Magazine front covers presentation


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My presentation about Magazine front covers and their conventions

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Magazine front covers presentation

  1. 1. When creating a magazine thefront covers is arguably the mostimportant part of the magazinesince it will be the page thatcaptures the viewers attentionand makes them want to readthe entire magazine as well asgiving them a general idea ofwhat they can expect from themagazine. This can beachieved in various differentways such as: making it easy toidentify what the type ofmagazine is (e.g. A sport’smagazine would have a famoussports person, or a magazineabout computing would havesome type of electronicsdevice), the images used andcolours, what is going to befeatured within the magazineetc.
  2. 2. The majority of magazine front covers have layouts that consist of asingle image of someone (usually someone famous) or something infront of ether a blank or photo shopped background (the two imageswould have been shot separately and then cropped together) withthe magazine heading at the top of the page in a extremely largefont. This is then followed by various sub-headings about certainsections within the magazine (often the best ones) that would attractaudiences the most, along with coloured text that will contrast withthe background colour of the magazine in order to stand out (e.g.White background magazines have text that is ether red of black). Magazine heading Red and black text Photo-shopped background White background Sub-headings Single image of person
  3. 3. Back in the late 1920’s whenmagazine first started thefront covers started out assimple painted images withlittle more than a title and asubheading to accompanythe image. This was mainlydue to the fact thattechnology was very limitedat the time and evenphotography was somethingthat could be done in fiveminutes (the same situationoccurred with film posters).Because of this thereweren’t many magazineduring that time andbecause of this they couldonly cover certain topics.
  4. 4. Modern day magazine frontcovers are much more detailed incomparison because not only dothey feature a lot more text andinformation (as well as a variety oftext fonts and colours), but theyalso now have high quality imagesof people and objects thanks todigital cameras and because ofsoftware programs like Photoshoppeople can be airbrushed in orderto make them look better andthey can also be cropped intodifferent backgrounds. Plus it isnow possible to create computergenerated images for bothbackground and characters. Also now there are magazine for just about every type of media topic such as: films, video games, fashion, cooking, cars, and even general gossip.
  5. 5. Now it’s time to narrow thingsdown a bit since the type ofmagazine front cover mygroup and I will be creatingwill be for a horror film, so let’stake a look at film magazinefront covers. Now the two biggest film magazine are ‘total film’ and ‘Empire’ and their front covers often consist of a single image of the main character in the film they will be featuring as their main article (often a big summer block buster) along with some sort of background the corresponds with the film or characters as well as the typical magazine conventions like the large heading and various subheadings.
  6. 6. While both ‘total film’ and ‘Empire’ are the twobiggest film magazine companies ever, they tendto cover general film viewing rather than focusingtheir magazines on a specific genre of film, andmy groups front cover is meant for a magazinethe focuses on horror films. Now let’s look at twomagazine that focus on a particular film genres.
  7. 7. The first genre is Sci-fi and the magazine is ‘Sci-fi Now’. This magazine is about science-fictionin both film and television and this is shownthrough the images used in the front cover.While admittedly the front cover doesnt lookthat much different from the covers used in‘total film’ and ‘Empire’ I believe the use ofcolour and images help to make it stand out(e.g. the glowing blue colour is used often inthe magazine as well as sci-fi films, plus thepeople/characters featured relate heavily toscience-fiction). Also the magazine does agood job incorporating the imagery into thetext. The Decepticon logo being used as the dot in ‘I’ The image of ‘TRON’ reaching for the button in order to put emphasis on some sort of prize or competition Incorporating imagery into the text. The planet Saturn being used as the dot in ‘I’
  8. 8. The second genre is Horror and themagazine is ‘HorrorHound’. Now right fromthe get go you can see that the front coverlooks different compared most magazinefront covers in terms of both structure andstyle. For instance instead of the mainimage being a photograph it is instead apainted image that has a comicbook/graphic novel feel to it (granted it’sstill uses just one person on the cover with abackground). I must admit I really like thegraphic novel style front covers (though Idoubt my group and I could replicatesomething like this) I believe there is areason why HorrorHound use this type offront cover and it’s because there is a lotmore you can do with painted imagescompared to a photograph in terms ofmovement and colour and it works in thiscase due to graphic nature of the Horror Connection?genre. Also unlike most magazine that have sub headings and buttons in any random section of the page (often it depends on the image) ‘HorrorHound’ always have a left hand column that features 3 sub-headings as well as images to go with them, which is again a technique often used in comic book front covers
  9. 9. In conclusion I would like to tryand create a magazine frontcover that follows the style ofthat used in ‘HorrorHound’ but Iwould also like to have thelayout of typical magazine frontcover like ‘SciFiNow’. Now I saidI would ‘like’ to have somethinglike this because I doubt myselfor the members of my groupcould paint an image to make itlook like something ofprofessional graphic novelquality, plus the painted imagea long with a traditional layoutmay not work since it might bedifficult to find a text colour thatcan stand out from all the So in the end, I believecolours used in the painting with that my group and I willout it looking out of place (e.g. create something similarPurple text in a horror magazine) to that of most magazineand having too much text onthe front cover might make the front covers, but it wouldwhole thing seem really be nice to try and makecramped and messy. my idea work since I think the end result would be great.