Advanced Portfolio Evaluation


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Advanced Portfolio Evaluation

  1. 1. Through my research at the beginning of the project, I found out the key codes and conventions. These include aspects such asthe companies logo and slogan. As well as this I also realised that adverts are typically 20-30 seconds long.To start my research, I researched into a wide variety of adverts and sponsorship sequences. By doing this, it enabled me to selectthe key codes and conventions therefore allowing for me to distinguish these. When thinking back to my research one of the keyconventions in which I spotted was that each advert had a narrative. When analysing the adverts, I was quickly able to pick outthe theme in which I wanted to base my advert around. However shortly after, I realised that this was too challenging and my ideaswere far to adventurous for them to work. This is when I came to the decision to change my advert to a smoothie. I choose thistype of product as when I analysed some existing adverts out there on the market, this was my second favourite and also I thoughtthat this would also give me a challenge.My five media texts do not follow the typical conventions of advertisements for smoothies. I decided not to show any packaging toportray the narrative of these being something that can be made at home. This has therefore challenged and developed theconventions. This is something which is not usually seen within soft drink adverts, but I felt that my adverts would work better byjust displaying the product rather than the packaging.Through my research, I also found that most of the adverts were quite slow paced and therefore it allowed for the target audienceto understand the purpose of the product. However, again this was a convention in which I have challenged. As I have createdstop motion sequences, my adverts are quite fast paced and therefore I also had to choose quite a fast pace piece of music tomatch this. Similarly with my radio advert, I have keep to using the same music to keep consistency throughout making sure thatmy product is noticeable and recognisable. When looking back on my radio advert, I believe that the instrumental music ties in wellwith the pace of the voiceover and therefore suits the narrative of the advert well.Throughout my research, I noticed that one ofthe key conventions within adverts was thevariety between shots. However, I also noticedthat when a food/drink product was beingadvertised the main focus was on the productand therefore the advert consisted of manyclose ups. For example in the Tropicana advertfruit is constantly shown. This clearly portraysand emphasises on the contents of the drinkjust by repeatedly showing the fruit. Within my Tropicana ‘Orange Growers’adverts, I decided to take on this typical See (0:11)convention as I believe that it is a conventionwhich works and suits the purpose of theproduct being advertised well. See (0:12) – Advert 2
  2. 2. However one convention which I wanted to challenge was the use of a voiceover. When looking at many existingadverts, you tend to find that within food/drink adverts there is always the protagonist on screen talking. Although withinmy adverts as I have created a stop motion sequence, I decided to include a voiceover. The voiceover allows for me toget the main purpose of my advert across to my target audience. Not only this, but I also believe that by challenging oneof the main conventions it has allowed for my adverts to take a slightly different approach to many other existing advertstherefore making them unique. From my research into adverts, I noticed that most end with their product as the end shot if a drink is beingadvertised. However I wanted to challenge this convention and just have my logo at the end of each one of myadverts. I also decided to create animated titles. One reason why I wanted to challenge and develop this conventionwas because, the product was being shown all throughout the advert and therefore I felt that it was important toremind the target audience of the name of the product. Innocent Advert See (0:25 -0:30) See (0:24)(Advert 1)Having said this, within my second sponsorship sequence, I have created a freeze fame of the protagonist holdingthe product within her hand as the end shot. Although this sequence has not ended with the animated titles it stilldoes challenge the conventions of existing ads as usually the products packaging is shown. Within the secondsponsorship I decided to change the ending to add some variation to my ads. I believe that this has workedsuccessfully and therefore a slight variation has added more narrative to my adverts.Throughout the whole of my five media texts I have used the same music throughoutallowing for consistency but also for my adverts and product to be recognisable.When carrying out my research, I realised that most adverts tend to match the music Click here to listen towith the narrative and also pace of their adverts. As I have created stop motionsequences, I decided to use a fast and upbeat piece of music to further tie in with the the music usedpace of the editing. The track in which I used was called ‘Matter of Fact’ and was aroyalty free piece of music. I was originally going to use a piece of music from anunsigned artist, however I later decided against this as I felt that my adverts portrayedthe correct message across to the target audience and therefore the music should bethere to create a positive and happy atmosphere.
