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Can you put a price on your annual wastage? QI Analyst helps you to improve quality and product variability by improving the stability of your process!

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What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)?

How can you use Statistical Process Control to improve your processes?

Tools you need to drive SPC

Ways this can interface with Wonderware

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This webinar is hosted by our Senior Consultant Chris Titley. Chris has worked at SolutionsPT for 13 years standing and has a masters Degree in Control Engineering and Optimisation. Previously he worked in a user capacity in the electronics industry. He now looks after the Terminal Services solutions and specifically managers ACP ThinManager offerings. Chris also has wide experience of InTouch, QI Analyst, ScadaAlarm, SPC Pro, Historian and Active Factory.

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Statistical Process Control

  1. 1. Wonderware Interactive Webinar Series Helping you see more clearly QI Analyst 8.0 Proactive Quality Control Chris Titley Senior Consultant
  2. 2. Agenda► Quality – part of the manufacturing solution► QI Analyst - Introduction► Key Features and Benefits► Case Study – Rencol UK► Summary
  3. 3. Quality► Quality is one of the three factors of OEE► OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality► Quality = Good Pieces / Total Pieces► Quality is therefore important to lean manufacturing, TPM and other improvement schemes ▪ Can it be made easy? ▪ Can it be automated? ▪ Do I have to have a maths degree?
  4. 4. Statistical Process Control► Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a tool to help improve Quality by reducing Variation
  5. 5. Real-time SPC Helps Drive Higher Plant Performance► Real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) provides visual indications of process variation► SPC enables proactive reaction to developing process variation problems reducing the need for expensive quality inspection activities► SPC is a valuable tool for Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management (TQM) initiatives Process variation must be minimized to maximize plant output & profitability… how can we accomplish this?
  6. 6. QI Analyst…Your Real-time SPC SolutionQI Analyst offers...► A rich selection of SPC charting options ▪ Generates the right information at the right time► A powerful, customizable statistical rule base and alarms ▪ Detects variation excursions early so you can take action immediately ▪ QI Analyst can call a pager or send an email when an alarm is violated… You can always stay in the loop Helps predict harmful variation before it results in expensive product quality issues
  7. 7. QI Analyst…Built to be Easily Deployed Throughout the Manufacturing or Process Enterprise► Industry leading Wonderware plant connectivity ▪ Easily connect to thousands of plant data sources► Distributed architecture to easily integrate into existing plant IT structure► Tools for the entire quality team ▪ Controller & Workstation tailored to user needs ▪ Full Integration with InTouch & Historian • Supports custom InTouch application development
  8. 8. QI Analyst… What It Does QI Analyst monitors, analyzes andpredicts quality departures allowing proactive action - resulting in improved quality and lower production costs.
  9. 9. Who can benefit from QI Analyst? QualityExecutives Engineers cost of quality quality optimizationSix Sigma, TQM troubleshooting Quality Management yields vs. quality Operators process variation
  10. 10. QI Analyst… What is it?►QI Analyst Controller ►QI Analyst Workstation ▪ Monitoring & Analysis ▪ Monitoring & Analysis • SPC Charting, Monitoring, • SPC Charting, Monitoring, Alarming Alarming ▪ Manual Data Entry ▪ Manual Data Entry plus ▪ Configuration & Administration • User accounts • Security • Causes & Actions • Rules & Alarms • Data Mapping • Data Acquisition Tools for the Entire Quality Team
  11. 11. Licensing►QI Analyst Controller ►QI Analyst Workstation ▪ Seat or server based licensing ▪ Seat or server based licensing available available ▪ No limit to the number of charts ▪ No limit to the number of charts or variables analysed or variables analysed Tools for the Entire Quality Team
  12. 12. Integrated or standalone► QI Analyst can be deployed; ▪ Standalone • Solo on just one computer • Networked solution ▪ As part of your total Wonderware solution • Further leveraging existing investments
  13. 13. QI Analyst Typical System Configuration QI Analyst Controller NodesProcess Data from System QI Analyst Platform/InTouch/InSQL Workstations Other devices (OPC etc) Existing Process Information Server Databases Central QI Analyst Database Clients deployable anywhere on the network
  14. 14. SPC Charting… Monitoring & Analysis Data tailored to your needs► Configurable Multi-charts * A cusum control chart is a data analysis technique for determining if a measurement process has gone out of statistical control. Similar to the exponentially► Standard Charts weighted moving average control chart, it is better than the standard xbar control chart for detecting ▪ Variable Charts small shifts in the process mean. • X-bar & Range or Sigma • X-Individual & Moving Range • Moving Average & Range or Sigma • Cusum* of Means or Individuals • EWMA of Means or Individuals ▪ Attribute Charts • p, np, c, u, DPMO* ▪ Special Charts & Analysis Tools • Run, Histogram, Scatterplot • Paretos of Nonconformities, Causes, Actions or Rule Violations * - Defects Per Million Opportunities
  15. 15. Flexible Charts… Customizable Chart Elements & Statistics Tailor each chart forMaximum Effectiveness
