Grave Encounters


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Grave Encounters

  1. 1. Grave Encounters Trailer Grave Encounters is a paranormal horror movie which is made to look like the making of a television episode, such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters. Grave Encounters is a low budget film, therefore suites the fact that it is suppose to be a television reality programme as the quality of the film isn‟t at the highest standards compared to most films/televisionprogrammes. Grave Encounters can be compared to films such as Paranormal Activity as theyalso use hand held cameras to make the film seem more real life based and relatable. This film is based in a mental institution where several „ghost hunters‟ lock themselves inside the building and search for the abnormal and discover a number of odd events that change their lives.
  2. 2. SettingParanormal based movies are commonly based in areas that people visit regularly and area‟swhich have also witnessed many deaths, such as homes and hospitals. Unlike horror filmswhich are traditional based in isolated area‟s which have little contact with people, such asWoods and abandoned warehouses. Grave Encounters is based in a mental asylum whichwas build in 1930‟s. This makes the setting more frightening and eerie towards the potentialaudience as it is so old and restrained, therefore giving them the impression that the building ishaunted. At the beginning of the trailer, the audience witness the outside view of the building,reminding them what reality looks like before they enter the building which differs from thereonce surroundings. Each scene is set in different rooms of the asylum containing horrifichistorical information about the building and the patients who „lives‟ in each room, for example,shown by the trailer, one room contains writing on the walls to show the audience that apsychiatric patient was once there and possibly still there, creating fear towards the viewers.A lot of the trailer uses long corridors tobase some of the horrific events, this isbecause they seem endless, thereforebuilding the suspense, making the filmseem more fear-provoking. All the roomsused in the building are dull colours anddark, making it harder to see the „demons‟as a result, creating a „jumpy‟ experiencetowards the audience.
  3. 3. CharactersAs Grave Encounters is suppose to be acknowledged as a television series, the charactersare presented as a film crew, including the television presenter, camera operator, boommicrophone operator, editor and the director. Each of these characters are presented asnormal, every day people who have a passion for the abnormal, making the film more realistictowards the potential audience and more relatable. Each crew member have their own uniquestyle which shows the audience the type of person they are. The costume used for thecharacters show that they didn‟t expect the unexpected and weren‟t prepared for the abnormalactivity. On the other hand, the „demons‟ that torment the ghost hunters wear old gowns andstraight jackets to show that were patients in the hospital therefore making them morethreatening and terrifying towards the audience.The „demons‟ clothing is dull and lifeless, tellingthe audience that they are in fact dead and intenton causing mayhem. The clothing used on boththe dead and the alive contrast and show that thetime period between both victim and „demon‟ isimmense.
  4. 4. Props and EditingParanormal based films don‟t usually consist of many props as it is mainly based aroundediting. Displayed on the Grave Encounters trailer, the equipment used to record the footage isactually shown within the footage meaning that the film is suppose to be real life based and tomake the audience believe that such events did actually occur. Editing is used to the extremein the Grave Encounters as it is what attracts the potential audience. Glitches are used withinthe trailer to insinuate that someone is there, for instance a ghostly presence, making theaudience tremble with fear. A face morph is also used as a jump scare and is used as the mainfocus of the trailer, making it the main attraction towards the potential viewers. Stock/archivefootage is used to make the trailer seem more realistic, showing the audience how the asylumonce looked with it‟s patients in the 1930‟s.
  5. 5. Camera WorkMost Paranormal based films use hand held cameras to make the scenes seem more realistictowards the audience. Grave Encounters follows this role by also using a hand held camera formost scenes. Horror/Paranormal based films use a number of different shots to createsuspense toward the viewers as they don‟t know what‟s around each corner. This type ofgenre uses close up to its most highest extent to show the most gruesome, terrifying scenes toit‟s full potential and lets the audience observer the victims emotions when horrific events takeplace. Grave Encounters uses many other shots such as a over the shoulder shot as atrailer/film is presented as a television reality show, therefore having numerousconversations/interviews with various people. Wide shots are used to show the audience thesetting of the film, in this case the mental institution.This will grab the potential audiences attention asthey‟d want to witness the horrific events that occurinside the building. Wide shots are also used tointroduce the characters and show themtogether, as a groups to show the audience whichcharacters play which roles in daunting scenes.This will create a connection between the characterthe audience as they‟d pick a character as theirfavourite, whom they can relate too in suchsituations.
  6. 6. SoundIn a trailer, sound is essential and makes a large impact on theaudience. The use of sounds makes scenes more effective andthrilling towards the viewers. In paranormal films, the mostcommon sound used is the scream of the ghost hunters as theywitness the „demons‟, this will create distress towards theaudience and notify them that something frightening ishappening. You can also hear the ghost hunters deepbreathing throughout the trailer as they are terrified of the„demons‟ they have witnessed so far, causing panic towards theaudience.
  7. 7. Poster OneTo represent the genre, Grave Encounters use dark, eeriecolours such as black and dull yellow to create fear towards theaudience. The colour scheme suggest that the location istimeworn and abandoned. These colours contrast each othertherefore making the poster more noticeable and eye catchingtowards the potential audience. The main image fills the fullposter with a dark background, suggesting that the areas is eviland contains the decedents of the devil. The main charactersare placed In the centre of the poster as a long shot, showing theviewers the surroundings and characters positions. The image ofthe mental institution is based at the top of the poster giving theviewers a taste of the area where the film is based. The postersis slightly bare, suggesting that the area is isolated and cold,terrifying the viewers. The title is based at the bottom of theposter and is the largest text on the page, this is to make surethe viewers remember the name of the film. The text colour isvibrant, representing a dark presence and ghosts. The words“They found it” is wrote in a eerie, horrific text which alsorepresents the genre. This text is also red, unlike any other texton the page, making it more noticeable and threatening as Redusually represents blood, therefore making the audience think ofdeath.
  8. 8. Poster TwoAll films create more than one poster for advertising so the filmwould be more noticed and recognised by the viewers. Unlikemost horror/paranormal posters, Grave Encounters uses differentcolour schemes for each poster. The colour scheme or this posterconsists of Black, White and Green which contrast massively,therefore making the poster eye catching and grabbing thepotential viewers attention. The Green colours makes the posterlook more eerie and intimidating towards the audience. The mainimage covers the full poster, blending as a background. The imageconsists of the main character, unaccompanied and afraid with hiscamera. This tells the audience that something horrific must haveoccurred as he is alone. The ghost hunter is sat in a long corridorwhich suggests that the location is threatening and isolated. Abright, green figure is shown at the end of the corridor, showing theaudience that something horrific and deadly may happen to thecharacter. The words “They were searching for proof… They foundit” is used to sell the film to the potential audience by making itseem more interesting. The title is the largest text on the page andis based at the top of the page. The title is very bright and alivewhich contrasts to the background, making it more visible to theaudience and identifiable.
  9. 9. Magazine Cover Empire is a popular film magazine and recommends the best films available. Compared to other Empire magazines, this one is less busy and exciting as it is a special collectors edition. The colour scheme is Red, White and Black which fits with the genre of films it is recommending. Theses colours contrast each other very well, making the magazine easier to identify. The magazine uses a number of images. The most popular or daunting film has been used as the main picture which is based in the centre of the poster, followed by numerous other serial killers from popular horror films underneath. This shows the audience the type of films that the magazine will write about, therefore making them want to purchase the magazine to read the main content. The words “The greatest horror movies ever” is used to sell the magazine further and grab the potential readers attention. This text is white and based at the bottom of the poster, using the second largest text. The colour of the text contrast the background massively and make it more noticeable to the potential readers.