  3. 3. Moreover, a convention in which I wanted to develop was the use of close ups. Close ups help for the audience to engagewith the emotion of the advert. Within my second advert and also sponsorship sequence , I decided to use a close up shot toshow the facial expression of the protagonist within my advert. I believe that from using this shot it has enabled the targetaudience to see the reaction of the protagonist therefore changing their views on the product. Moreover a close up shotallows for facial expressions to be seen therefore within my advert I am hoping that this will connote an exciting and happyatmosphere.In terms of my sponsorship sequences, I have kept with the typical conventions of the adverts where the sponsors logoappears on screen. I decided to keep and develop this convention as I felt that this convention was essential in order toproduce high quality sequences. When carrying out my research, I found that most sponsorship sequences tend to focusmore on the branding of the product and also the relationship between the sponsor itself rather than the narrative. Whenreferring back to my sponsorship sequences, I believe that I have challenged this convention as I have focused more ongetting a strong message about my product across rather than advertising the sponsor itself.Additionally, I also choose to keep the sponsorship very broad and decided not to include it within my ads. This issomething which is not seen very often as you tend to find that the sponsorship is related to the programme itself. For myads, I decided to sponsor ‘daytime on ITV’ and therefore gave myself a wider target audience as I was not focusing onone specific group of people.When relating back to my research, I found that one of the most important conventions of any ad but especiallysponsorship sequences is that the branding of the ad is an essential part as this is what conveys and connotes themessage to the target audience. In terms of the branding, the companies logo, slogan and also main colour schemeshould always be included within the sequence.
  4. 4. Examples of Sponsorship Sequences To the left are examples of two sponsorship Iconic sequences which I analysed during my Character- research. As you can see, a powerful brand Ambassador image has been portrayed through the use of colour and also reference to the company. When looking at the Paralympics sponsorship sequence, I believe this connotes a powerful message. The use of an iconic figure from the games helps to connote a sense of power and also achievement. Moreover the companies Associations logo and also the sponsors logo has been main colour included.Sponsors Logo Associations logo (Paralympics) scheme This is in comparison the next sequence in which I analysed. This sponsorship sequence Sponsorships has again used the company and also Company Logo/ Sponsorship product sponsors logo but has also kept in with the narrative of the programme. The use of the wine bottle further connotes the sponsors company but it also helps to establish the programme further.Programme From looking at these sponsorship sequencesName it is clear that branding plays a huge part in creating a successful sequence. Within my sponsorship sequences, I have tried to include as much branding as possible to ensure that my product is recognised. Person/ host symbolising the end of the programme- connotes the programme itself due to it being a dinner party.
  5. 5. When looking at the examples of existing sponsorship sequences, they all tend to have their company logo on screen aswell as a main image and also the sponsors logo. When relating back to my two sponsorship sequences, I havechallenged this convention in one text but also developed it in the other.In my first sponsorship sequence, I have created animated titles with a white backdrop. This allowed for the name of myproduct to appear ‘Juicy Fruities’ and then for the sponsors logo to appear which is ‘ITV’. However when looking atprevious sponsorship sequences, I found that most tend to include some text saying who the programme sponsors forexample ‘sponsors by’. This is in juxtaposition as within my sponsorship sequences, I have decided to include this withinthe voiceover. I came to this decision as I wanted my ads to be as spacious as possible. By this I mean that I didn’t wantto include a lot of information as this would have made it hard for the target audience to read. I wanted to createsomething which was simple yet effective. Sponsorship 1 (See 00:10) Sponsorship 2 (See 00:05)However when looking at my second sponsorship sequence, I decided to change the end titles. Within the second advertand sponsorship I included a protagonist to add to the narrative of my adverts. When it came to deciding on my end titlesI decided to vary this and have a freeze frame at the end with the titles appearing by fading into the top right hand cornerof the screen. I believe that this worked well and also allowed for their to be a variation between my ads. When linkingthis back to existing ads, this challenges the convention. Again with this ad, I decided to have the voiceover mention thesponsor and just have the logo appear on screen. When reflecting on this, I believe that this works extremely well as thetarget audience are able to clearly see a visual on screen as well as listen to the audio at the same time.
  6. 6. So that all five of my media texts could be seen as a combination advertising one product, I realised that synergy was animportant aspect and something that I had to take into consideration. I first realised this during the researching stages whereit became recognisable that existing adverts all had synergy between them therefore making sure that there adverts wererecognisable.One of the main ways in which I have created synergy throughout all of my adverts was with the choice of music. I choice aninstrumental piece of music which I thought would add to the atmosphere already being connoted on screen. By using thesame piece of music, this should become a recognisable element within the ads and therefore the viewers should be able torelate this symbolic element to the brand itself ‘Juicy Fruities’.Another aspect in which has helped to create synergy is the logo. Throughout all of my adverts, the logo is a constant featurewhich I believe was important to include. Not only has it been included in each text, but I have also used a consistent colourscheme throughout making sure that this logo becomes a recognisable and iconic symbol relating to this product.Additionally, the voiceover is an extremely essential aspect of any advertto ensure that the right message is received by the viewers. Whenresearching into radio adverts, one of the key conventions is that a clearvoice is needed and also the use of language has to be specific andrelated to the product. Another key feature in which I noticed was thatsound effects help to add to the atmosphere, making the radio advertmuch more interesting to listen to. When saying that the voiceover is anextremely important aspect, I choose to use the same voiceoverthroughout both adverts. Moreover I also used the same voiceover for thesponsorship sequences. In terms of the radio advert, I adjusted thevoiceover slightly due to their being no visuals as I needed to make surethat a narrative and also the purpose of the product was portrayed. Bydoing this, I believe it has allowed for synergy throughout all of my fivemedia texts. More importantly, it has made the radio advert recognisableas the protagonists voiceover should be recognisable from the TV adverts Click here to listen to myto my ancillary text. Within my radio advert, I choose not to include anysound effects as I wanted this advert to be advertised through the use of Radio Advertselective language. For example within the voiceover of both my TVadverts and also my radio advert, the viewers are addressed personally.‘Made with 100% real fruit, there’s bound to be one that you will love’.Just from looking at this exact from the script, it clearly connotes how thisshould engage with the target audience directly making them moreinterested in the product.
  7. 7. I also wanted to make sure that each text was aesthetically pleasing to view but also similar to each other. This is where I had to think extremely carefully about the mise en scene of my adverts. To start off with, for my first advert, I didn’t take this into consideration. However after I had constructed my second advert, it became noticeable that both of my adverts did not look like they were advertising the same product. When noticing this, I decided to base all of my adverts within a kitchen to enhance the cohesive advertising campaign. Before changing the setting for my advert, this was what my first advert looked like. When reflecting on this, I can see how much of a difference the setting has made and also how it has added to the overall narrative. When comparing both of my adverts from the first cuts to the final cuts, I can say that the mise en scene is massively important in ensuring that the viewers see this as a cohesive advertising campaign.This is my final version of advert one. Just from looking atthis shot it clearly portrays the main purpose of my product.More importantly, the mise en scene has made the advertseem much more inviting for the viewers to watch. To makesure that there is a direct link between all of my ads, I haveused the same setting throughout as well as using the sameprotagonist throughout. By doing this, I believe that theviewers will recognise the link between my adverts andtherefore recognise the product being advertised.
  8. 8. Advert 1 and Sponsorship 1 Advert 1 See (0:13) Sponsorship 1 See (0:02) Within the two screen shots above, it is clear that the same props have been used throughout these two adverts. Similarly it is also clear that the same setting has been used therefore adding to the mise en scene. Within the first advert, I used the same props as within the first sponsorship sequence but instead I used different camera angles to show the product from different points of views. Advert 1 See (0:15) Sponsorship 1 See (0:02)Again, within these screen shots, I have used the same setting adding to the mise en scene and have also used the sameprops. This again ties in with advert two were these props are seen again therefore connoting a connection between allfour of these adverts.
