Film poster deconstruction


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Film poster deconstruction

  1. 1. Tag Line Main Image, The main protagonist Film The film Quarantine is basically about Title the out break of a virus that start’s in an apartment building. The government quarantine the apartment building off and hope to leave no survivors, the mainList of plot is about the survival of a group ofactors/Directo people who live there, a news team,
  2. 2. The Film title has been given blocked white text, this is to match the themeof the poster construction which appears to be viewed through the screenof a video camera so the film title looks like one of the menu/settingbuttons on a camera menu. The choice of font and color is important inthis kind of poster construction because it has a theme, it is aimed to beseen as a video camera because it plays a big part in the plot itself. Theblock font and white color differs largely from other horror film titlestherefore it is implying that there is something unnatural and creepy in thisfilm.
  3. 3. This tag line is longer than usual, this is because it gives further hints tothe plot. The text is blocked and basic because similarly to the mast head,it appears to be on a video camera’s screen. It reveals that the film isaimed to appear as footage from a camera man. The sentences are keptshort and snappy to match the pace of the trailer.
  4. 4. The main image is constructed to have the actor having a fearful expression as ifshe is screaming. This creates an enigma as the people looking at it begin towonder what is happening to her therefore are drawn into going to watch it. Fromthe positioning of her body it looks like she is lay on the floor and is being draggedby something (namely the antagonist). This actor was used because she isprobably the main protagonist so the audience get an idea of who they’re going tosee and are able to make a preconception as to what the film will be like and getenjoyment out of either being right or wrong about it. The colour’s and effects usedin this trailer to make the audience automatically think that the film will be seenthrough one of the characters video camera’s, perhaps that this film is about the
  5. 5. The list of Directors/Actors differs slightly from the overall style of theposter other than the white text. The font style is the typical small andbunched up type you tend to get on movie posters, this is so peoplelooking at the poster immediately know what the text on the bottom isabout and are therefore drawn into it. It’s Important that the audiencesees the list of actors or directors because there may be a unique sellingpoint within that list, like an audience’s favorite actor or their knowledgethat the main director of the film has produced good films in the past
  6. 6. Main Image(MainCharacter) Film Title List of Directors/Actors
  7. 7. The film title for Mirrors is in plain white font which suggests this film is more ofa psychological horror/thriller as oppose to one that causes fear through sheerviolence and gore. It’s also in a smart styled font which adds mystery into thefilm because it get’s viewers wondering why it’s not in a common red horrorfont. Generally, the colour red represent’s blood in horror film titles so havingthe film title “clean” implies that the horror is of a nightmare type, either that orit’s to trick viewers into thinking that. The fact the second “R” in the title isreversed implies that this film is largely based around the reflection of mirrorsas oppose to something in the real world which further creates an enigma inthe viewers mind.
  8. 8. This main image is composed of a close up of one of the characters in the plot(probably the protagonist) because it shows viewers the expression of the characterwhich in this particular poster looks to be fear and the fact that the mirror is crackedcreates enigma because people will wonder why it’s cracked and why is thecharacter bloody and bruised. The fact that it looks like the character is being viewedthrough a mirror gives further implications that the plot is based around thereflections of characters in the mirrors as oppose to a completely differentantagonist.
  9. 9. Similarly with Quarantine, the font of the list of directors/actors does not matchthe overall style of the rest of the poster (other than the colour), this is to showthe significance of the actor names as well as further advertising a uniqueselling point. Also, “Kiefer Sutherland” has his name above the film title, this isbecause he looks to be the main character of the film and he is also a wellknown producer and director so his name has big significance in the filmbecause he will have contributed to it’s production in nearly aspect, creating anextra selling point.