Basic AIML Class


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"Basic AIML Class," by Shannon Bohle, BA, MLIS, CDS (Cantab), FRAS, AHIP

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Basic AIML Class

  1. 1. Archivist Llewellyn IEEE National Robotics Week in Second Life April 15, 2011 An Introduction Basic AIML:
  2. 2. Turing Test “I propose to consider the question, ‘Can machines think?’… the best strategy is [for the machine] to try to provide answers that would naturally be given by a man.” -- Alan Mathison Turing
  3. 3. Turing Test Background “The XML dialect called AIML was developed by Richard Wallace and a worldwide free software community between the years of 1995 and 2002. It formed the basis for what was initially a highly extended Eliza called "A.L.I.C.E." ("Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity"), which won the annual Loebner Prize Contest for Most Human Computer[1] three times, and was also the Chatterbox Challenge[2] Champion in 2004.” - Wikipedia “AIML, or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, is an XML dialect for creating natural language software agents.” What is AIML? RICHARD WALLACE Winner of the Loebner Prize for artificial intelligence, 2000, 2001 and 2004. Founder of ALICE A.I. Foundation and Pandorabots, Inc. Inventor of ALICE, AIML and SpellBinder. Email Website
  4. 4. Turing Test <aiml> <category> <pattern>Hello</pattern> <template>Hi!</template> </category> </aiml> AIML Elements Category Pattern Template XML wrapper for a unit of knowledge The potential AI’s response(s) to the human query or comment Direct Response, Non-varied Human question, statement, utterance, or unfinished sentence using a wildcard
  5. 5. Turing Test <aiml> <category> <pattern>DO YOU KNOW WHO * IS</pattern> <template><srai>WHO IS <star/></srai></template> </category> </aiml> AIML Elements Wildcard srai XML wrapper for a unit of knowledge Redirect, Wildcard Redirect to another pattern
  6. 6. Turing Test <category> <pattern>YOUR A *</pattern> <template>I think you mean "you’re" or "you are" not "your." <srai>YOU ARE A <star/></srai> </template> </category> AIML Elements Correction srai Spelling and grammar can be corrected by anticipating errors and redirecting Correction Redirect, Wildcard Redirect to another pattern
  7. 7. Turing Test <aiml> <category> <pattern>GOOGLE *</pattern> <template><![CDATA[]]> <star/> . <![CDATA[]]> </template> </category> </aiml> AIML Elements URLs cdata XML wrapper for a unit of knowledge Link, Wildcard section of element content marked for the parser to interpret as only character data, not markup
  8. 8. Turing Test Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Textbooks The Elements of AIML Style By Dr. Richard S. W A L L A C E By Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig Approach-3rd/dp/0136042597
  9. 9. Turing Test Upcoming AI Contest 2011 Loebner Prize Contest (October 19, 2011 - University of Exeter UK) Rules: Prize money: $5,750 USD minimum Submission dates: May 2 - June 6, 2011. Finalists: Only the first 16 entries that meet the requirements will receive further evaluation Background: "In 1990 Hugh Loebner agreed with The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies to underwrite a contest designed to implement the Turing Test. Dr. Loebner pledged a Grand Prize of $100,000 and a Gold Medal for the first computer whose responses were indistinguishable from a human's. Such a computer can be said "to think." Each year an annual prize of $2000 and a bronze medal is awarded to the most human-like computer. The winner of the annual contest is the best entry relative to other entries that year, irrespective of how good it is in an absolute sense.“ Example:
  10. 10. Turing Test Upcoming AI Conference Chatbots 3.1 Conference April 23, 2011 FOURTH COLLOQUIUM ON CONVERSATIONAL SYSTEMS Cost: $150 USD Register: AIML Bots AIML Spinoffs Non-AIML Chat Robots Chat Robot Communities Networking
  11. 11. Turing Test Complete Chat Bots Free / Open Source AIML Implementations Actively developed: RebeccaAIML (C++, Java, .NET/C#, Python, Eclipse AIML editor plugin) Program D (Java, J2EE) Program R (Ruby) Program Q (C++, Qt) Program W (Java) CHAT4D edit and run (delphi) (french) Program O (PHP/MySQL) Program# (.NET/C#) French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish