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Yrals social media solutions deck

  1. 1. Digital Marketing The Future is Now!
  2. 2. Social Media in India 86+ Million Active Online Users 15% Growth rate 61 : 39 Male : Female Ratio
  3. 3. What should a business do on Social Media?• IDENTIFY platforms frequented by their Target Audience & create engaging properties/ opportunities around them• BUILD a relationship with them by providing them with a comfortable platform and engaging content• EDUCATE them about the Brand thereby engaging with them
  4. 4. Our Objective1. Effective and Comprehensive brand presence across relevant Social Media sites2. Reach/Awareness amongst relevant target audience across all social platforms3. Build effective engagement with our community by a) Further reach, and b) Give product experiences4. Better PR (ORM) & customer relations –5. Eventually meet business objective of increasing online enquiries and walk-ins.
  5. 5. Touch Points on Social Media Social Networks Social Video and Micro-blogging toolImage Sharing Sites All social properties will be linked with the brand website Places Review Sites Wikipedia
  6. 6. Yrals’ Social Media Campaign is segmented into 2 Phases Activation and Monthly Maintenance
  7. 7. Activation on Social Platforms*Activation will be an independent 14 day orientation and set-up period,before commencement of the monthly social media deliverablesIt will entail a one-time cost Rs. 8,500, and is negotiable as per the statusof the client’s existing activation on the mentioned platforms• Facebook • Twitter – Page Creation – Profile Creation – Info Optimization – Info Optimization – Cover Photo – Background Image – Profile Picture – Profile Picture – Content Plan – Sample Tweets – Sample Updates
  8. 8. Activation on other Social Platforms• YouTube • Image Sharing Sites – Background Theme – Pinterest – Upload Videos• Local Activation Sites • Review sites – Google+ Local – Claiming on Zomato – Four Square – Claiming on Burrp – Justdial – Sample Reviews• Listing Sites – Just Dial – Ask Me
  9. 9. Deliverables on
  10. 10. Building Reach via Content (Daily Updates)Delivering content that is: Engaging and Interactive • Updates that caters to different TG mind-sets • A strategy that helps promote, network, communicate, collaborate and accomplish more with your business, online.
  11. 11. Social and Viral • Images, Videos and Links that bring out various aspects of the Product/Service • Incorporate ideas like memes, DIY ideas and Tips to enrich the community • Light puzzles, quizzes and games that lengthen the reach of your content via social sharing
  12. 12. Refreshing and Recent • Share current events and milestones to humanize your brand • Adopt a tone of Communication that should be conversational, insightful and pleasant
  13. 13. Sample Content Plan Design of the week: (Once a week, we will focus on a particular theme. E.g. Plants Brand Product inside homes, Antique Updates: New range, Furniture, etc.) offers, discounts, Merging of Different features, etc. Cultures in Urban Homes How to use the right combination of Core Thought Activities with yourelements in an allotted Family at Home space Design and architecture Accessorize your Home of Indian Heritage during occasions (Forts, Monuments, Houses of famous (Seasons, Personal Dates Palaces, etc.) Personalities (Antilla, and for Guests) Oprah Winfrey’s house, SRK’s Bungalow)
  14. 14. Approach 1: Indian Architecture• Updates or communication will purely be around playing with different spaces, using the right combination of elements (Tiles, stones, wood, etc.) to make your house look pleasant.• Also, educating user’s about the different types of linen, artefacts, decorations, etc. will be part of the Mandate
  15. 15. Approach 1: Indian ArchitectureSample Updates - Kitchen and Table Linen1. Tip of the Day: Thе addition οf matching terrines, serving platters аnԁ dishes саn bе very effective. Matching oil аnd vinegar bottles, sauce аnd gravy boats аnԁ аnԁ salt pepper pots mау аƖѕο bе selected. It саn bе very attractive tο ѕhοw a full set οf matching crockery :D2. How Small is your Kitchen? Probably just enough for a person to squeeze in? Well then check out the circle Kitchen! This will truly amaze you3. The most commonly accepted reason for holding a wine glass from its stem is to avoid fingerprints on the bowl, and to prevent the temperature of the wine from being affected by body heat.
  16. 16. Approach 1: Indian ArchitectureSample Updates - Bathrooms (The one place where you enjoy yourpersonal space)1. Add a Lovely Water Curtain in the Bathroom. It looks beautiful! Don’t forget to add a nice Mat just outside your Bathroom. That’s our @Home Tip of the Day.2. While designing a Bathroom, however small the size maybe, it is important to separate the dry are and wet area of the Bathroom. It helps keep it clean and Tidy3. An Aqua Blue Bathroom set makes your space calm. Your Basin looks neater and all your washroom necessities have a place to reside in
  17. 17. Approach 2: Historical Indian Design• The idea will be to showcase the true beauty of Authentic Indian Architecture and how to implement glimpses of it in your own house• Image Updates, Polls, Suggestions, Discovering ancient India is what the Content will revolve around
  18. 18. Approach 2: Historical Indian DesignSample Updates• Mughal Architecture is a rare combination of Islamic Art and Indian Art. You can actually bring this form of Art in your House. Start with 2 simple elegant single sofa’s and add a vintage table to suit its taste! You can add stone pillars next to sofa’s to add more zeal! • The image is of a typical Mughal style Room Design. The Beds are low and has a bed ceiling to it. The Tiles are raised where the bed is placed and authentic in its design. Care for a similar room in your house?
  19. 19. Approach 3: Congregation of International DesignSample Updates• Catch a Movie @Home with your Folks and Children and enjoy your Sunday Afternoon. While you are it, ensure the room is dimmed and at max there is a floor lamp to keep the room lit . Let us know your experience  • Surprise your Spouse with a lovely Candle Light Dinner. So we have something for you to offer. If your anniversary falls in this month, then we @Home will ensure that you get a 50% offer on our Candles and Stands!
  20. 20. Increasing Fans Every Month via Facebook Ads• Ads help driving relevant contextual traffic to your Fan Page• A well targeted base result in fans that are highly active and engaged on the page Geographic Targeting 1.Country 2.City 3.Town Demographic Targeting Demographic Targeting 1.Age 1.Age 2.Sex 2.Sex 3.Family Size Psychographic Targeting 1.Activities 2.Interests 3.Education
  21. 21. Sample Ad Targeting A sample size of how many people we can reach using Facebook Ads.
  22. 22. Customized Cover PhotoCustomized Cover Photo will be in syncwith brand guidelines (any new launch / promotion will be communicated)
  23. 23. What applications would we run on
  24. 24. Free Application Month 1: Store LocatorConcept • A locator is imperative for a brand to have on Facebook, as it shows the location of each property, with its respective address and phone info • Replicating features of Google Places by adding reviews below the map is something that is also done to generate valueObjective1. Facilitate Fans to locate your properties2. Social Media promotion3. Increase engagement on the page4. Increase Enquiries and Walk-ins
  25. 25. Client reference..
  26. 26. Free Application Month 1: Product TabConceptA Product Showcase Tab allows users to browse through high definition images ofall your products along with aspects like specifications/ benefits/price/testimonials etc.It will also include social sharing features including the Facebook Like & Sharebutton along with a Comments Box Below the tabObjective1. Social Media Promotion2. Increase the number of Fans3. Increase interaction and engagement on the page
  27. 27. Client reference..
  28. 28. Free Application Month 2: Invite Friends TabConceptA tab which allows fans to Invite their Friends to your page.On clicking the Invite Friends button, fans will be shown a window that providesthe option to select all friends that they’d like to invite to your page.After inviting, the invited friends will get a message notification from the fansaying that they have invited them to the page, along with a link to your fan pageObjective1. Virality2. Increase the number of Fans
  29. 29. Client reference..
  30. 30. Free Application Month 2: PR TabConceptA Tab where thumbnails of the Brand’s Press articles/Print ads will be showcasedon a virtual magazine rack.On clicking on a particular thumb nail, an overlay of the actual ad/article willappear, which users can then consume.Objective1. Offline-Online Media Integration2. Awareness and Recall
  31. 31. Client reference..
  32. 32. Free Tab Every Month: Offer/Event Tab on FacebookConceptA static application tab to make users aware of your latest offline offersThese tabs can have a small ‘voice over’ playing in the back-groundtelling what exactly that offer is aboutObjective1. Social Media Promotion2. Increase the number of Fans3. Increase interaction and engagement on the page4. Increase Enquiries and Walk-ins
  33. 33. Client reference..
  34. 34. Sample Custom Application Ideas: Social Loyalty ProgramConceptReferral Application where users will be awarded points and in turn be gratifiedwith merchandise / gift-vouchers etc.They will need to execute Social Tasks in order to be awarded the points such as1. Inviting Friends to the Fan Page2. Posting custom Status Updates to their wall3. Tag themselves and their friends in the images and Get Points4. Completing Tasks (Quizzes, FAQ’s, etc.)