  9. 9. Advert 2 and Sponsorship 2 Advert 2 See (0:11) Sponsorship 2 See (0:01)Again here, I also used the same props in terms of the glasses with the smoothie in and also the smoothie maker. This isrelated to advert one where these props were originally used. From using the same props it has differently created a stronglink between all of my media texts therefore making them recognisable as an advertising campaign. Advert 2 See (0:16) Sponsorship 2 See (0:04)As you can see I have used the same protagonist throughout my adverts. I decided to do this to ensure that my adverts arerecognised as a cohesive advertising campaign. Moreover, I also believe that by using the same protagonist it helps for theaudience to engage with the adverts even further as they should over timer recognise the actor within the adverts.
  10. 10. Radio Advert Likewise with the Radio Advert, there are many links back to the four TV adverts. As the radio advert solely relies on the scripting and language used, I needed to make sure that all voiceovers were fairly similar. As you can tell from the script below I can tried to keep the voiceovers fairly similar to each other to ensure that there is a consistent theme and also narrative throughout. Radio Advert Advert 1 and 2‘Do you want a healthier, ‘Theres bound to be ‘Juicy Fruities- ‘Theres bound tofruiter drink- Then try a flavour that you Made with 100% be one that youJuicy Fruities- Made with will love’ real fruit’ will love’100% real fruit’ When listening to the radio advert, I am hoping that the viewers will be able to link back to the adverts and remember the shots which were shown. Above is the start to both of the voiceovers. As you can see within the two screen shots to the left that firstly the fruit it shown portraying that its made with 100% Advert 1 See (0:04-0:10) Advert 2 See (0:04-0:10) real fruit and secondly the three flavours connoting that theres ‘bound to beThroughout the voiceovers, I have kept to a consistent narrative throughout. The voiceover one that you will love’.matches the action which is happening on screen and therefore clearly connotes the purposeof the product. In terms of the radio advert, as there are no visuals to view the language wasextremely important throughout this. As mentioned before, I am hoping that the target audiencewill relate back to the adverts and therefore realise the connection between all five of myadverts.
  11. 11. In order to receive audience feedback, I first created a questionnaire using Google Docs. Google Docs allowedfor me to create a questionnaire which I would then be able send the URL link to my audience in order toreceive both constructive but also useful feedback.When I first created this questionnaire, I decided to publish it on social networking sites such as Facebook andTwitter. By publishing it on these sites it would allowed for a very niche target audience to view and thencomment on my five media texts. However upon reflecting on this, I then realised that I was actually narrowingdown the feedback in which I was going to receive. By publishing my questionnaire on Facebook, it was limitingme as the people commenting would be biased and therefore would not give a truthful opinion. However, withthe social networking site of Twitter, there was a wider target audience and therefore I was more likely to getconstructive feedback due to this being a open community where anyone on Twitter could click on the URL linkand comment on my five media texts. Upon realising this, I realised that maybe Facebook was not the best wayto receive feedback so I decided to act upon this. I sent numerous emails to a more varied target audienceallowing for me to widen the amount of audience feedback in which I would receive.Within the questionnaire, the questions in which I decided to include were firstly related to the product butsecondly were related to what I hoped to achieve when creating these five media texts. One of my main aimswas to create five media texts which could be seen as a cohesive advertising campaign. To ask these questionsI used a variety of feedback methods such as tick boxes and then paragraph boxes in order to get a morevaried and wider response from my target audience.
  12. 12. One of the most important questions in my opinion was the first question which asked my audience ‘After watching my fivemedia texts, what score out of 5 would you rate them? I felt that this was the most important question as it would allow for afair and honest opinion to be constructed as the audience would have just watched the texts and therefore they would beable to give a truthful opinion.When looking at the feedback in which I received, 51% of the viewers said that they enjoyed the adverts and only 5% ofthe viewers said that they were of a good standard. This feedback is very positive. However there were also 23% of theviewers who said that the media texts were of an excellent standard. This therefore connotes to me that the majority of myviewers enjoyed my adverts and also thought that they advertised the ‘brand new drink’ successfully. Although having said this, there were 21% of my target audience who did not like the media texts. When reflecting on this,I believe that maybe these viewers were not interested in this type of product and therefore did not enjoy the advert.Additionally, another reason could be because, I used stop motion. This is something which isn’t commonly seen withinmany adverts and therefore this is something which the viewers might not have been used to or seen within recently withinexisting adverts.
