heat doesn't use posed photographs as most do, but instead opts for paparazzi styled photographs of the celebrity that is featured in one of the main stories of the magazine. Mastheadin red to promote ‘heat’ and this stays the same each week.Cover line is about the ‘brand’ of the body type, trying to promote different body shapes and saying they’re okayConventions – body weight & celebrities(celeb gossip) Plugs – trying to draw the attention without giving away to much of the story – have to buy the magazine to read itColours and pictures are trying to help get the attention of woman who are the target audience of heat magazine
  • Different sections to target the audience that the magazine is aimed at. Easy, readable and accessableLarge date at the top so you know which issue it is and when the next one is published. Pictures to go with the main stories to catch your eye, and tells you which page its on so that you can get to it quicklyPlugs – short phrases about the story, but dont tell you what they are actually about.
  • Informal, not to anyone or from anyone.
  • There are four main cover stories, all about celebrities and their relationships. Also about the body types.
  • First Page – Words bleeding over pictures,Story goes over 2 pages in the magazine, the most important story of the week?
  • Audiences and institutions

    3. 3. ABOUT ‘HEAT’ MAGAZINE Editor: Lucie Cave Categories: Entertainment Frequency: Weekly Publisher: Bauer Media Group First Issue: February 1999 Country: United Kingdom Language: British English Website: www.heatworld.comHeat magazine is aimed at woman.
    4. 4. OWNERSHIP
    5. 5. OWNERSHIP – WHO PUBLISHES THE MAGAZINE? Other Titles they publish:Who Publishes the Magazine?A German company calledBauer Media Group publishes„Heat‟ magazine weekly as ofFebruary 1999.
    6. 6. ABOUT BAUER MEDIA•Europe‟s largest privately ownedpublishing Group. •Sister company of H Bauer Publishing, publisher of the UKs biggest TV listings, Take a Break and Bella.
    7. 7. WHAT SECTORS OF THE MAGAZINE INDUSTRY DO THEY DOMINATE? They have the OutdoorFirst Magazine Published most Motoring magazines in Motorcycling these categories: Angling Womens
    8. 8. BAUER MEDIA COMPANY IS PRIVATELY OWNED, NO PARENT COMPANY•Bauer Media is privately owned.•Expanded horizontally and joined the Bauer Media Groupin January 2008•Two main divisions – Magazines and Radio
    9. 9. THE MAGAZINE
    10. 10. HOW HAS THE MAGAZINE EXPANDED DIAGONALLY? •First issue in 1999, but changed and remarketed in 2000. Annual in 2007 Launched on 25th September 2007Launched on22nd May 2007 Merchandise launched in 2003
    11. 11. Logo – indicates to website: www.heatworld.comaudience how they Twitter andbrand themselves Facebook pages Different pages to Can be a member navigate to Treats for the subscribers Latest news stories Advert aimed at Latest news stories that are different to those in the magazine target audience
    12. 12. Advert that linksin with the targetaudience
    13. 13. Links to other pages Videos that will interest the Search Bar target audience Different news stories & things that may interest people
    14. 14. HOW DOES THE MAGAZINE MAKE USE OF NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES AND SOCIAL MEDIA? Stories that are breaking news, Updated Daily. Twitter page, live updates withBehind the scene televisionvideo updates of: programmes•Interviews (such as big•Photoshoots brother)
    15. 15. Holds all the recent updates and news stories.Photos, videos and„check usout‟ – tryingto get you Sponsored links that the targetto subscribe audience might be interested in
    16. 16. Advert targeting woman audienceNews storiesthat you mightbe interested in.Live updateswhilst TVprogrammesare running Celebrity gossip people might be interested in
    17. 17. Tells you whatInterviews videos will beand updates about. Updated daily.
    18. 18. HOW DOES THE MAGAZINE PROMOTE THE OTHER ASPECTS OF ITS BUSINESS WITHIN ITS PAGES? Other magazines that Bauer owns Promoting the radio station in different sections ofGetting people to the magazinevisit the website
    19. 19. HAS THE MAGAZINE CREATED A BRAND FOR ITSELF?Promotes lifestyle and image. the exercise DVD promotes the “Heat” style body, Through radio there is a Heat “style” of music Website means reading Heat can become a daily event with instant access.
    21. 21. FRONT COVER Plugs Masthead ConventionsCover Line Bleeding
    22. 22. CONTENTS PAGE IssueDifferentsections totarget Main Storiesaudiences with pictures. Plugs
    23. 23. EDITORS LETTERThere is no editors letter within „Heat‟ magazine. This isbecause its for the working class and it is more general.
    24. 24. FEATURE PAGES
    25. 25. FEATURE ONE
    26. 26. FEATURE TWO
    27. 27. FEATURE THREE
    28. 28. FEATURE FOUR
    29. 29. FEATURE FIVE