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Have you been looking for a simple way to produce reports from your live and historical data? Now you can with HMI Reports.

Webinar Content:

Introduction to the product

The benefits of using HMI Reports

Ways this can interact with other Wonderware products

How HMI Reports is licensed

Short Demo

Q & A

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HMI Reports Webinar

  1. 1. Wonderware Interactive Webinar Series Helping you see more clearly HMI Reports 3.4 Andrew Graham
  2. 2. HMI Reports► What is HMI Reports?  Wonderware HMI Reports enables non- programming users to easily extract data from InTouch, Wonderware Historian, or other data sources and transform raw data into usable information by creating custom reports easily, quickly, and inexpensively, providing the ability to make the reports available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  3. 3. HMI Reports► Benefits ▪ Reduce time and effort to create, distribute, and revise reports ▪ Quickly and easily transform your InTouch or Historian/InSQL data into great looking, information filled reports ▪ Requires no IT or programming skills ▪ Make reports available easily and securely to any authorised person with the built-in Web portal
  4. 4. HMI Reports► Connectivity ▪ Built in drivers to extract data from Wonderware InTouch and Historian/InSQL ▪ Additional common industry protocol drivers to connect to any data source using OPC, OLEDB, ODBC, including other vendor HMIs
  5. 5. HMI Reports► Report Availability ▪ Generate and Distribute custom reports automatically in Excel, PDF and email format ▪ Configure reports to be generated based on Events, Schedules or on Demand ▪ Easily define who has access to reports and who can create, modify, or generate reports with built-in security ▪ Make reports available automatically by Email or over the Web Portal
  6. 6. HMI Reports► Studio ▪ Configuration ▪ Report Design and Development► Runtime ▪ Generates and distributes reports► Report Generator ▪ Facilitates scheduling and ad hoc report generation► Web Portal ▪ Shares reports over the Internet/Intranet
  7. 7. Web Portal File Server eMail Printers Mobile     DYNAMIC REPORT GENERATOR: 6 – Report “On Demand” - Select any Template - Define any time period 5 – Automatic Report Management - Generate new report on Demand REPORT GENERATION / DISTRIBUTION - On ScheduleINTUITIVE GRAPHIC EDITOR 4 – Report Design - On Event- Create state of the art reports- Define Report and Page Templates  3 – Analytical & statistical Extraction HMI Reports SUCH AS: Min, Max, Average, Current, Integral, Duration, Counter… 2- Data Logging SQL query, free Mathematical Calculation… HMI REPORT CAN LOG DATA INTO ANY STANDARD DATABASE 1 – Data Collection REAL TIME DATA & ALARMS - SQL Server - OPC DA-AE - Oracle - Direct Native Drivers (BACnet, Citect, iFix, Wizcon, PCVUE, …) - Access EXISTING HISTORIAN DATABASES - OPC HDA Equipment –Machines - Buildings - ODBC   K A F C - Native Drivers (BACnet, Wizcon, Citect, iFix, iHistorian, PI, Eurotherm Review, …)
  8. 8. Studio Report Design► Studio allows you to design, create and modify report templates► Drag and drop “Report Elements” ▪ Graphs, Trends ▪ Tables ▪ Calculations► Define report distribution► Define report generation conditions
  9. 9. Terminology► Report Templates ▪ HMI Reports comes with many templates ▪ You can easily create your own templates ▪ Reports are created and then associated to a template ▪ Templates are NOT counted against the license► Reports Loaded in Runtime ▪ Report is created in Studio ▪ Report is „Loaded‟ into Runtime ▪ The count of „Loaded‟ Reports is licensed ▪ “Loaded” means that the Reports can be generated on schedule or on demand
  10. 10. Statistical and Analytical ValueExtraction► HMI Reports integrates a user friendly object library to extract Data statistics and analysis to be displayed in multiple views like Tables, Bar Charts, Pie Charts and more► The Analytics do the work for you► Toolbar allows you to easily extract data analysis using 16 different Report Elements: ▪ 3 Text Report Elements ▪ 6 Table Report Elements ▪ 3 Graphical Report Elements ▪ 4 Information Report Elements
  11. 11. Studio Logger► Define the connectivity to all data sources required, and then the logging rules for the Data to be collected► Enables logging data aggregated from InTouch and Historian to any standard database such as SQL Server 2005, SQL Express, Oracle, Access, My SQL► The logger is limited to 500 internal tags, for more than 500 Tags, you will need to use Wonderware Historian
  12. 12. Configuration► Security ▪ Many aspects of HMI Reports can be secured to a list of individual users ▪ Reports can be restricted (on an individual basis) to a series of users ▪ Very flexible!
  13. 13. Dynamic Report Generator► Users can select any report template running in Runtime and generate a new report on demand instantly► Enables you to change report settings and execute new reports on demand without opening and making any change from the Studio► Report Generation On Schedule ▪ Yearly based ▪ Monthly based ▪ Weekly based ▪ Time based (every hour for example)► Report Generation On Condition ▪ You would simply define the event condition ▪ When TRUE, HMI Reports Runtime will generate the report
  14. 14. Web Portal► HMI Reports contains its own Web Portal ▪ Uses Microsoft IIS (5.0 or greater)► Easy to Implement► Secure ▪ Uses HMI Reports User configuration lists ▪ Different control over visibility, generation► Note! ▪ Some manual IIS configuration for Vista ▪ Windows 2008 Server not yet supported ▪ SQL Server 2008 not yet supported
  15. 15. Licensing► There are 5 different sized licenses that can be purchased ▪ 3 Reports ▪ 10 Reports ▪ 20 Reports ▪ 50 Reports ▪ Unlimited Reports► When you purchase a 3k or 60k tag InTouch license, a HMI Reports 3 report license is supplied free of charge until March 2010
  16. 16. Tech Notes► There are Tech Notes available to configure different aspects of your system for maximum results ▪ 601 - HMI Reports How to Create a Historian (InSQL) Driver Configuration ▪ 622 - Configuring the HMI Reports Web Portal for Use ▪ 655 - HMI Reports Creating a Wonderware OPC Driver for FS Gateway ▪ 663 - HMI Reports Creating Alarm Database (WWALMDB) Reports
  17. 17. HMI Reports► Short Demo
  18. 18. HMI Reports► Any Questions?
  19. 19. Powering intelligent plant decisions in real time.