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English tense

  1. 1. How to learn English grammar?Once you have started to learn a foreign language you want to use it,speak it, write it and above all communicate with others. But as we say,you have to learn to walk before you can run. You have to learn somethingabout the way words work together, the way you can express differenttimes or tenses, the way you use adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and soon. But if you are determined to get control of the language, understand itand use it properly, you must not let the things I have listed stop you. Onething at a time. Gradually bit by bit if you work hard, you will findsuccess. The one word that sometimes makes people frightened when theystart to learn a new language is "grammar". But dont worry about thatword because its only a very general title used to cover the workings ofthe language. The danger comes when you let grammar get in the waywhile you are learning. Remember that it was people who created thelanguage in the first place. The "grammar people" or the grammarianscame later.EnglishGrammarthroughStoriesImproving yourgrammar ismuch easier thanyou thinkPrintable,photocopiableand clearlystructuredformatFor use in aclassroom, athome, on yourPC, or anywhereStartimprovingyourlisteningskillstoday!Take theselisteningexercisesnow.On our site we have a wealth of different multiple choice tests, texts andstories which show grammar in context. Those are the words I want tostress – in context. Its no good learning just the meaning of a new word,
  2. 2. English Grammar through Stories could be your saviour — it shows you a completely new way of learning. Forget about old-fashioned text books with difficult explanations and boring sample sentences. You can improve your grammar very fast if you know how. The answer is a few clicks away: Read these unique short stories by Alan Townend and absorb the patterns of English grammar automatically. You can only learn if you enjoy what you are doing. You will love the funny characters in English Grammar through Stories because they show the strengths and weaknesses of human nature. On top of all that, each story concentrates on one particular grammar item so all you have to do is read the book and have fun. You will be amazed at how easily you can improve your grammar.1. I havent got.....A. no money.B. money.C. any money.D. some money.2. ..... orange juice in the fridge.A. There isnt noB. There is anyC. There isnt anyD. There arent no3. He goes to work..... .A. by taxi.
  3. 3. B. on taxi.C. with taxi.D. in taxi.4.A. Always he wakes up at 9:00B. He wakes up at always 9:00C. He always wakes up at 9:00D. He wakes always up at 9:005. We havent got ..... mineral water.A. a lotB. littleC. tooD. much6.A. Where playing Manchester United?B. Where is playing Manchester United?C. Where is Manchester United playing?D. Where playing is Manchester United?7.A. Whats like the weather?B. Hows the weather?C. Whats the weather like?D. How the weather is?8. Mark ..... fly to London tomorrow.A. to goingB. goes toC. is going toD. go to9. I have class .....A. on Mondays.
  4. 4. B. in Mondays.C. at Mondays.D. by Mondays.10. John is the manager, you need to speak to .....A. it.B. him.C. her.D. you.11. I wanted a purple bike but they only had .....A. a one green.B. one green.C. a green one.D. a green.12. He ..... breakfast yesterday.A. hadntB. no hadC. didnt have gotD. didnt have13.A. Give the Joan money.B. Give the money to Joan.C. Give to Joan the money.D. Give the money at Joan.14.A. Mary usually drives carefully.B. Mary carefully drives usually.C. Mary carefully usually drives.D. Mary usually carefully drives.15. I have to go to the bank ..... some money.A. for getting
  5. 5. B. to getC. to gettingD. for to get16. The room was empty. There ..... there.A. wasnt nobodyB. was anybodyC. was nobodyD. was somebody17. Ive lost my keys. I cant find them .....A. anywhere.B. nowhere.C. nothing.D. somewhere.18. We cant get there by 3:00 pm. There is ..... time.A. fewB. too littleC. too little littleD. too few19. He arrived ..... Heathrow airport on Friday morning.A. inB. atC. onD. by20. I havent had lunch with my mother ..... a year ago.A. sinceB. -----C. forD. during21. There ..... spectators at the match.A. were no
  6. 6. B. werent noC. were anyD. were not22. The kitchen cant be dirty he .....A. is just clean it.B. have just cleaned it.C. just clean it.D. has just cleaned it.23. Hes looking forward ..... that film.A. to seeB. seeingC. seeD. to seeing24. Dont start .....A. to shouting!B. shouting!C. shout!D. in shouting!25. He works at the theatre, ..... ?A. doesnt he?B. does he?C. isnt he?D. didnt he?26. Simon ..... in Madrid since 1982.A. livesB. is livingC. does liveD. has lived27.A. I told her what she closed the window.
