Scream 4


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Scream 4

  1. 1. Scream 4 TrailerThe trailer, Scream 4 begins with numeral clips taken from the film used to cut between eerietitles to create suspense towards the audience. These clips begin by showing a telephone andthe murderer, presenting to the audience how the murderer contacts his victims.These titles are extremely isolated whichcreates fear towards the audience. The simpleshinning text contrasts with the backgroundmaking it very noticeable and threatening tothe potential audience as it could representthe murderers weapon, for example, a bladeor knife. The eerie smoke in the backgroundcan also be seen as frightening as it canrepresent darkness or the night as mostdangerous predators appear at this time.The diegetic sound of the victims phone ringing is used during these titles which then cutsto the phone itself. Non diegetic mood music is also heard at this time, to create an eerieatmosphere. Once the phone stops ringing, the screen cuts to black as the killer speaks.This makes the killer seem mysterious and fearsome. The audience are then shown a pointof view shot as the killer attacks ending with a scream. The screen then cuts to black onceagain as the phone cuts off.
  2. 2. SettingsUsually, horror films are set in isolated areas such as Woods and Grave Yards. This is becauseit makes is harder for the victim to escape and easier for the killer to track there where aboutsmaking such places more terrifying towards the potential audience. Conversely, Scream uses adifferent approach as it‟s main location is a high school which near all of the victims attend.This is because it‟s a place expected to be safe and out of harms way, therefore giving it moreof an edge. Other locations used is the home of the main victim Sidney, which will have alsobeen seen as safe place as she would feel at her most comfort. However, the home of thischaracter seems to be set in a open, isolated area, making the location more threatening andfearsome. The homes of the victims is where the killer successfully panics the character beforekilling them with the continuously question “What is your favourite scary movie?”The film has used less threatening areas tobuild a connection with the audience by usingplaces they know very well which will createmore fear within the audience as they maythink such events could accrue in there ownday to day lives. Screams less dominantslocations are places which are slightlythreatening, such as car parks as it is hard toescape, large area, making it easier for thekiller to track the victim.
  3. 3. CharactersUsually, in horror films, the stereotypical victims are the ones who are the most innocent andpure of the group, however, in Scream 4, this role has been reversed as the most activecharacters have been used as a target along side the pure. This film has also reversed thestereotypical gender of the victims. Commonly, the naïve woman are the killers main target,however, men are also used in the killers horrific acts. In this trailer, the victims wear normal,every day clothing, insinuating that they didn‟t expect such horrific events. In contrast to this,the killer wears dark, terrifying clothing which implies his ghastly action making it easier for thevictims to recognise him. The killer accompanies his dark clothing with a complementary whitemask, used to send shivers down the potential audience spines. On the other hand, the colourcontrast of the killers clothing could resemble his past, white to show he was once pure andsinless, and the black to show he has experienced a dark childhood trauma, leading him to anevil path which causes is killing sprees. Like other horror films, the previous Screamshave spared at least one victims life. Scream 4 have usedthis to advantage by bringing this tortured victim known as„Sidney‟ back into the scene as „victim royalty‟. This will thenleave the killer with unfinished business and make her hismain target. This will give the horror film more characterinfluencing potential viewers to considering seeing themovie.
  4. 4. PropsEvery film uses props to a great extent because it makes films more effective and realistic. Inthe horror genre, props such as Chainsaws, Axes and Knives are over used massively butseen as traditional. Scream 4 sticks to these traditional ways by making the killers weapon alarge, butchers knife. This is because the audience are most familiar with this type of weaponand it creates memorable scenes. A knife is a very effective weapon as it can cause extremeamounts of pain and harm to it‟s victims. Another main prop Scream 4 uses is a telephone, thisprop has been used constantly throughout each Scream film and is now expected from theaudience. Again, a telephone is a familiar item in most people lives, which makes the film morereal, creating a connection between the film and the audience. The killer uses the phone to ringhis victims to inform them that he is going to harm them. The quote “What is your favouritescary movie?” is used by the killer throughout the movie to create fear towards the audience.The quote also informs the victims that they are being watchedby the killer which will then tell the audience that somethinggruesome is due to happen. Props such as Guns and smallerKnives are used by the victims, which seems less threateningtowards the audience as they only intend to protectthemselves, rather than harm numerous people, unlike thekiller.
