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  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge the forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge the forms and conventions of real media products? During the creation of my media products, I studied various different cleaning products which inspired me into creating what I‘ve done. Below is one of the major adverts which inspired the creation of my own adverts:Cillit Bang- Here’s a link to the advert on youtubeVery early on in the construction of my product, I analysed a Cillit Bang video for research. The speaker, Barry Scott,influenced me to do a rather cheesy voiceover as it’s very memorable for the right reasons. The memorability aspect of thevoiceover means that key words such as the product name (Spray Glide N Glimmer) and tagline (3 actions one result) arereally stuck with the viewer which is a key attribute of an advertisement. Also the voiceover helps apply a secure feel to theadvertisement. It is known that voiceovers telling the person what to do makes the viewer feel safe and secure. It’s calledhaving a ‘Brown voice’ meaning having a warm, calm and inviting voice. Having a brown voice in your advert helps with thesecurity aspect of your advertisement which I researched in the Maslows Hierarchy of needs theory. When the viewer feelssafe, the product will look more appealing meaning that my advert becomes more effective.The close-up shot which establishes the product is a cliché within cleaning advertisements. It’s used in the Cillit bang advertto establish the product in the advertisement. With potentially 30 seconds to advertise your product it’s essential that youestablish your product really quickly. Left and right Cillit bang, centre my advertisement The action shots are an absolute normality within cleaning product adverts. Not only was it apparent in this Cillit bang advert, it was also apparent in pledge ads, flash ads and so on. Showing what the product can do is important when trying to sell it to the viewer as the viewer, if they hold an interest, is definitely going to want to know what the product does.
  4. 4. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge the forms and conventions of real media products? Music within the advertsWhen advertising a cleaning product, sound is important as it can set the mood and theme of the advertisement. I used the music as a sound bridge to link and smoothen the advertisement out and to add a more audio based dimension to the advertisement. Although the music I used does serve the purpose of setting a theme and mood, it’s still quite generic as the focus is supposed to be on the visuals. I did a post on my blog on how music is kept generic in advertising and how I’ll do the same thing and keep it generic .I got the music from http://incompetech.com/.I used two different royalty free tracks I found off the internet. One of the songs used in the radio advert and the spray glide and glimmer surface cleaner advert was used as it had a build up at the beginning of the song which fitted in well with the build up to the resolution of the problem within the advertisement. The song is called ‘happy-boy-end-theme’ and it can be heard in this link- http://incompetech.com/m/c/royaltyfree/index.html?keywords=happy+boy+end+themeI used a different piece of music for the multi-purpose spray glide and glimmer advert as I wanted to freshen things up and addsomething new to the package. The music used in thisadvertisement is quite generic but with the brand already established by the surface cleaner SGNG, I felt that there was enough product identity linking the advert that it didn’tneed the same song. The song’s called ‘sunshine’ and helps reflect the freshness of the product and theme.It can be heard through this link-http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=sunshine&Search=SearchOne more reason as to why I didn’t use the song id used intwo of the 4 adverts is because in the multi-purpose SGNG, there’s less of a build up to the problem meaning that theslow start to the song was a bit pointless as it didn’t relate oraccommodate very well with the advert.
  5. 5. Target audience What social group is represented in my advertisement?One of the problematic areas within the cleaning product institution is gender. I feel that the target audience of my product is unisex as in the TV advertisement there is a female not knowing what to do and in the radio advertisement we hear what is obviously a man frustrated and trying to clean. Female not knowing what to do. This is the link to the page of which my radio advertisements on. At the beginning of the advertisement the man screams in frustration. With my sponsorship sequence and then my multi-purpose SGAG not having any protagonist, I feel that Ive balanced out the gender problem well enough to merit it a unisex target audience. Some people could argue the point that the male voice telling the woman what to do amplifies quite an old fashioned view that the male is the dominant sex, however I feel that because I’ve got both sexes in a state of panic and frustration and both being told what to do, both sexes are seen as equals because they both find themselves in the same position. I did a post about gender and how that nowadays products aren’t particularly aimed at particular genders but instead aimed at the point that people will need these products rather than desire them. What this means is that plenty of advertising institutions go for unisex audiences nowadays as they are concentrating on the needs of their audience rather than the desire because when someone needs the product it’s a necessity and they will buy it however when something is desired, it’s bought because the customer feels like it. My advert displays this necessity for the product through the point that the protagonists need the cleaner as there’s nothing else that’s good enough to help them, pointing to the fact that the reason they’re in their dilemmas is because no other product can clean as good as SGNG. Blue and pink fonts suggest a unisex theme within the advertisement.
  6. 6. Target audience What social group is represented in my advert? The social group in this advertisement is supposed to be aimed at young adults so 25-34. The actress in my advertisement is very young however I hoped the young look of the actress would personify the inexperience and lack of knowledge of how to clean. Younger people or mature adults are not as accustomed to cleaning as those of 40+ so there’s more of a chance that they’ll not know what to do when tricky stains come up on their surfaces, which is the situation shown in my adverts. Bland grey t-shirt emphasizes the stressful nature of having to clean tough stains and surfaces. Loose checked shirt represents the untidy and informal aspect of having to clean and its widely known that nobody cleans up in smart and clean clothes.My sponsorship sequence sponsors the program ‘how clean is your house’ which I feel furtheremphasizes the target audience and reaches out to them because how clean is your house offersadvice and help to those who need which in my advertisement package the characters are heardand seen in the adverts needing help.The same goes for my radio advertisement. I did some research on the target audience for myadvertisement and I had to think of where it would be played and to what audience. I eventuallycame across LBC 97.3. This radio station was perfect as it wasn’t to specific in what it discussedon the website it mentioned features such as gadget shows, book shows and travel showsemphasizing the diverse mature of the advert and the unisex audience I’m appealing to.