  7. 7. B. I told her to close the window.C. I told she close the window.D. I told her that she close the window.28. Has Mr. Brown arrived ..... ?A. alreadyB. stillC. nowD. yet29. If I won the lottery, I ..... a house in the country.A. would buyB. have boughtC. will buyD. would have bought30. Peter is ..... Jane to do it at this very moment.A. tellingB. sayingC. saying toD. telling to31. Have you sent that fax to Mr. Smyth? Yes, Ive ..... done that.A. stillB. alreadyC. yetD. now32. "..... have you been waiting?A. How longB. What timeC. How farD. When33. They werent surprised and nor ..... I.
  8. 8. A. werentB. wasntC. wereD. was34. I invited Mary out for a meal, but unfortunately she ...... dinner.A. had already gotB. had already hadC. have already hadD. already had35. This is the cat ..... I saw.A. whomB. -----C. whatD. who36. ..... is it from Barcelona to Madrid?A. How farB. How longC. How muchD. How many37. You can meet me ..... you like.A. wheneverB. soonC. alwaysD. whatever38. I ..... working at night nowadays.A. used toB. usedC. am used toD. would39. I have to catch the 5:00am train tomorrow, so I ..... go to bed late.
  9. 9. A. needntB. haventC. have toD. mustnt40. She ..... go to the dentists yesterday.A. mustB. had toC. ought toD. should have41. Thats the ..... of my worries, itll never happen.A. fewerB. lessC. lastD. least42. I wouldnt mind ..... tonight.A. to go outB. go outC. going outD. to going out43. The man ..... in the corner is my boss.A. whoseB. sittingC. is sittingD. sits44. "Those cases look heavy" "..... carry one for you?" "Thats very nice of you"A. Will IB. Do I haveC. Shall ID. Do it
  10. 10. 45. Dont forget ..... those letters.A. to postB. postingC. to postingD. post46. Where have you put my keys? I clearly remember .... them on the table last night.A. to leaveB. leftC. did leaveD. leaving47. You look tired. You ..... go to bed.A. needB. haveC. should haveD. ought to48. That was a great match. Ill never forget ..... Rivaldo score that goal.A. seeB. to seeC. seeingD. to seeing49. I thought you .....A. will come to the party.B. were coming to the party.C. come to the party.D. have come to the party.50. They ..... last night, but Im not sure.A. may comeB. might comeC. should comeD. may have come
  11. 11. 51. We ..... better hurry up or well be late.A. wouldB. shouldC. hadD. ought52. She worked hard yesterday and ..... type all the letters.A. was able toB. canC. couldD. would be53. If I ..... you, Id take the risk.A. amB. have beenC. wereD. would be54.A. Ask her when will be ready the food.B. Ask her when will be the food ready.C. Ask her when the food will be ready.D. Ask her when will the food ready be.55. I couldnt mend the PC myself, so I ..... at a shop.A. had it mendedB. had it mendC. did it mendD. had mended56. I wish I ..... a car, Im tired of catching the bus.A. haveB. would haveC. hadD. had had
  12. 12. 57.A. Thats a brown, attractive leather coat.B. Thats a brown leather coat attractive.C. Thats an attractive leather brown coat.D. Thats an attractive brown leather coat.58. He ran so fast ..... being followed by a ghost.A. asB. as if he wereC. like59. ..... but I realised what he had done.A. Little did he knowB. Little knownC. Little he knewD. Little knowing60. If youd come to the theatre last night, you ..... the play.A. would enjoyB. had enjoyedC. would have enjoyedD. will enjoy61. I know he didnt thank you, but he .... have done so.A. mustB. mayC. wouldD. should62. They laughed a lot last night. The film ..... very funny.A. should have beenB. must have beenC. was to beD. should be
  13. 13. 63. He wrote the programme ..... , he didnt need anybodys help.A. by his ownB. on his ownC. on himselfD. by his ownership64. ..... thinking that he would win the lottery.A. There was no useB. It was no pointC. It was no useD. It was usefulness65. If only I had had the courage to do this .....A. years back.B. for years.C. since years.D. in years.66. Lets go to the theatre, .....A. dont we?B. let us?C. shall we?D. will we?67. By this time tomorrow we ..... the meeting.A. will haveB. will have hadC. are havingD. will had had68."Well never be able to do it" said the man to nobody .....A. especially.B. specially.C. in particular.D. Himself.