  13. 13. Within my five media texts, do you think that the logo and slogan were effective and memorable?After seeing the percentage of viewers who enjoyed my adverts, I felt that it was important to see what they thoughtabout the logo and slogan. When carrying out my research, I found that for a product to be memorable the logo andslogan needs to be catchy and also related to the product.I asked my viewers whether they thought the logo and slogan were effective and memorable. When looking at theresponse in which I received, 98% of the viewers said they thought it was memorable and only 2% replied saying ‘no’.This clearly portrays how within my adverts, my logo and slogan were effective and memorable. By 98% of my viewersagreeing to this, it reassures me that the logo and slogan for my product suits its purpose and also grab the audiencesattention. I decided that I needed to have some constructive feedback and therefore I decided to add a second section to this question. Here I asked the viewers to comment on why they did not like the logo and slogan. As only one of the viewers answered ‘no’ to this question, it suggests to me that it’s a matter of personal opinion and what a certain viewer is used to seeing. I found this feedback very useful as it allowed for me to consider that maybe the older generation found the logo too bright and colourful. However as 98% of my viewers agreed that the logo and slogan were effective and memorable, it therefore connotes to me that the majority of the viewers would be able to recognise and remember this product.
  14. 14. Do you feel the adverts advertise the ‘brand new drink’ successfully? The main purpose of my five media texts was to advertise the brand new drink successfully. I felt that this an important question to ask the viewers as I needed to make sure the adverts were successful. When looking at the results, 86% of target audience said they thought the adverts were successful. Although there were 14% of the audience who said they did not feel that the product was advertised successfully. However when reflecting on this, this again does depend upon the type of audience in which answered my questionnaire and also where I advertised this. The main places were social networking sites and therefore this information could be a bit biased. Moreover as I used stop motion, this is something which not all of my audience might have liked and therefore this could have changed their opinion on the media texts.I also then asked my audience their opinion on why they thought the product was advertised successfully. When looking at the feedback received, I am extremely happy with what “The music fitted perfectly” the viewers thought about my adverts. This is how I wanted the viewers to interpret my adverts as it clearly connoted the brand new drink “ The voiceover was clear and relevant” successfully. Furthermore this also portrays to me that the audience understood the message of the adverts. One of the most important “Nice and simple- you kept focusing aspects of my five media texts was the voice over which was one that I on the brand which advertised the wanted to give a clear message to my target audience. From looking at this feedback the audience said the voiceover was ‘clear and relevant’ product very well” and other feedback mentioned that the voiceover ‘helped to understand the purpose of the advert’, and also that it was ‘extremely clear and easy “By showing show the drink was to listen along too especially within the radio advert’. made it clearly showed the healthy By the audience commenting on the voiceover within the radio advert benefits to the product” being a success, I am extremely happy with this feedback as the radio advert relies on this aspect and therefore this has to be extremely strong.
  15. 15. The music within my five media texts, was an imperative aspect in order to create a positive atmosphere. The music inwhich I used was very upbeat and therefore I was hoping that my audience would enjoy this. From the feedback in which Ireceived it was very positive with 95% of the audience agreeing that the music created a positive atmosphere. There wereonly 5% of the audience who did not agree with this. However as the majority of my viewers did, I can say that the music inwhich I choose did create a positive atmosphere and therefore added to the atmosphere of the adverts. One of the last questions in which I asked was whether or not my five media texts worked well together as a cohesive advertising campaign. When looking at the results 67% of my audience said ‘yes’ and 33% said ‘fairly’. These results were positive with none of the viewers answering lower than fairly. This therefore portrays to me that all five of my media texts worked well together. Moreover this also connotes to me that no one thought my adverts were uninteresting or boring to watch. This feedback was very useful as it has allowed for me to analyse and evaluate all five of my media texts as an cohesive advertising campaign.
