Web Based Reporting


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Information Server is much more than a web based portal, find out what else it can do for you.

Webinar Content:

Introduction to Information Server

Information Server's key capabilities

How to create reports

Licensing Structure

Short Demo

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Web Based Reporting

  1. 1. Wonderware Interactive Webinar Series Helping you see more clearly Information Server More Than A Reporting Web Portal
  2. 2. Agenda► Overview► Who is it aimed at► Licensing► Summary
  3. 3. Visualize Your Plant’s Real-timePerformance… from Anywhere► Wonderware’s Information Server 3.1 is a complete web content management system for aggregating and delivering real-time plant performance & production information to anyone at anytime► Designed to be implemented without the need for specialized IT resources to lower the total cost of ownership
  4. 4. One Web Solution –Information Server 3.1 Web Client Types Web Content Mgr Content Sources InTouch Process Advanced Clients Graphics Historian, InBatch or otherALL WW Content (incl. Process open plant databases Graphics & Write Back) Standard Clients Information Server v3.1 Wonderware Operations & Performance Wonderware Alarm AF Trends & Reports, QI Analyst Database Process Graphics (no Write Back)
  5. 5. Wonderware Information Server
  6. 6. Who is it aimed at?
  7. 7. Plant Awareness What are the most frequent alarms? What is currently being What is produced? happening on the shop floor? Operations Manager
  8. 8. Production Capability When were What raw those materials products went into produced? that product? Who What worked on products do the we have product? available? Production Line Supervisor
  9. 9. Level 2: Production Capability >
  10. 10. Process Analysis What parameters What were Materials downloaded were with that consumed What product? into those products products? have we made? Process / Quality Engineer
  11. 11. Level 3: Process Analysis>
  12. 12. Production Analysis Is the What are capacity well the main distributed capacity What is across lines? the cycle losses by product on time? each production line? Plant Manager or Scheduler
  13. 13. Level 4: Production Analysis
  14. 14. ArchestrA reports  Information Server Integration  Tag and DateTime pickers  Deployment utility  Standards & Guidelines available on P&PM Knowledge Base site  Report template available o Multiple languages o Pre-defined sections, parameters and functions  Create linked reports to answer specific needs  Create scheduled reports  Email or file subscription > >
  15. 15. Building the System How do I publish a new report for the QI How do I team? publish a mimic for other engineers ? Engineering team or SI
  16. 16. Licensing
  17. 17. Buying + Licensing► 1. Buy portal - portal included with Historian, System Platform, InBatch, or Standalone purchase.► 2. Specify CAL type ▪ Standard – Mimics, reports, AFRWS, read Only ▪ Advanced – as standard with writeback + InBatch► 3. Buy CALs ▪ Named User CAL ▪ Named Node CAL ▪ Concurrent CAL
  18. 18. Summary
  19. 19. Summary Reports KPI Live Dashboards Mimics Trends Information Business Systems Shop Live from PLCs Other LIMs Floor Historian Data Data Alarm Database Sources
  20. 20. Our WebEx series...► Next...HMI Reports ► Tuesday 24th November► Then...Wonderware ► Thursday 3rd Developer Network December► Then...Optimizing ► Wednesday 16th Batch Processes December
  21. 21. ??Questions??
  22. 22. Powering intelligent plant decisions in real time.