  35. 35. Application Flow User adds Application and grants relevant permissions User lands on the Info Page of the App with instructions on activities, prizes and points redemption User jumps into one of the many activities to earn points Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4Invite Friends to the Fan Post Customized ‘Updates’ Tag yourself in the images and Answer a simple question. Page videos (Style Related) In engaging in different activities, user will be awarded points User will get to check his points on his My Page User can redeem prizes, merchandises, gifts, etc. by redeeming the earned points User will share the application (Each Activity to friends)
  36. 36. Client reference..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjEq5p7TxgQ
  37. 37. Sample Custom Application Ideas: Event/Occasion BasedConceptDuring certain festivals/national-global events/ religious occasions, Yrals willsuggest Contest Ideas on Facebook which will be aimed at creating buzz aroundthe occasion and the Brand with an objective to show their patrons that they’realways looking for innovative ways to appreciate and reward them.Patrons/Fans will be rewarded based on the extent of the effort they make inbringing more people to participate with the App and in this way promote thePage and, more importantly, the Brand.Check out screen shots of an App we recently created and promoted for ‘athome’ for Women’s Day.
  38. 38. Client reference.. Step 1 Like Page and Register For Application
  39. 39. Client reference.. Step 2 Select a Friend
  40. 40. Client reference.. Step 3 Type in the Reason for Choosing Friend
  41. 41. Client reference.. Step 4 Invite Friends to accumulate votes
  42. 42. Client reference.. Step 5 Auto-Post on Nominer’s Timeline
  43. 43. Deliverables on Twitter
  44. 44. Tweets• Frequently tweet to reach out to potential customers in a way that humanizes your brand• Listen and act towards suggestions, feedback and concerns of potential customers• Tweet about brand value proposition and bring out USP’s• A certain set of tweets must be in line with Trending Topics on Twitter and must also adapt to current events
  45. 45. Advanced Twitter SearchTools such as Advanced Twitter Search are valuable in identifying and reaching out to ‘Tweeples’ who are tweeting content related to your product.Selection of Keywords/Phrases is carried out based on:  Brand  Industry  Target Group  CompetitorsUpon selecting, a customized tweet with the @mention of the user’s handle must be posted so he/she is aware that we are conversing with him/her.
  46. 46. Customized BackgroundCustomized Twitter background will bein sync with brand guidelines (any new launch / promotion will be communicated via backgrounds too)
  47. 47. Promoting Videos on YouTube
  48. 48. Approach• Setup Brand YouTube Channel/Account• Upload existing videos with relevant Names, Tags and Description• Increase views by a certain minimum number every month, by seedingvideo links through promoted messages on Industry and TG relevantSocial Forums and Communities.
  49. 49. Sample Promotional Messages Hey did you check out the new Garnier Pure Active Ads, really innovative way of talking about blackhead removal strategies, check this out Woahhh…..a perfect example of the ‘Desperate times calls for Desperate measures’ saying……a really cool way of advertising Blackhead removing scrub If you’ve ever done crazy stuff to get rid of your blackheads, then you’ve got to check these videos out….simply hilarious……check it out I have never done something as wacky as using sandpaper to get rid of spots on my face…...you guys need to check out Garnier’s new Pure active commercial
  50. 50. Sample Forums and Communities MembeSr.No Site Name Site Url Facebook Url rs joshi daniel http://www.facebook.com/joshida 1 photography http://joshidaniel.com/ nielphotography 5,332 2 Fitnesolution http://dreamfit.blogspot.com/ http://www.facebook.com/ZeenatS 3 Zeenat Style http://www.zeenatstyle.com/ tyle 12,323 http://www.hs.facebook.com/99la 1,73,23 4 99labels http://blog.99labels.com/ bels 9 http://www.facebook.com/pages/ High Heel http://www.highheelconfidential. High-Heel- 5 Confidential com/ Confidential/142231475817206 2,037 http://www.facebook.com/styleup 6 Style Up Your Life http://styleuplife.blogspot.com/ yourlife 712
  51. 51. Customized Background
  52. 52. List your properties on Google+ Local andother listing sites
  53. 53. Google+ Local• Google+ Local enhances the Google Ranking result of your brand.• Helps people navigate to your location not only through web but also through mobile i.e. when you’re on the go.• Provides option to write reviews and add photos of the place.• Hence, even if someone was only searching for your location, they would also come across others’ reviews of your brand as well as location/food shots of the place. An example of Gelato Italiano
  54. 54. Foursquare• Users check in at venues using a device-specific application by selecting from alist of venues the application locates nearby.• Each check in awards the user and that update gets posted on his facebookprofile, which can be seen by all his friends.
