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Jordin sparks feat chris brown   no air
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Jordin sparks feat chris brown no air


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  • 1. Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown - No Air
  • 2. Genre
    The genre is a mix of Pop, RnB and Soul music, it has a sweeping mid tempo jam that is also accompanied by a soft and deep vocal from Jordin Sparks which enables this song to link into the soul genre
    Moreover, the chorus is repeated throughout the song to hook the audience, “no air, no air,” this shows how one partner cannot survive without the other.
    Near the end of the music video the beats begin to fade out and the piano is the only instrument being played. This is the where the song reaches its climax and Jordin’s vocals go from high pitched to a soft and mellow tone which reflects on the resolved conflicts in the video; of one partner being without the other.
  • 3. Lyrics
    ChorusTell Me How I’m supposed to breathe with no airCan’t live can’t breathe with no airthats how i feel whenever you ain’t thereIts No Air No AirGot me out here and the water so deepTell me how you gonna be without meif you ain’t here i just can’t breatheIt’s No Air No Air
    No air airohhhhNo air airnooooNo air airohhhhNo air air
    Chris BrownI WalkedI RanI JumpedI FlewRight off the groundTo float to youTheres no gravityTo hold me downForeal
  • 4. Lyrics Continued
    The typical ‘narrative’ style music videos usually contain themes of two partners desiring to be with each other; commonly used in RnB and Pop music videos.
    In this case, both the male and female want to be with each other. When they are without each other, they have “no air,” which is a metaphor used to show how they depend on each others love.
    “ There's no gravity, to hold me down,” Chris Brown, clearly expresses how there is nothing to hold him down or prevent him from loving.
  • 5. Mise en scene - Screenshots
  • 6. Costume./setting
    The costumes of the artists in the music video clearly shows themes of RnB and maybe the hip-hop genre.
    Jordin's costume consists of a red coat, casual tops, hair bands and cardigans. In the same way, Chris Brown wears casual clothing, for example the dark jeans, red hooded tops, Michael Jordan trainers and similar to Jordin the long coats.
    The costume clearly represents the cold climate of New York (setting of music video). The setting of New York is evident through the scenes where we see the sign “One West, 37th Street,” which is clearly a street in the famous area of Manhattan, New York. Being to New York myself, Ihave experienced the harsh climates of New York; hot summers and very cold winters.
  • 7. Lighting
    By watching the making of the music video I noticed that they used professional lighting and used professional screens to act as backgrounds for the video.
    Also, there is use of natural/outdoor
    lighting when Chris Brown is walking
    through a street in New York.
    Throughout the music video there isn't much vibrancy and everything seems to be in a slight shadow/darkness. For example, they use night scenes of Jordin near the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ which is an iconic tourist sight in New York.
  • 8. Camera
    There is use of medium shots on Jordin near the bridge, where she is wearing a red coat. This shot reflects on how she cannot live without Brown and she is suffering without his presence beside her.
    Her silhouetted profile is then seen on the left in a different scenein a close up, against a blank gray background, as the song begins.
    There is use of a zoom lenses when Jordin is near the bridge and the distant lights from the cars passing on the bridge are out of focus
    which emphasises on Jordin passionately
    singing the lyrics of the song.
  • 9. Editing
    There is use of cross shots in the music video from Jordin to her cell phone. The camera cuts to the phone she is presumably calling, which has been left on a counter in a steamy room. Sparks leaves a message, asking someone (Chris Brown) to call her when he can.
    Slow motion is used in the climactic sequence where Brown confronts Sparks by her piano and the two passionately sing the final chorus to each other. This creates an elegant and passionate moment between the two lovers.
  • 10. By Hassan Yasin