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Hist.141 (Little Ice Age)
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Hist.141 (Little Ice Age)


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. -Little Ice Age-
    Rosa A. Martinez
  • 2. What was the
    Little Ice Age?
    • Impacts were devastating
    • 3. -2 -3 degrees lower than the average temp today
    • 4. Unpredicted Climate shifts
    • 5. New York harbor froze for 5 weeks, England 2 feet of snow June and July, “year with out a summer”
    • 6. Mystery on causes of event, maybe a reoccurring event
    • 7. Climatologists try to reconstruct the climate of the little ice age
    progress is limited because reliable instrumental data like
    temperature and rain fall measurement date back no more than 2 centuries although earth its self have preserved valuable clues
    • They have valuable clues which they get revolutionary insights
    • 8. Clues in ocean 2-4 inches represent thousands of years on accumulations, inside they have microscopic insects .. 26 species .. Some live in cold/ hot areas .. That is how they figure
    out the temp by averaging the species that lived in either warm/ cold water
  • 9. When did the
    Little Ice Age Occur?
    14th-19th Century
  • 10. What was it’s affects
    on History?
    • Little ice age reshaped world
    • 11. Non affordable bread lead to the French revolution
    • 12. people were very dependent in crops, if they didn’t have crops they would die no mosquitoes because no swamps, Population grow
    • 13. Very hard to live average 30 yrs , many infants would die
    • 14. Glaciers grow bigger, tents would freeze, 1607 -614
    • 15. Not only cold but also lots of rain, which lead to no crops
    • 16. during this period of time crime rate went up, some would open the caskets and steal valuable property to sell to get food, other would assault for food
    • 17. They would plant wheat which was no good for the weather conditions
    • 18. Some would kill their own children so they had more food to feed others or even themselves
  • What was it’s affects
    on History?
    People were already weak and did not want to be outside because it was cold so they stayed inside to be warm, rats to look for a warm place. They would go inside and fleas would infect the people. It began to kill by billions. Europe People believed it was the gods act and would go village to village whipping each other but it only made it worse since them too would get infected. In 1351 25 million people had died 1/3 of the population the survivors suffered. They then believed the following neighbors had done witch craft so they started punishing people
    The Vikings were also affected by the little ice age. The food from the land was not giving enough and at the stat the Vikings would feed 80% land food and 20% sea that later reversed. Not to say the water was an issue too. The water froze and it was harder for them to import and export. They could have survived if they would have adapt to the culture of the native Inuit people and their fishing skills because they must of thought of them as inferior
  • 19. Potential Causes
    What natural processed caused it-
    • less radiation at that time?
    • 20. 5 major volcano eruptions in the century!, now eruptions occur rarely… particles and gasses go into the atmosphere. Volcanoes give off water vapor and carbon dioxide which mix and do sulfur gases that cause the climate to change ..
    • 21. Form clouds that can stay there for years which block the sun
    • 22. Some scientists believe that it occurred when natural forces disrupted the force … if conveyer stops then climate changes can be enormous
    • 23. Global cooling because the radiation from the phase of the sun (Maunder Minimum)
  • - Sources Slide -
    Documentary Film: Little Ice Age