  16. 16. I lastly asked my audience to leave any additional comments relating to why they enjoyed the adverts and also howthe five media texts could be improved. “I enjoyed the use of “I pace of the editing “The adverts were all “The purpose of the stop motion within could be a little bit linked and I could advert/product was the adverts as it gave faster within advert clearly see the sometimes unclear- the advert a different one as advert two was connection between although the voiceover take and narrative.” a little faster.” all five of them.” helped to reinforce this” Advert 1 Advert 2 TV SponsorshipsThe feedback in which I have listed above is the most common information inwhich I received. One of the comments mentioned that the purpose the productwas sometimes a little unclear, however the voiceover reinforced this. Whenthinking about TV adverts, as they are only on screen for a maximum of 30seconds it can be quite challenging to fully incorporate as much information aspossible. Within my adverts, the main way in which I decided to portray thepurpose was through the voiceover, as I felt that this would allow for the audienceto see the visual on screen as well as listen to the audio allowing for the purpose ofthe product to be portrayed. However I can understand how the purpose of theproduct might not have been clear to some members of my target audience forexample if the product should be homemade or if its brought within shops. Animprovement which could be made to my adverts in the future would be to alter thevoiceover in order to connote this. However some members of the audiencethought that the product was advertised clearly and effectively.
  17. 17. From the very beginning of the project, I have used many different media technologies to help me to create my five mediatexts.When looking back on the media technologies in which I used, I believe I used a wide variety allowing for me to explore intodifferent pieces of software. From using several different websites and also software packages, I believe it has enabled meto broaden my skills but also develop new skills.The planning and researching stage was an important part of the process for me as it allowed for me to get an in-depthknowledge of advertising and also the key codes and conventions commonly used within adverts. Additionally, it alsoallowed for me to look at existing TV campaigns to see how to create a successful advert. Moreover it also allowed for me toexplore the possibility of using stop motion. During this stage of the process, I was also able to explore the ancillary text inwhich I wanted to create. This was either a web pop up or a radio advert. To help me explore these I used search enginessuch as Google which gave me wide range of results.In addition to this, I also used Google Docs to allow for me to create asurvey on what my adverts should be based upon. I found this onlinedatabase extremely easy to use but also very valuable during this stage ofthe process. Without creating the survey I would not have been able to seethe views and opinions of what my target audience would like to see myadvert based upon. From the results of the survey this is what I based thewhole of the planning process around from the initial ideas to thestoryboarding. Even though my idea changed during the storyboardingprocess, this survey still influenced the decisions in which I made about thelogo and slogan for my overall end product.For my audience feedback survey to reach a wide target audience, I used socialnetworking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. By sharing my advert survey onthese networks, it allowed for me to see the views and opinions of many peoplefrom a wide range of backgrounds giving me a varied amount of results.
  18. 18. Throughout the whole of the project, I used a blogging site called blogger. This blogging website allowed for me topost all of my ideas throughout the whole of the process. Moreover ,importantly it also allowed for me to keeptrack on my progress. This media technology was something which I was familiar with as I had used it previouslyduring my AS coursework. This therefore meant that I could use this software to help develop and expand mymedia knowledge. During the planning and researching stages, my blog became extremely important. It was a valuable resource toallow for me to keep track on my progress and also the stage in which I was at. For example I would blog all ofthe adverts in which I had analysed allowing for me to look back on these in order to help me create a successfulmedia text. When it came to planning my five media texts, I found that my blog allowed for me to write down all ofmy ideas and reflect upon these. Not only this but it also allowed for me to share my ideas with other peopleallowing for us all to get a greater understanding. Additionally it also allowed for me to explore previous studentsblogs for guidance.During the construction stages, again became a vital resource for me to keep track on the progressin which I was making. Alternatively it also allowed for me to reflect upon my weaknesses allowing for me toimprove upon these.