  7. 7. Target audienceMy advertising package being associated with adults from around 25-34, had to include features and themes of which the target audience could relate to. I carried out an analysis of the consumer lifestyles associated with my product. Questions such as how often do you work, are you a busy person and do you find it difficult cleaning were some of the questions. What these questions helped me in doing was studying the lifestyles of the target audience I was going for therefore helping me in penetrating there thoughts thus helping me in finding out what they want. .Through this analysis I got the idea of making the product as simple as ever. With the title of the spray as I mentioned before basically telling you what to do, the simplicity shows. By knowing how often they work and whether they’re busy I got the information that these people wanted something quick and effective so that cleaning wasn’t too much of an object in their busy lives. Another question I found quite inquisitive and interesting was do you have kids as this question enabled me to think of the stress of which the target audience might be under. By knowing this I can make the product even more accustomed to a stressful person at home.
  8. 8. How did I attract or address my audience?I used bold big colourful typography to immediately catch the viewers attention. This is one of themost basic ways of getting the audiences attention and it’s a normality for an advert to have some sort of distinguishable feature about its text. Also the bold fonts and typology will help my product stand out and look good in the shelves in the shops. The simplicity and action based title of the product “Spray Glide N Glimmer” makes it very attractive to the customer as it’s telling them straight away from the title what they need to do with this product when bought. “3 actions 1 result serves the same purpose in that it’s displaying the simple yet effectiveness of the product making it seem more attractive. Here is a link to a post explaining why I designed my logo as I did- http://oliveroryan.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/creating-my-logo.htmlEditing transitions such as the wipes are used to make the advert flow better thus making it look and come across more fluent ad authentic. I actually added the wipes because it gave the effect the cloth does when it wipes off the dirt from the dirty surfaceThe sound effects in the jingle are used to primarily stick in the mind of the viewer. The spraying sound, wiping sound and glinting sound are all very distinguishable sounds. They all stand out meaning they really do capture the imagination and thoughts of the audience.
  9. 9. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  10. 10. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? When creating my products I had to make sure that there was distinctive branding within all four pieces of work. One way I did this was by using repetition. Repetition was used to emphasize and solidify the theme of the brand. So for instance, I used the same close-up shot of the product sitting on the surface three times to create a link between all of the tv adverts.There’s plenty of repetition within the advert with the tag line 3 actions 1 resultcoming up in every media product along with the SGNG jingle.The voiceover, me, also narrates every advert, bar the sponsorship sequence. I stuckto myself doing the voiceovers because I felt it would add and solidify the brandidentity with my voice being an important part of the memorability of theadvertisement.
  11. 11. What have you learn from audience feedback?
  12. 12. What have you learnt from audience feedback?Class feedbackAfter having shown the class my rough cuts, they gave me feedback as to how I should improve my advertisements. I found this information very useful as it gave me the idea to add more editing transitions like the wipes which in my opinion work very well. Here is a link t the feedback I got- http://oliveroryan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/peer-assessment-of-advertisement-1-and.htmlQuestionnaire for TV advertisementI did a couple of questionnaires to gain a basic understanding of what people wanted in their advertisements. I gave the questionnaires to friends and family meaning that the age range was of a diverse nature which was good as it enabled me an insight into different ends of the spectrum. http://oliveroryan.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/questionnaireresultsresults-summary.html. These are the questions and results I got. I got information as to how long my ad should be and what genre it should be.
  13. 13. What have you learnt from audience feedback?Radio questionnaireI did another questionnaire similar to the one I did for the tv advertisement so I could gain an insight into what people thought would be good for my radio advert. In my feedback I got things such as should there be jingles and how long my advert should be answered which really helped me in learning the basics of what people preferred in an advertisement.
  14. 14. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  15. 15. RESEARCH AND PLANNINGThere were plenty of programmes and softwares available for use in the planning and research part of the coursework. YouTube was very useful for researching similar products. I uploaded and analysed many adverts because of it and this helped me greatly. Of course blogger was good in that it enabled me to keep tabs on what I was doing and helped in my own organization. Paint. Net was good for helping me design mock ups of what I envisioned to be my product. I also used Google images to again help me analyse and research other products.Word and Excel helped me gather and display information. For instance I used excel to present the research I got off of my questionnaires.ConstructionThere was plenty of technology used when constructing my final piece. I used a digital camera to take pictures of props and locations as well as using a video recorder and stand to film my media products. One of the softwares I used was Audacity. Audacity allowed me to record voiceovers and sound effects which I could then add to the adobe software we were using at school. Audacity was actually really easy to use with the only problem being that it wasn’t compatible with any other software. Adobe on the other hand was quite difficult. It froze a lot and was quite slow however, after a lot of waiting and consulting with the technicians, it produced.I used Microsoft word and paint. net to construct the logo for my product. The different effects of paint. net and the simplicity of word meant that i could come up with an authentic logo with considerable ease.I used also a PowerPoint website to display my photos I’d taken of props and settings. The website was called Kizoa.com and it was really helpful. Again I used YouTube and Blogger to display my videos.
  16. 16. EvaluationFor my evaluation I used power point as it was the best programme for me to be able to present what I’d constructed and made over the past months. I used screenshots and images also to display and provide evidence to the different points I was making. After having done my PowerPoint I uploaded it onto Slideshare.net so that it go on my blog. The reason I used Slideshare.net is because it makes it easier for the viewer to browse through my evaluation and with it also being on the log, my blog posts are there as well for browsing.