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Music magazine drafts for blog
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Music magazine drafts for blog


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  • 1. MUSIC MAGAZINE My First and Final drafts after teacher feedback
  • 2. This is my original Photo above and My edited photo Underneath which I Have cropped and Lightened and adapted The colour. This is my original photo Above, as you can see I Cut around the photo with A high feather and changed The lighting of the photo. I have edited the lighting on this And also added text to my picture To make my photo seem suited To a band. Still image originals
  • 3. This is my first draft of my front cover as you can see I have components of a music magazine. A mast head, large main image stretching across vertically and horizontally. I also have content indicators on my front cover. I also kept the same house style throughout with font and colours. This is my first draft and I improved it so it was the best it could be.
  • 4. This is my first draft of my contents Page, it was too simple and I didn’t Properly use the conventions of a Music magazine. My columns aren’t Clear enough so I redrafted it.
  • 5. This is my first draft of my double page spread This is my first draft, I realised that there were mistakes and improvements Could be done to make my music magazine double page spread as best as I could.
  • 6.
    • My teacher analysed my first drafts and gave me feedback on them. I edited my first drafts to make my front cover, contents page and double page spread as good as I could to reach my target grade.
  • 7. This is my final draft, it is after editing I changed a variety of things, mainly My colour choice. This is done to the Best of my ability I think and I have Included music magazine conventions.
  • 8. This is my final contents page, it is Now all lined up neatly in columns and The house style is shown throughout. With font, colour and genre.
  • 9. This is my final draft of double page spread, it is no longer jumbled.