  55. 55. Preview.. Step 1 • The user can search for a nearby cafe in his locality on all devices like blackberry, android and iPhone. • He will get the relevant map on his device.
  56. 56. Preview.. Step 2•Once the user finds Visionnaire, he candirectly check in through his phone.• When the user checks in for the firsttime, he gets a free beer on that day.When he checks in for the second time,he gets a complementary dessert on thatvisit. This offer can be continued furtherto encourage the user to visit the cafeagain and again.
  57. 57. Preview.. Applications like foursquare are extremely popular and a great way to have your patrons promote their presence at your establishment to their friends.
  58. 58. Foursquare Specials Friends Special - You can set a minimum number of foursquare friends a user needs to check-in with to unlock a Special. That special is only redeemed when that pre-set number of friends check-in together. The goal is to get groups of friends coming to your venue. Swarm Special - You can set a minimum number of foursquare users that need to check-in within a 3-hour window in order to unlock this Special. It can only be unlocked once per day per venue, and is great to incentivize large groups to visit your business! Flash Special - This Special gets its name from "Flash Sale". You set the number of Specials that you want to unlock per day, then after that its first-come, first-serve. When it reaches the unlock limit, there are no more Specials for the day. This is great for special limited quantity sales. Check-in Special - These are our classic Specials. They unlock on every check-in, or on whatever conditions you apply. This is great for rewarding users on their routine check-ins.
  59. 59. Other Listing SitesListing sites or popularly called as Classified Sites have become immenselyimportant for businesses small or big to gain a share of their Target Group. They areimportant from 2 points of view• Search Friendly• It serves as another platform to broadcast key information (like change of address, new outlets opened etc.)Hence it becomes imperative for a brand to take control of this medium as well
  60. 60. Promote brand on Review sites
  61. 61. Review sites have taken Center Stage for Products and Services• Individuals respond to places based on what they hear and read• Review Sites – Opinion Makers and Changers• Top ranking on Search EnginesHence it becomes imperative for brands to take control of this medium. Ourapproach includes:• Planting positive reviews higher consumer confidence• Also respond to existing Positive / Negative reviews
  62. 62. Client reference..
  63. 63. Monthly ReportA monthly campaign report, that entails analysis of:• Key Metrics on Facebook• Fan Demographics on Facebook• Update Categories on Facebook• Inferences and suggested corrective measures• Screen shots of all activities on other Social Media Platforms - Twitter, Review Websites and YouTube
  64. 64. Client reference.. Facebook Category Analysis of Updates Facebook - Sources of LikesFacebook – Frequency of Reach Facebook - Average Facebook Engagement per Day
  65. 65. Monthly StrategyA customized monthly social media way forward plan, basedon Yrals’ 6 Step Social Media Strategy – Awareness, Reach,Involvement, Recall and LoyaltyThis will include:  Content Ideas  Contest and Light Engagement App Ideas  Heavy Apps/Tabs Ideas  Other Media & On-Ground Ideas  Website Enhancement Ideas with Social Features  Mobile App Ideas
  66. 66. Recommended Cost and DeliverablesContentFacebook1. Permanent Access to Yrals Update Library2. 15 Custom Brand Updates/monthTwitter1. 8 Tweets/month2. 10 ATS Conversations/monthReviews Total Cost:1. 8 Reviews across sites/month INR 25,000 PerTraffic1. Facebook Fans – 1500/month Month2. YouTube views – 150/monthFacebook Applications *please see the excel1. 8 Free Apps from Yrals Standard App Menu in 5 months document attached2. Accrual of Rs. 2,500 every month towards Custom Apps with mail to have anCreatives exhaustive go through1. Facebook Cover Photo – Every 15 days2. Twitter Background – Every Month at all deliverables3. YouTube Background – Every MonthReport and Strategy1. 1 Each, Every Month
  67. 67. Thank You Ritesh KumawatManager – Business Development ritesh@yrals.com +91 9029444575