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Evaluation Powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Evaluation DJ Axwell – In The Air By Hassan Yasin
    • 2. What is the relationship between the music, lyrics and video?
      • Firstly, the dance song used has a up tempo beat and the transition from one scene in the video to another moves in time with the beats; this helps grab the audiences attention by showing fast transitions with the fast and up tempo music.
      • Moreover, the video of the ‘lips’ syncs with the lyrics in the music, it was very tricky to get the timing right when editing the music video; this is an obvious link between the video and music (the moving image on screen follows the timing and words in the music).
      • To create a similar feel and mood between the music and video I applied various effects on the footage; it created the atmosphere of a club and definitely linked into the genre of the music (Dance).
      • I used specific transitions and visual effects to link into the music. “Can you feel it burning,” at this particular section of the lyrics, I used a ‘burn transition’ which shows a scene burn into the next one and also the animation footage is of a blue fire; here the symbolism of the fire links into the lyrics of the song and shows the impact and feel of the dance genre.
      • Moreover in the animation footage I used various settings, which include clubs, bars and streets in which people associated with this type of music (dance music) would usually be seen; the settings reinforces this club atmosphere and the carefree lifestyle which is also associated with the genre.
    • 3.
      • Moreover, the symbols of the hearts in the animation footage and the colors link into the lyrics. “Hear the love calling,” at this particular section there is use of both animation and video footage; the animated hearts and the lips (video) which sync to the lyrics. Moreover, hearts represent love and warmth, similarly lips represent love but they also represent touch and pleasure; showing another side and theme to the dance music and lifestyle.
      • Another scene shows the animated character on the street and setting fire to a rubbish bin (there is a sign in the background which has an image that states no fire), again the imagery links into the carefree lifestyle of dance music and going against the conventions of society; also linked with clubbing and drinking alcohol.
      • “ Can you feel it in the air,” at this section of the lyrics the music levels rise to a climax and the footage at this point is of club lights; this creates a realistic feel of actually being inside a club.
      • Then the music levels suddenly drop and it carries on with the dance music, and at this ‘sound drop’ the scene suddenly changes and we see the animated character dancing; the colors and text used “Booty Club” clearly symbolize the dance genre and also the vibrancy helps to keep the audiences attention.
    • 4. Is the concept narrative or performance?
      • In my music video there is use of narrative from the start right to the end and also it uses features of a performance video.
      • Many professional music videos combine both codes and conventions of performance and narrative videos; they use scenes that tell some sort of story along with scenes of performance, (e.g. dancing and singing).
      • Moreover, the introduction of the music video establishes the storyline of someone falling asleep, the narrative continues into the animation scenes (the character in the animation also waking up and going out to the bar). The performance scenes of the music video includes dancing and singing, (the animated character dancing and the overlay of the lips, singing along to the song).