The shining


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The shining

  1. 1. The Shining Teaser Trailer Analysis
  2. 2. The first two aerial shots are establishing shots to show that the film is set in a forest area and in the mountains. This is a convention of horror movies as they are often located in isolated lands. The establishing shots are accompanied with music that creates a more mysterious atmosphere to the film. If the music was more cheerful it would completely have a contrasted feel and would subvert the convention of a horror film. A voice over, says ‘I don’t suppose they told you about the tragedy that . As the audience, we also receive a sense of isolation as in both shots we do not see any people around. Although we do see cars, which we infer that there must be people in the area.
  3. 3. The first shot shows a close up of a man on his laptop, which the audience is aware that he must be one of the main characters as this is who we usually see first. Judging by his appearance, the male character does not look like the protagonistic character as these characters are stereotypically portrayed as disfigured or monstrous. However, in the next shot, the dialogue from the film says ’From what I’ve been told he seems like a completely normal individual.’ Therefore shows that an innocent looking man like this character could potentially be the problem causer. This follows the convention to the structure of a trailer where the problem is previewed with very little detail as the audience are unaware of why this person is a ‘problem.’ The structure of the trailer is also fulfilled as the opening contains extreme long shots of the setting ( which includes low key lighting and creates a sinister atmosphere and introduces its first character (the protagonist.) We are aware that the man shown on his laptop is the ‘evil’ character as we see his odd behaviour in the extreme long shot of him where he waves his arms around, whilst looking aggressive.
  4. 4. The dialogue form the film says ‘But at some point during the winter, he must have suffered something of a complete mental breakdown’ the shot shows visual resemblance as we see an extreme long shot of a woman running through the snow. But first we see another establishing shot of the location which contrasts against the winter scene shown, showing that in spring, summer and autumn the protagonist was fine, but what happened to him to make him turn evil? This is a convention of trailers to keep the audience engaged, and with hold information do this.
  5. 5. The dialogue then continues ‘And killed his family for good’ this is accompanied by action shots of him with an axe, not officially showing the audience of him killing them. But, hacking at a door implying that he is about to. The long shot and medium shot of him walking round the building follow the convention of horrors as they contain low key lighting, and the atmosphere of isolation as we are unaware of anyone else's presence. He is also limping so we assume that someone has maybe tried to hurt him to protect themselves so he collected an axe to go and kill his wife and child. We also wonder why someone would want to harm their family to such extent? Questions raised, but left unanswered again follows a vital convention. Between the shots the scenes cut to black. This emphasises the drama and tension as we do not get to visually see what is happening between the shots.
  6. 6. After the last fade to black the shot then helps the change of mood and location change. We view a brighter environment whilst using vibrant colours of orange with dialogue from the protagonist saying ‘rest assured, that’s not going to happen with me’ irony is used here as we know it is about him. It then cuts to show the production company which is another convention of trailers to help advertise the film.
  7. 7. The conventions that are fulfilled of teaser trailers from these shots are we get to preview more of the location which reinforces the isolation, and a large mysterious building which is often used to also help state the idea of seclusion. We also get to see a variety of camera angles showing the different location spots as in the shot of the river, the camera begins to tilt, possibly implying that everything is about to be change. This satisfy's the structure of a teaser trailer as the build up informs the audience of the relationship between characters and also seeping in to the problem or dilemma of what will may in the film.
  8. 8. The long shot showing the mother and son through a maze interprets a feeling of claustrophobia as the two characters are in a confined space and also an atmosphere of confusion is composed as mazes are iconic of getting lost. Again, we view a medium shot of the mother and son who are calm showing that the characters are not yet at the events stage, where the characters are faced with the problem and have to overcome it. This is when we see them in their natural environment and comfortable stage which will contrast and highlight the fear the characters are going through when they are forced out of their comfort zone. The mother also says ‘sure I do, it’ll be lots of fun’ as the audience we know that this family is in danger as the music increases and the pace of editing becomes more rapid which follows the convention of teasers.
  9. 9. We then see several shots of the protagonist which begins with a medium shot to a close up implying that he is evil. The character is also wearing black which is an iconic colour of evil or showing the ‘dark side’ of someone. The shot also consists of low key lighting, which is again a convention of horror. As the camera zooms in, the dialogue ‘isolation’ is said which reminds the audience of the key atmosphere. Isolation.
  10. 10. These shots are all similar as shot types as they all are medium close ups of the mother. They all show how she is trying to protect herself and her son as she is seen gripping on to him and also holds many of the iconic items included in horror. The famous knife and a bat as she tries to slay the protagonist which is a convention of horror. As this is a teaser trailer we are unsure what the outcome is which encourages people to see the film, as this is the main purpose of trailers. The trailer also follows the convention of low key lighting as horror films are more effective in frightening people when its dark.
  11. 11. These are the shots of Jonny which have been edited in to a montage of his evil characteristics being emphasised, as he is seen physically chopping through a door and throwing items that are in the mis en scene. Just like the shots of the mother and child, these also include low key lighting and a lot of medium shots. The trailer doesn’t show him physically killing to mother and son. However, we imply that he does but questions are raised by the audience which is a convention to teasers.
  12. 12. The information (left) are shown in the trailer as these vital pieces of information are unique selling points. For people who are fans of Steven King or Stanley Kubrick may want to see this film as they enjoy both of their work. The audience obviously also need to know the release date, so they are aware of when the movie is released and they can go and watch it. And finally, the audience definitely need to know the title of the film so the film will be passed on and spread by word of mouth, encouraging more and more people to see it.