  19. 19. Another new media technology in which I usedthroughout the whole of the process was YouTube.Throughout the researching stages, this resourcebecame a vital source for me. It allowed for meexplore into existing media texts which enabledme to analyse these in depth allowing for me tobroaden my knowledge and have a greaterunderstanding.Moreover, I also used YouTube during theimplantation stage. YouTube allowed for me toresearch into techniques allowing for me to widenmy skill range. After using YouTube throughoutthe process, I believe that it proved to be a vitalresource.As well as using YouTube, I also used Vimeo.Vimeo is similar to YouTube where people canupload there videos. Similarly I could also uploadthese onto my blog allowing for me to analysethem. However I found that Vimeo provided mewith a wider variety of stop motion sequences andalso adverts to explore through, compared toYouTube which is used more widely to broadcast awhole variety of videos.After using both YouTube and Vimeo throughout the stages of creating my five media texts, I believe it hashelped me to explore existing multimedia out there on the market and how I could use the ideas as inspirationfor creating my media texts. When reflecting on using these two media technologies, I believe they haveallowed for me to develop my knowledge and also allow for me to see what media is already out there on themarket allowing for me to create unique and engaging adverts.
  20. 20. Sound Cloud is a royalty free website whichallows for users to explore through a range ofmusic. I used this media technology in order toexplore a wide range of content on the internet.By doing this, I could then compare the content Ifound on this website to another such asYouTube. When using this software during the planningstages, I found it to be very useful. Not only did itallow for me to search for existing music, but italso allowed for me to upload some tracks whichI had found from other websites. By using thiswebsite, I found it allowed for me to upload asmuch audio as needed which enabled me toembed it onto my blog.On some occasions I found this website to be ofmore use than YouTube. When using YouTubethere is a lot of unnecessary content andtherefore it can become hard to find exactly whatyou are looking for. However when I used SoundCloud to search for music tracks it was a quickand simple process.
  21. 21. When constructing my five media texts, I used the software ofAdobe Premiere Pro CS6 and also Adobe Photoshop CS6. Thissoftware was the most up to date version which therefore allowedfor me to explore all of the features. For the creation of my logoand slogan, I used Adobe Photoshop CS6. I decided to use thispiece of software as firstly it’s a professional piece of softwareused within the industry but secondly because I had used thissoftware before which therefore allowed for me to already havean understanding of basics.When creating my logo, I tried out many designs in order formyself to be able to experiment with different features available tome. I found that when experimenting with the different features itenabled me to target my target audience even further through theuse of colours and also effects. Moreover, I also had to considerthe branding of the product to ensure that this related back to theproduct being advertised. Overall I believe that by using thesoftware of Photoshop it allowed for me to create a professional,stylish and also unique logo which was specifically aimed at mytarget audience but also my product. Final Logo and Slogan
  22. 22. When creating my five media texts, I used Premiere Pro. I decided to use this software as I felt that it would allow forme to piece and edit together all of my shots into one sequence in a much more effective way.Within premiere, I also created my end titles for both my adverts and also my two sponsorship sequences. I decided tocreate my end titles within this software as it allowed for me to animate these enabling me to add effects to them. Forexample the main purpose of my titles was to show the letters of the logo falling into place. This was done by adjustingthe position and then moving the title into the correct place. This therefore created a falling effect. On the other hand Icould of used Adobe Flash to create these titles. However I felt that it would be much more efficient if I created thesewithin Premiere as this was the software I had used to edit my adverts.Before being able to create these animated titles I first had to create my logo within Adobe Photoshop. To create thelogo, I had to save each letter as a separate PNG image allowing for these to be imported in premiere pro and editedone at a time.I also used this software to create my radio advert. This was the easiest piece of software to use as it allowed for meedit together the audio and the soundtrack to ensure that it flowed correctly. Moreover I could also add in any soundeffects if I wanted to use these without any hassle. From using this software, I believe I have been able to create fivevery successful media texts which suit their purpose accurately.