  14. 14. 1.A . Always he arrives at 2:30B . He arrives at always 2:30C . He always arrives at 2:30D . He always at 2:30 arrives2.A . Where playing Real Madrid?B . Where is playing Real Madrid?C . Where is Real Madrid playing?D . Where playing is Real Madrid?3.A . What’s like Paris?B . How’s Paris?
  15. 15. C . What’s Paris like?D . How Paris is?4.A . Give the Sarah bookB . Give the book to Sarah.C . Give to Sarah the book.D . Give the book at Sarah.5. I’ve lost my passport. I can’t find it .....A . anywhere.B . nowhere.C . everywhere.D . somewhere.6. Have you...?A . got any friends in BarcelonaB . not got no friends in BarcelonaC . in Barcelona any friendsD . friends in Barcelona got7. ..... sugar for my coffee!A . There arent anyB . There is anyC . There isn’t noD . There isnt any8. There is .......... of beer left from the partyA . littleB . muchC . a lotD . too9. Michael.........Paris in the morningA . to leavingB . leaves for
  16. 16. C . is leaving forD . leave to10. She has her German classes ……A . in Tuesday morningsB . at Tuesday morningsC . by Tuesday morningsD . on Tuesday mornings11. That file belongs to Patricia, give it toA . itB . himC . herD . them12. I haven’t got ……A . no moneyB . moneyC . any moneyD . some money13. We haven’t got ..... mineral water.A . a lotB . littleC . tooD . much14.A . Where playing Manchester United?B . Where is playing Manchester United?C . Where is Manchester United playing?D . Where playing is Manchester United?15. I have class ……A . on MondaysB . in Mondays
  17. 17. C . at MondaysD . by Mondays16. I wanted a purple bike but they only had .....A . a one greenB . one green.C . a green one.D . a green17.A . Give the Joan moneyB . Give the money to Joan.C . Give to Joan the money.D . Give the money at Joan18. Were really looking forward ..... on holiday.A . to goB . goingC . goD . to going19. Don’t start ..... Thats for babies!A . to crying!B . crying!C . cry!D . in crying!20. Have you finished the shopping ..… ?A . alreadyB . stillC . nowD . yet21. If I lived in the mountains, I …….. a dog.A . will buyB . have bought
  18. 18. C . would buyD . would have bought22. Tom is ..... Elizabeth how to copy it right now.A . tellingB . sayingC . saying toD . telling to23. We were surprised that there ..... queues outside the cinemaA . were anyB . werent noC . were noD . were not24. That cant be Albert! I.............A . have just seen himB . am just seen him.C . just see him.D . am just seen him.25. You live upstairs from me,..........A . do you?B . are you?C . dont you?D . didn’t you?26. Tom ..... Elizabeth to go to the hospitalA . toldB . saidC . saying toD . telling to27. Have you phoned the restaurant about the booking? Yes, I’ve …..done that.A . stillB . already
  19. 19. C . yetD . now28. He arrived ..... Heathrow airport on Friday morning.A . inB . atC . onD . by29. Don’t start .....A . to shouting!B . shouting!C . shout!D . in shouting!30.A . I told her what she closed the window.B . I told her to close the window.C . I told she close the window.D . I told her that she close the window.31. If I won the lottery, I …….. a house in the country.A . will buyB . have boughtC . would buyD . would have bought32. Peter is ..... Jane to do it at this very momentA . tellingB . sayingC . saying toD . telling to33. They weren’t surprised and nor .... I.A . weren’tB . wasnt
