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Media Production Pitch Media Production Pitch Presentation Transcript

  • Media Production Pitch
    James Woodcock
  • Client Research
    The company is Darlington Community
    Police Service.
    The client is PC Neil Walton
    The client asked for some different mediums to advance their summer nights campaign.
    This campaign involves keeping drinking, drugs and anti-social behaviour off the streets in and around the areas in Darlington.
  • Client Research
    The client asked us not to use stereotyping in our adverts as this may put some people off.
    The advert also should not be too visual as this may break some ASA rules and then the advert would not really be able to be shown to secondary schools will too much visual.
  • Target Audience
    Age: 14 – 19
    Gender: Both
    Sexuality: All
    Educational Status: Upper years of school, college
    (Years 9 – 13)
    Tribes: All
    Psychographics: Aspirers, Mainstreamers
    Geographic Location: Darlington, North Yorkshire, Durham
  • Target Audience
  • Audience Research
    The purpose of the research was to find out
    what the target audience thought of
    themselves, what would encourage them to look
    at an advert and what wouldn’t. For example;
    bright, rainbow colours would not suffice. Also,
    things like Comic Sans MS font would also not
    be fit for purpose. Fonts used should be rather
  • Genre Research
    There are different ways to advertise to the target audience (14 – 19).
    Using intertextuality can help people visualize and it may appeal to them, for example the unused facebook campaign idea.
    Or using surrealism which can immediately jump out at the target audience as they are different to what they expect.
  • The Advertising Standards Authority
    Code 5 is the main section that contains the rules regarding children underage.
    Children must not been shown in hazardous situations.
    Children must not be shown unattended in the street
    These rules apply to all under 16 years old.
    Any models will be over the age of 16 to ensure no rule breakings here
  • The Advertising Standards Authority
    Code 3 specifies that advert cannot be misleading in any way.
    This means that omitting any information deliberately or including false statements is against these rules.
    Code 32 relates some advert being shown at certain times, for example, adverts about drinking or smoking should be not be allowed to air during children’s programming.
  • Genre Research
    The audience did like the intertextuality
    however they were more attracted to surrealism
    and this was then the main basis of my
    campaign and this is why the facebook idea
    along with the cost of the idea it was scrapped
    and no elements from it were used
    for the final campaign idea.
  • Three Campaign Ideas Litter Campaign
  • Three Campaign Ideas Peer Pressure Campaign
  • Three Campaign Ideas Binge Drinking Campaign
  • Audience Testing
    The audience decided overall that the idea to be dropped was the litter campaign.
    One person stated “the poster has too much colour”.
    The campaign idea was slightly childish in the way it was presented, so the other two ideas were taken forward to the Commercial Viability stage.
  • Budget
    When given a budget of £10,000 the two ideas which were taken forward from the Audience focus group had to priced up.
    The ideas were both under 10,000 with over 3,000 difference.
    Idea 1 = £4,770.19
    Idea 2 = £8,386.86
    Idea 1 was taken forward and built on for further improvement to create a final campaign.
  • Commercial Viability Research
    Breakdown of the costings research of both ideas that were taken forward
  • Commercial Viability Research
    Final idea taken forward
  • Idea 1 - Poster
  • Idea 2 – MI1
  • Idea 2 – MI1
  • Idea 2 – MI1
  • Idea 2 – MI1
  • Idea 3 – MI2
  • Idea 3 – MI2
  • Idea 3 – MI2
  • Idea 3 – MI2
  • Moving Image Soundtrack
    Start: Just normal quiet evening outdoor sounds
    As advert progresses, party sounds and other glass and pouring sounds are audible
    These sounds start to get louder until the climax of the advert.
    Then, a body is heard collapsing (and a glass smash on MI1)and all sounds except the ones from the very start cease.
  • Distribution
    The adverts will be sent via DVD with some copies of the poster to schools in the area.
    The posters will also put in shop windows around the towns in the area which will make the target audience reached larger.
    2000 Posters
    250 DVDs
    These will be made as there are approximately 220 schools in the area with 30 spare.
    Final cost: £4770.19
  • Any Questions?