  23. 23. To enable my voiceover for my adverts to be of a high quality I used a Roland MP3 Recorder. By using this recorder it allowedfor the device to be positioned quite close to the person who was speaking( the protagonist). This allowed for a clear and alsoprecise recording to take place. Moreover when using this device, I was also able to adjust the volume accordingly. For examplewhen recording many voiceovers were recorded to ensure that the sound for each recording was perfect. This was extremelyimportant especially for my radio advert. Due to the fact that the voice is the only aspect heard on a radio the voiceover needs tobe able to be clearly understood in order for the viewers to understand what is being said. I believe that by using this MP3recorder it enabled my voiceovers to be clear, precise and also accurate.Moreover, I also used a Lighting Rig. This equipment allowed for me to get the lighting accurate so that each one of my shotswere the same allowing for consistency. However when it came to deciding on the correct narrative for my adverts, I decidedagainst using these images as I wanted there to be more narrative within my adverts.Another media technology in which I used throughout this stage of the process was an SLR camera. This type of camera wasnecessary as it gave me complete control over how I wanted the photos to look. More importantly as my adverts were purelybased on stop motion it meant that these photos had to be accurate and also consistent. This is in contrast to if I was to use astandard digital camera, I wouldn’t have had control over the photos and also the settings nor would the image quality be asgood. With a digital camera, the camera would have adjusted the settings accordingly which would not have gave me aconsistent setting due to when taking reshoots the camera might not have gave me the same setting as the first timetherefore meaning that all of the photos would be different. However when using the SLR camera, I was able to determine theadjustment of the setting in terms of lighting and also the setting used. When taking the images, I tried using many settingson the camera. Although, after using the camera and looking back on the photos, I found that using the automatics settingworked the best.Having said that the SLR camera gave me more control and freedom over my shots, this is a technology which I struggledwith. Due to the fact that it gave me complete control, this was a weakness of mine. I investigated with also using thecontinuous shot mode which allowed for me to get several shots of one motion. However when I reflected on these images,some of them were out of focus and this was not noticed until importing these into Premiere. Although now, when reflectingon this, by this being one of my weaknesses, I believe that it has enabled me to learn more about the media technology. Thereason why some of the images came out blurry was because the images were being taken to quickly for the camera to focusand also the when objects were moving to quickly. When it came to shooting my second advert and also sponsorshipsequence, I was unable to use the same camera. I still used an SLR but instead this time it was a Nikon instead of a Sony.When reflecting on the images, it is clear that there was a huge difference in terms the quality of the images. This thereforehas meant that throughout my adverts there is a slight difference within the quality. Moreover, I also used the continuous shotin order to experiment with getting enough shots in order to create a effective stop motion sequence. When reflecting onthese images, they came out much better and none of them were blurry. This therefore portrays how I was able to progressthroughout the process.
  24. 24. Even after completing the creation of my five media texts, media technology still played a vital role within theprocess of my evaluation. After creating my five media products, I uploaded these onto YouTube and then ontomy blog. Moreover, I also posted these onto my Facebook and Twitter page and sent links to friends and familythrough email. By doing this it enabled a wider variety of people to view my product therefore hopefullyproviding me with constructive feedback enabling me to see how well my adverts have been received by thepublic.FacebookTwitter
  25. 25. As well as using social networking sites, I also used Google Docs. This online tool allowed for me to createan easy and unique questionnaire which was specifically targeted towards my five media texts. As I hadused this tool before, I was confident with how to present my questionnaire in order to make it a quick yeteffective source of feedback.An advantage of using this tool is that as it was based online, it became a lot easier for people to fill out.Moreover this also enabled it to be emailed and also posted on social networking sites such as Facebookand Twitter in order for as many people as possible to give feedback. By doing this, it allowed for feedbackto be received much quicker had this questionnaire been done by hand. Moreover it also enabled peoplethe opportunity to watch the my five media texts whilst filling out the questionnaire making sure that theyfully understood the product and adverts before giving feedback. Another advantage is that after receivingthe feedback, I could the produce charts and graphs quickly and effectively, which enabled me to analyseand review the feedback in which I received.When reflecting upon the questionnaire in which I constructed, I believe all of the questions I included wererelevant to my product but also allowed for me to see whether or not my product came across to the publicin the way I intended for it do to so. Additionally, I also believe that creating the questionnaire online was themost realistic and also relevant way to receive feedback.