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Bal Tec Jun 2011 Bal Tec Jun 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Joining is our businessTechnik, die verbindet Lenkungs-Technologie durch BalTec hergestelltLenkungs-Technologiedurch BalTec hergestelltWillkommen bei BalTec – Ihrem globalen PartnerWelcome at BalTec – your global partner BalTec AG
  • History 1968 Market introduction Radial Riveting Machine 1983 Establishment of BalTec Maschinenbau AG (out of Bräcker AG) 1990 Takeover of BalTec-Group by Mr Fritz Bösch, Lyss 1997 Integration of BalTec-Group into Feintool AG, Lyss 1998 Market introduction first Process Controller (STF-1) 2000 Market introduction CNC Radial Riveting Machine 2003 Market introduction Process Controller Expert / Auto-Compensation 06.2011 BalTec AG 1
  • History 2004 Market introduction SmartLine and Fitting machine 2005 Manufacturing of 30’000 Riveting Machines 2005 Market introduction High-Speed CNC Coordinate Riveting Machine 2006 Market introduction orbital Riveting Machine EcoLine 2008 25 years BalTec 2010 Market introduction HPP-25, Process Controller 2011 Takeover of BalTec by Swiss investor group 06.2011 BalTec AG 2
  • You will find us here:Our business units: Representatives in:BalTec Maschinenbau AG Australia Hungary PhilippinesPfäffikon, Switzerland Austria India Poland Belgium Indonesia PortugalGermany Belorussia Iran RomaniaMr Fabian Häderle Brazil Ireland RussiaMr Karl Weibrecht Bulgaria Italy Singapore Canada Japan SlovakiaFrance China Korea SloveniaBalTec France, Bondoufle Columbia Latvia South Africa Croatia Lithuania SpainGreat Britain Czech Republic Luxembourg SwedenBalTec UK, Reading Denmark Malaysia Thailand Egypt Mexico TurkeyUSA Estonia Netherlands UkraineBalTec Corporation, Canonsburg Finland Norway 06.2011 BalTec AG 3
  • Global customersAutomotive Electronics Fitting / Hardware Various I ndustries 06.2011 BalTec AG 4
  • BalTec Radial Riveting process: The rose-petal principle The material describes a rose-petal path. In doing so a flowing, gentle deformation with the least possible force is obtained. Excellent surface structure of the riveting Low component loading Long life cycle of machines and tools Economically optimal for the whole machine live (TCO). 06.2011 BalTec AG 5
  • Worldwide test centers Together with the customer we develop new fastening solutions and optimise applications from both the technical and the economical point of view. Individual consulting The 7 major test centers are located in: CH, USA, UK, FR, DE, IT, CZ, JP 06.2011 BalTec AG 6
  • Radial Riveting Machines Riveting units - 8 different sizes Riveting machine Rivet shank max. Ø 4 mm to 30 mm RN 281 with HPP-25 max. riveting force 1,5 kN to 100 kN06.2011 BalTec AG 7
  • Special Radial Riveting Machines RNR – with pneumatic rotary indexing table RND – double riveting machine RNL – with long stroke RNS – stand model with adjustable table 06.2011 BalTec AG 8
  • CNC Coordinate Riveting Machine RNC 181, 231, 281 and 331 fast – easy – flexible06.2011 BalTec AG 9
  • SmartLine EcoLine - orbital rivetingRiveting units: SNE170 SNE220 SNE270 Riveting units: ENE20 ENE35Riveting shank max. Ø 6 mm 8,5 mm 12 mm Riveting shank max. Ø 13 mm 18 mmmax. riveting force 6 kN 12 kN 17 kN max. riveting force 20 kN 35 kN 06.2011 BalTec AG 10
  • Accessories and optionsRoller forming head perfect for large diameters and thin walls With the roller burnishing head you can achieve the form you require using thin-walled tubes without the tubing wall bulging or collapsing.MRX – multiple riveting head Several riveting operations simultaneously within a certain area. The riveting positions may lie at different heights. The tool describes the same BalTec radial motion as with a single- head machine 06.2011 BalTec AG 11
  • Accessories and optionsFSG – Finger guard device Highest security and moreover faster and flexible: Both hands are free, the riveting is initiated by foot switch There is no need of a fixation nor a sliding tablePressure pad Certain work pieces must be pretensioned or compressed with a hold-down device. The pressure applied by the pad ensures that the expected riveting result is obtained. 06.2011 BalTec AG 12
  • Process-control - the decisive advantage in competition Since over 13 years we are the pathbreaking experts Process-control allows you to maintain a predefined degree of quality as cost-effective as possible. The continuously process analysis tracks the quality of the effected riveting All process data are automatically evaluated and stored and are available in various formats. Less scrap and reworking costs Important for the proof of process capability and product liability 06.2011 BalTec AG 13
  • High Performance Package HPP-25 Cutting-edge riveting process monitoring Easy touchscreen operation 6 control parameters available Rivet start detected after 2 mm of form tool travel Ethernet and USB interfaces Integrated data logger06.2011 BalTec AG 14
  • High Performance Package HPP-25 Newest generation of processor: faster data recording and analysing Displays status in-/outputs: easier start-up and error diagnostics Integrated recording of the riveting curve: easy riveting process analysis PC-Software (optional) with backup, diagnostics and logger functions06.2011 BalTec AG 15
  • Auto-compensation Increased tolerance for increased profit Each individual riveting is completed according to the measured rivet projection. This makes rivet assemblies significantly less susceptible to matching errors. More tolerance of assembly Conventional riveting to the stroke limit: components possible cost-effective riveting too small, nom. dimension, part pairing too large, no hole face result ok component deformed06.2011 BalTec AG 16
  • BalTec gives security handbrake Radial Riveting technics for highest requirements06.2011 BalTec AG 17
  • BalTec moves Most sophisticated joints for movable hinges06.2011 BalTec AG 18
  • BalTec steers steering fork Technological top performances06.2011 BalTec AG 19
  • ThisBalTec hergestellt is BalTec: Lenkungs-Technologie durch Lenkungs-Technologie durch BalTec hergestellt over 43 years of experience Leader in riveting technology Global player Thank you for your attention!06.2011 BalTec AG 20