Social Media & Special Events


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A presentation on how to leverage social media for special events promotion. Presented at EventLNK monthly meetup in Lincoln, Nebraska. May 20, 2013

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Social Media & Special Events

  1. 1. Special Events Social MediaPresented by Tyler ThomasSocial Media Specialist – University Communications@UNLincoln | @TylerAThomastthomas10@unl.eduMay 20, 2013
  2. 2. @UNLincoln | #UNLSPECIAL EVENTS SOCIAL MEDIA2• Identify your audience– Be as specific as possible• Identify your message(s)– Multiple messages are okay– Keep them specific and limited• Identify your messaging vehicles
  3. 3. @UNLincoln | #UNLESTABLISH A HASHTAG3• A specific keyword for your event• Identified with a # sign in front of text(letters and numbers) Exmp: #EventLNK– No Special Characters– No Spaces• Research your potential options (Research Here)– Keep it short– Use numbers to differentiate
  4. 4. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT4Include your hashtag on marketing materials• Event Registration– Printed Forms– Landing Page(s)
  5. 5. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT5• Printed materialspromoting the event– Invitations– Postcards– Posters– Flyers– Table Tents
  6. 6. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT6• Digitalcommunicationsmaterials– Website marquees– Embedded on images– Website callouts onyour own site– Email communications– Digital Ads/Display Ads– In videos– Social media channels
  7. 7. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT7• News Releases– Pitch to relevant blogs/bloggers• Blog Posts– On your own site– Relevant related sites (guest blogging)
  8. 8. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT8• Event details/listings on other websites– Create an event on Facebook– Add your event to appropriate calendars– Promote your event on LinkedIn
  9. 9. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT9– Promote your event on EventBrite
  10. 10. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT10• Printed materials atthe event– Attendee forms– Notepads– Swag items– Name Tags/Lanyards– Event Signage– Digital displays
  11. 11. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT11• Include keynotespeaker and otherevent speakers’Twitter @handles inbios and marketingmaterials
  12. 12. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT12• Create promotional content to promote yourevent– Create event specific content and share it– Tweets• Use your event hashtag• Include event details• Use identified Twitter @handles• Identify target audiences/groups and focus your tweets– Create incentives if necessary
  13. 13. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT13
  14. 14. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT14– Promotional posts on Facebook
  15. 15. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT15– Set up event specific boards on pinterest
  16. 16. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT16– Use the event logo/hashtag and post on Instagram– Take behind the scenes photos and post them onInstagram/Twitter.
  17. 17. @UNLincoln | #UNLPRE-EVENT17– Post on LinkedIn• Share an update, start a discussion, invite attendees viaan existing group– Create teaser videos to highlight and encourageattendance (include hashtag in bumpers)– Social Media Advertising• Facebook Ads, Promoted Posts• Promoted tweets
  18. 18. @UNLincoln | #UNLAT THE EVENT18– Announce the hashtag at the opening of the event– Use social channels to make announcementsthrough out the event– Use Twitter to “Live Tweet” from the event– Share photos/video onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine– Monitor the hashtag (conversation) and Re-tweet, Favorite & Respond to the event chatter
  19. 19. @UNLincoln | #UNLAT THE EVENT19– Host a competition (Trivia, Best Tweet of the Day)
  20. 20. @UNLincoln | #UNLAT THE EVENT20– Create content that is easily shareable & peoplewant to share
  21. 21. @UNLincoln | #UNLPOST EVENT21– Create and share a Storify story with all of theaggregated social chatter (example)
  22. 22. @UNLincoln | #UNLPOST EVENT22– Post and share speaker(s) slides on Slideshare
  23. 23. @UNLincoln | #UNLPOST EVENT23– Upload photos to Facebook/Flickr/event website
  24. 24. @UNLincoln | #UNLPOST EVENT24– Continue to monitor the hashtag for one week– Review and follow influential attendees on Twitter– Email attendees with links to all of your post eventcontent and encourage them to share it– Debrief with your team and evaluate
  25. 25. @UNLincoln | #UNL25Connect With Us: @UNLincoln, #UNL