  16. 16. Highly Configurable Statistical Rules…►Wide range of industry rule sets included ▪ Western Electric, AIAG, Juran, Hughes, Gitlow & Duncan►Design your own rules
  17. 17. Powerful Statistical Alarms ► Highly configurable alarms ► Violations shown in RED Alarms alert you in real-time (email, pager) so you can act immediately…minimizing scrap, re-work and non-value added activities
  18. 18. ChartService and Viewer ► ChartService, Monitors SPC Charts 24/7 ► ChartService Viewer provides green light/red light chart status indicators ▪ Click on red light indicator to view real-time SPC chart and alarm violations ▪ Allows at a glance monitoring of a large number of critical process parameters ▪ Viewer can be embedded in HMI, web application or any ActiveX container application for maximum implementation flexibilityProcess Databases
  19. 19. Industry Leading Wonderware ConnectivityEasily connect to: Thousands of plant floor devices through InTouch Process data stored in any Historian Any OPC server (QI Analyst is a OPC client) Any ODBC or OLE DB data source Gauges and measuring devices►QI Analyst saves engineering time►Eliminates expensive custom integration work
  20. 20. Data Collection… Automatic or Manual► Automatic Data Collection ▪ InTouch (SuiteLink) ▪ Historian (SuiteLink) ▪ OPC Server (QI Analyst is OPC client) ▪ OLE Automation (programmatic) ▪ Gauges and measuring devices► Manual Data Collection/Entry ▪ Provides for Direct Operator Input ▪ ActiveX Control ▪ Data Editor & Data Entry Assistant
  21. 21. InTouch & Historian DataAccess…
  22. 22. Link to External Data (Wizard) Makes Connecting to 3rd party data Sources a simple ProcessStart… Finish… Results
  23. 23. Designed for Efficient SystemAdministration►Install Admin database anywhere on the network►Single user interface for all admin options►Define Users and Groups with specific system rights
  24. 24. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Ready► Supports Regulated Industries ▪ Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Power Generation and others► Integrated Window Security ▪ Helps manages user access rights via standardised security model► Audit Trails Built-in ▪ Parameter, alarm and data changes Lowers the Cost of Implementing Validated SPC Solutions
  25. 25. Audit Trail Support►Regulated applications demand audit trials►QI Analyst 8.0 supports the tracking of changes to: ▪ Parameters ▪ Alarms ▪ Data Changes
  26. 26. Share Your Results with the Enterprise…►InTouch or InTouch for System Platform ▪ Provide operators with real-time SPC information ▪ Proactively react to process variation ▪ Reduce scrap, re-work, non-value added work►Information Server ▪ Keep plant decision makers informed of plant quality issues in real-time ▪ Content tailored to user level ▪ Low cost web-based content delivery►Custom Industrial Applications ▪ Readily Include QI Analyst ActiveX or COM objects ▪ Easily connect to wide range of data sources
  28. 28. Case Study► Rencol Tolerance Rings Ltd ▪ Bristol UKRencol Tolerance Rings is a specialist manufacturer producing highspecification components for varied applications. The company wanted toautomate its quality assurance processes and to gain additional insight into itsproduct quality. Rencol chose Wonderware’s QI Analyst™ software in both trialand full role-out stages, Quality is now far easier to achieve and customerscan be provided with full statistical information.1000’s of tolerance rings that are used in Hard Disk Drives, Starter motors,steering columns etc – making mass produced items fit together perfectly.They have deployed over 15 seats of QI Analyst.
  29. 29. Tolerance rings? - A kind of sprung bush that takes up the varying tolerance of components that need to fit together accurately
  30. 30. Rencol QI Analyst workstation The rings are stamped out of strip metal and formed to shape, they are then sampled by various gauges and data inputted to the quality system – in real time.
  31. 31. QI Analyst at work - An actual QI Analyst display from Rencol
  32. 32. Key results – from a customer... Continuous Improvement… Rencol is an ISO 9001 company and also carries numerous quality approvals for the Automotive (such as TS16494) and other industries. Given the nature of Rencol’s business, SPC is to be found at the heart of the company’s culture. QI Analyst software is a key component of quality certification and is part of annual re-validation audits. Rob Lockyear, HDD Quality Engineer, says, “QI Analyst software has given us many advantages since we fully deployed, continuous accuracy being the obvious, but we now have very timely information that is based upon a professional product that is helpful in customer retention and in new customer acquisition”. “QI Analyst is at the heart of our Continuous Improvement programme” – Jim Smith, MD“QI Analyst software removes the stress from Quality Assurance”.Rob Lockyear, Rencol Tolerance Rings
  33. 33. SUMMARY
  34. 34. QI Analyst helps to deliver…► Successful Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management (TQM) Initiatives► A flexible set of tools capable of interfacing and integrating with a myriad of Plant Information Systems► Real-time process variation data enabling better decisions from the plant floor to the executive suite► Bottom-line Results… Lower costs, higher profits
  35. 35. QI Analyst...► Does the heavy statistical work for you► Does the work in a standards-related way► Delivers maximum and sustainable benefit► Does not require a maths degree!More at:
  36. 36. Our WebEx series...► Forthcoming ► System Platform attractions... ► 10th November ► Information Server ► 17th November
  37. 37. Questions & Answers
  38. 38. Powering intelligent plant decisions in real time
  39. 39. Powering intelligent plant decisions in real time.