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  • 1. Audience Feedback and Response For Music Magazine I asked 20 students each question, some were female and some were male. For each question I asked different people; sometimes there was more girls than boys and sometimes more boys than girls. I tried not asking friends as they would give a biased response.
  • 2. By Looking At My Front Cover, Would You Buy ‘Rave’ Magazine? Comments Males: “I like the swirl around the main image, it gives a positive sense about the magazine” Females: “ I like the masthead, its is bold and appealing” “ I'm not sure about the text, ‘issue 21’ you should have kept it the same as the others.
  • 3. Would You Enjoy reading My Magazine? Comments: Males: “I really like the layout” “ Don’t really like the outer glows on the images” Females: “ I think you have used a great level of journalism, I would be interested in reading the text”
  • 4. What Pages of My Magazine Do You Like Best and Why? Comments Males: “ Front cover is appealing” “ Like the use of colour” “ Like the logo on the Contents page and the layout” Females: “ Not many boys target a female audience, I really like the way you have targeted both genders”
  • 5. Do You Like My Use Of Colour? Comments Males: “ Blue and purples link into the genre and it symbolises the real themes and concepts of your magazine” Females: “ I think you could have used more colours” “ I think you have done well in editing the mastheads and I like the purple/blue gradients in them”
  • 6. Do You Think I Have Applied my Music Tribes Research Well To My Magazine? Comments Males: “ I think you have shown the genre and themes of dance well in your magazine” Females: “ You’ve used your knowledge on the dance tribe in your articles, to really make it feel and look like a real music magazine”
  • 7. Comments Males: “ It looks like it belongs in a store” “ You’ve got all the conventions of a real music magazine” Females: “ Looking back at your magazine analysis in your preliminary task, I think you’ve applied your knowledge well” Do You Think My Magazine Looks Realistic and Does It Have The Codes And Conventions Of a Real Music Magazine?
  • 8. How Can I Improve My Magazine?
    • “Firstly, I think you shouldn’t have used a bottom strip in all the pages”
    • “Maybe you could of used more colours and fonts”
    • “ I think you front cover needs another image”
    • “why don’t you have a strip on the sides of the pages?”