  5. 5. Camera WorkCamera positions play a important role in the making of movies. Such as Scream, as it uses anumber of different camera angels to make the film look more realistic and detailed, andcreating a better connection with the audience. Scream 4 uses close ups very often as itcreates a connection between the character and the viewers and also lets the audiencewitness the characters horror therefore making them understand the characters emotions.Scream also uses wide shots to show the audience the location, for example, a wide shot isused to show the high school of the victims, and also to show the home of one of the victimsgiving the audience the impression that they are there and gives the viewers a betterunderstanding of the location connecting them to the surroundings. Wide shot are also used toshow the audience the characters together, as a group, giving the viewers an idea of eachcharacters personality and letting them guess who may be the first to be killed, building thesuspense. An over the shoulder shot is usedfrequently as it shows two different charactershaving a conversation, however, Scream usethis to advantage by showing the killer killinghis victims with an over the shoulder shot.This gives the audience the feeling that theyare there, stood right behind the killer,watching his every move.
  6. 6. SoundIn a trailer, sound is essential and makes a large impact on theaudience. The use of sounds makes scenes more effective andthrilling towards the viewers. The most common sound used in thescream trailer is the scream of the victims, this will create feartowards the audience and inform them that something terrifying ishappening. Victims scream to release fear and to alarm others,showing them that something abnormal is happening. Anothersound used is often is a telephone ring. This is traditional for thescream movies and shows the audience that the killer has shownhis interest in the character in the scene. A telephone ring canmake a big impact on the audience as it is an item that mosteveryone owns, therefore making it easier to relate to.
  7. 7. Poster OneMost horror film posters use dark colours to represent the genre.Scream 4 does this with the use of a Black, White and Red colourscheme, all these colours contrast making the poster eye catchingand noticeable to the potential audience. The dark colouredbackground represents the evil events that take place during the filmand the night, which is when most of the murders take place. Thewhite face shows the appearance of the killer, make from his victimsfaces. Each face shows a different emotion, starting from shocked, allthe way to pain and horror. This will create a horrific affect on theaudience as they will believe the film to be gruesome and terrifying.The use of the colour Red is used less compared to the other colourssuggesting the amount of blood and gore in at a minimum, however,the words “New decade, new rules” are wrote in Red, suggesting thatthe killer could be more evil and damaged creating more ghastlydeaths. The poser is rather bare, suggesting that the horrific eventstake place in a isolated, daunting place. The main image takes upmost of the room on the poster, catching the audiences attention as itis different and unique to other horror film poster. The title is based atthe bottom of the page, unlike most other poster which are based atthe top and small, also unlike most other horror film posters. The titlesuses a number 4 for the letter A, emphasising it by highlighting it red,this suggests that the fourth movie is even more bloodcurdling thanthe previous movies.
  8. 8. Poster TwoThe second Scream 4 poster is very different to the first poster,however, they both use the same colours scheme, Black, White andRed. This is to make the film more recognisable and memorable tothe potential audience. This poster is more compacted compared tothe first poster, as much more is shown. The main image takes upmost of the space, showing the main characters and behind them themask of the serial killer in smoke form. The smoke could representsthe night and heat/fire suggesting to the audience that the personinside the mask is dangerous and sinful. The smoke is gatheringaround the victims, showing the audience that he intends to kill them.The title on this poster is much more larger compared to the firstposter, making it more noticeable. The letters are spaced out farapart, making them seem alone and defenceless. This couldrepresent the victims, creating more fear and suspense towards theaudience. The text is a slightly more vibrant compared to theprevious poster, as if it is shinning, like the killers knife. This showsthe audience that the killer intends on using in traditional weapon tomurder his victims.
  9. 9. Magazine Cover This magazine „Review‟ uses the same colours scheme as the original Scream 4 posters showing the readers the genre of the movie and the likely content. The front cover uses an extra colours to highlight specific text which may interest the potential readers and also grab the readers attention as the yellow contrast the colour scheme. The main image is a close up of the killer in Scream 4, based in the middle of the page, taking up most of the room. This seems more professional as the killer is directly facing the camera, therefore giving „eye contact‟ to the potential reader, creating a connection towards the reader. The model has slightly high eye level, making him seem more intimidating and threatening towards the reader. Some of the selling lines are based around the main image drawing the readers attention. The skyline will draw the readers attention as the two colours used contrast each other. The selling line, „Slash hits!‟ is wrote in a frightening font, fitting in well with the words used and the genre of the main front cover review. The mast head is the largest text on the page and is rather simple and bold, making it eye catching . The colour of the masthead contrast well with the background, and is more vibrant than the white image.