  20. 20. C . wereD . was34. I went to the cinema in the afternoon, before that I ……. lunch.A . had already gotB . had already hadC . have already hadD . already had35. Thats the boy ..... I met at the party!A . whomB . _____C . whatD . who36. Im catching an early flight tomorrow, so I....drink too much champagne!A . needntB . haven’tC . mustntD . have had to37. His wedding is the ….. of my problems! What about my car bills? .A . fewerB . lessC . lastD . least38. Don’t forget ..... the rubbish.A . to put outB . putting outC . to putting outD . put out39. The letter ..... yesterday, but I dont know for sure.A . may arriveB . might arrived
  21. 21. C . should arriveD . may have arrived40. ..... is it from Istanbul to Bagdad?A . How much distanceB . How longC . How farD . How many41. If you get bored, call me ..... you like, and we can go for a drink.A . wheneverB . soonC . alwaysD . whatever42. After his girlfriend left him, his boss was the .......of his worriesA . lessB . leastC . fewerD . last43. I wouldn’t mind ..... an early night, tonight...Im exhausted!A . to haveB . haveC . havingD . to having44. "Im just going out for an ice cream - .............get one for you too? “That would be nice ofyou!”A . Do IB . Shall IC . Will ID . Do I have45. I thought you .....A . were going to have lunch with us.
  22. 22. B . go to have lunch with usC . will to have lunch with us.D . have gone to have lunch with us.46. The man ..... in the corner is my boss.A . whoseB . sittingC . is sittingD . sits47. "Those cases look heavy" “..... carry one for you?” “That’s very nice of you”A . Will IB . Do I haveC . Shall ID . Do I48. Don’t forget ..... those letters.A . to postB . postingC . to postingD . post49. That was a great match. I’ll never forget ..... Revaldo score that goal.A . seeB . to seeC . seeingD . seen50. I thought you .....A . will come to the party.B . were coming to the party.C . come to the party.D . have come to the party.51. We ..... better hurry up or we’ll be late.A . would
  23. 23. B . shouldC . hadD . ought52. It was really difficult, but eventually he ..... get tickets for the matchA . was able toB . canC . couldD . would can53. I wouldnt do that if I ....you.A . amB . have beenC . wereD . would be54. Its a pity you didnt come to the Exhibition. You .... It.A . would likeB . had likedC . would have likedD . will like55. Im sorry for his bad behavior. He ......have apologisedA . mustB . mayC . wouldD . should56. David walked by us ....... he didnt know us!A . likeB . as if he wereC . as ifD . as57. Your cough is terrible! You .......quit smoking.A . mustnt
  24. 24. B . shouldC . wouldD . may58. Did you really do it ........or did someone help you?A . by your ownB . on yourselfC . on your ownD . by your ownership59. It was so nice seeing Simon again! We should have called him...A . months backB . for monthsC . since monthsD . in months60. Let’s go for a walk in the mountains, ……A . don’t we?B . let us?C . shall we?D . will we?61.A . That’s a brown, attractive leather coat.B . That’s a brown leather coat attractive.C . That’s an attractive leather brown coat.D . That’s an attractive brown leather coat.62. ….. but I realised what he had doneA . Little did he knowB . Little knownC . Little he knewD . Little knowing63. If you’d come to the theatre last night, you ..... the play.A . would enjoy
  25. 25. B . had enjoyedC . would have enjoyedD . will enjoy64. I know he didn’t thank you, but he ..... have done so.A . mustB . mayC . wouldD . should65. They laughed a lot last night. The film ..... very funny.A . should have beenB . must have beenC . was to beD . should be66. He wrote the programme …… , he didn’t need anybodys helpA . by his ownB . on his ownC . on himselfD . by his ownership67. If only I had had the courage to do this ……A . years backB . for yearsC . since yearsD . in years68. “We’ll never be able to do it” said the man to nobody ……A . especiallyB . speciallyC . in particularD . himself